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08 February 2016

2 DLSL Grads Highly Placed in the Current Philippine Government

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The 168th Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Jose Catral Mendoza, is an alumnus of DLSL. Well, if you are fussy, technically you can say that he is not. He was among the pioneer class of seniors that the DLS Christian Brothers ‘inherited’ from the Maryknoll Sisters when DLSL began operations in school year 1962-63.


01 January 2016

Joy and Tragedy: The Story of DLSL High School 1991 Part II

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The problem with the jealous types was that they judged us on the basis of our almost familial relationships within the team. What they did not see was the stern disciplinary standards I forced my players to accept and live with. For instance, few really heard of the time one August morning when I had Ariel Carbonilla in tears after a dose of bitter slanging just because he came to school not wearing his uniform. I also doubt that many heard about the time I slammed Taxi Catalan against the dressing room wall for raising his voice at me, something all my players knew I would never tolerate. Things were never really the same between the little man and myself after that incident, but just to prove my point, how many of the seniors had to put up with that obsessive type of discipline?


26 March 2015

CPA Board Topnotcher from Lipa Repeats as Bar Topnotcher

Image credit:  De La Salle Lipa Facebook Page

Reginald Laco, the 2009 Certified Public Accountancy nation-wide second-ranked board topnotcher, added another feather to his cap by placing joint fourth in the recently released bar exam results. Laco, who belonged to the maiden class of De La Salle Lipa's College of Law, had a rating of 84.55%, good for joint fourth with Mark Leo Bejemino of the University of the Philippines and Gil Garcia II of Ateneo de Davao University.


07 March 2015

Night With Classmates from DLSL High School 1975

Members of DLSL High School 1975 in a farewell party for Fr. Renato Briones.

A former student left a note for me on Facebook saying that she and her classmates recently held a reunion; and that they did because of the digitised yearbooks that I had been posting in this web site. That was nice, I thought. I had no idea that I would myself end up in a reunion last night at a classmate’s place.


17 November 2014

Pancake House Chef, the Reluctant DLSL Alumnus

Late last month, when I went to attend the dry-run and blessing of the new Pancake House restaurant in Lipa City, I was surprised as the store manager seated me and my companion when he asked me if I was the football coach. Although he was asking a question, the tone with which he asked it sounded more like he already knew that I was.

Then there was the curious fact that I had not laid my eyes on him before that moment. So I felt impelled to ask, “Yes, how do you know that?” He nodded in the direction of a chef in black coat by the cashier’s counter whom I was sure I also had not seen before.

The name of the chef, I was told, was Nikko Reyes; and that he was from Lipa. I asked to speak to the young man, who quickly came to join us at our table. He was not from Lipa at all but rather from the Municipality of Mataas-na-Kahoy, probably a quarter of an hour from the city.


16 October 2014

DLSL Alumnus Ross Dimaculangan Inspires Working Students on It’s Showtime

Whereas Ajay Cabrera, the other contest from Lipa who made it to the semi-finals of the Gandang Lalake segment of ‘It’s Showtime,’ lost control of his emotions during the Q&A, there were no such problems for DLSL alumnus Ross Dimaculangan today.

Ross is older than Ajay, of course; but I think the difference between the ways the two young gentlemen handled the pressure of the semis had less to do with age and was more a matter of personality and disposition.

Even in the eliminations, Ross won the nod of the judges I believe less because of good looks – although he has plenty – and more because of his apparent intellect and a naturally calm demeanour. There are many better looking than Ross among the semi-finalists; but few come close in terms of self-assuredness.


13 August 2014

DLSL Alumnus Great Advert for School and City in “It’s Showtime!” Segment

What is it about the noontime show “It’s Showtime” that it is becoming a regular port of call by good looking gentlemen from Lipa? I was not talking about myself, though. Wink.

Albeit, it must be the air. Second wink.

There was this ‘magtatatak’ (shirt printer) named Ajay Cabrera who won last week in the Gandang Lalake segment of the show, in the process giving Vice Ganda an impromptu lesson in how to pronounce a couple of Batangueño words the authentic way.


19 September 2013

Roland Samaniego: Gentleman Organic Farmer

One of the great contradictions of these wonderful islands of ours is that, while the soil is rich and the climate perfect for agriculture, many citizens who live off the land actually do so to get out of it. The average thinking, it has to be said, equates farming with hard work but meagre returns.

Hence, young people of this country are conditioned to aspire for a blue or white collar job somewhere or to become professionals. A desk job is almost universally more appealing that getting one’s hands dirty in a farm. To a certain extent, this is why our economy has an excess of these workers; and then we have to export them to work elsewhere as OFW’s.

There are those, however, for whom the opposite is true. Meet Roland Samaniego, a DLSU-Manila Computer Science graduate in an era when the IT industry was just starting to take off and was in abject need of professionals. But for a few years in the industry, however, Roland has never really become fully immersed in it or his profession.


14 July 2013

Penelope Matanguihan Gives the Voice a Batangueňo Lasallian Flavour

Somebody at ABS-CBN must have read my previous article on Janice Javier, when I hypothesized that the Voice of the Philippines reserves the best singer of the night for last each episode. Because last night, if just to be contrary, arguably the best singer was the penultimate one.

That would be 21-year old Penelope Ann Matanguihan, who despite not using the signature ‘ga’ of the Republic of the Ala Eh, could not have fooled me if I was blindfolded that she was not Batangas born and raised. The punto was refreshing to hear on national television, not least because the tongues of many from the republic morph into cosmopolitan mode once touched by the warm air of the metropolis.

And because I belatedly learned from a former student only after I had written the article on Lee Grane that she studied at St. Bridget’s College in Batangas City just half an hour from where I live, I took a chance on Facebook and asked for trivia about young Penelope.


24 November 2012

Dudoy Ronquillo, the Engineer and Public Servant

No disrespect to athletes – and I am, to this day, very much one – but many of them cannot be bothered, when inside the classroom, to ponder with any real depth of interest the glory of Greece or the grandeur of Rome. That is just the way things are generally as explained by the theory of intelligences. The intelligence of athletes is best exhibited and observed, after all, where else but on the playing courts.

There were, during my teaching years however, a few who I observed to be exceptions that probably proved the rule. Nerio Ronquillo Jr. – Dudoy to everyone else – was one of those. He was from the high school class of 1986 and was in my History class.


12 November 2012

Albert Gamatero: Marketing Professional; Teacher by Heart Part I

“Teaching is a job that I would do for free!” So says Albert Gamatero of the High School Class of 1988 and also recently college and graduate school professor of De La Salle Lipa. Said in jest, of course; and just as quickly followed by, “Please don’t tell anyone.”

Albert or ‘Abet’ – as he is called by many – is currently General Manager and Marketing Officer of Panaderia Pantoja, Inc. He reports directly to the President and all the Vice-Presidents report to him.


15 October 2012

Up Close with Giovanni Manguiat Jr., M.D. Part I

I will deviate from the usual format for the MyStudents series by presenting the story of Dr. Giovanni Manguiat, Jr. of the high school class of 1986 in something of a Q&A. Giovanni is himself an editor of a medical journal and responded to my questions so eloquently that I felt that I would do him an injustice by filtering out all the fascinating itty-bits of information that he so generously disclosed for this site.

Readers who have the patience and stamina will find his quite a fascinating and compelling story.


12 September 2012

Erwin Balitaan: Engineering in Turkmenistan

Answer this one question quick: in which part of the world is the country Turkmenistan located? If your mind draws a blank, chances are that you are not at all alone. Turkmenistan, after all, is not exactly your average touristy destination and certainly not what one would quickly write down on a bucket list of must-see places.

That is why, if you look at things a certain way, the surname of Erwin Balitaan of the high school class of 1989 becomes almost prophetic. The surname, which in English means ‘to give news,’ seems now appropriate because Erwin is presently working in this Central Asian nation which used to be one of the now-defunct Soviet Union’s constituent republics.


30 August 2012

Edwin dela Peña: Drilling in the Land of the Kiwis

Quick! Where in the world does winter start in June just when everyone else is thinking of heading off to the beach in skimpy bikinis? If your answer is the southern hemisphere, then you can gently pat yourself on the back and consider yourself smarter than a fifth grader. And to the southern hemisphere is where Edwin dela Peña of the high school class of 1987 has brought his family in search of better opportunities not only for himself but, more importantly, his children.

We are not talking about Australia, which as everyone probably knows is not the only country down undah. Instead, Edwin has brought his family to another country downer undah, if you get my drift.


27 August 2012

DLSL Alumnus Gary To: the Lomi King

It is easy to imagine, although I am no expert in etymology, that the name of a favourite noodle-based local delicacy is taken from a decidedly Chinese ancestor. Lomi, after all, does indeed sound a lot like lo mein.

The former is a ubiquitous enough Filipino noodle-based pancit variant, unmistakably Chinese in origins; and the latter, which in Cantonese literally means ‘stirred noodles,’ is a dish made of wheat flour noodles mixed with meat and seafood.


25 August 2012

Miguez Tabora’s Art: A Ticket to Happiness

Timing, they do say, is everything. Well yes, in certain contexts, maybe. Ultimately, it all depends on the individual to make what he or she can of the circumstance, be the timing propitious or not. For instance, Miguez…

What would you do when you arrive in the United States just when 9-11 was a couple of months away from happening? “It was all fun and vacation for me for the first two months, spending fun times with my family, cousins and friends,” she recalls, “but come September, the real life kicked in.”


22 August 2012

Petron Corporation’s Julius Villegas: Dealing with Crossroads

Being in one’s early to mid-thirties can be the most challenging period for anybody career-wise. One will probably be supervising a team of employees already; but at the same time one will also still have several management layers to contend with above. In many ways, this stage is a crossroads for those still trying to figure out what they wish to do with the rest of their lives.

This is the stage where Julius Warren Villegas, one-time CPA board topnotcher, is still in. In a way, his life has been a story of crossroads. His story is a little different from those I had previously featured in the MyStudents series.


19 August 2012

Darell Macatangay: A Life of Passion at Microsoft

There was a time when Vilma Santos was Mayor of Lipa City when the Bore Question of the Year that we Lipeños invariably had to answer whenever we visited other cities was. “Kamusta si Ate Vi?” (How is Ate Vi?) Yes, as though everyone in the city rubbed shoulders with her just to pass the time.

And of course, knowing as I did that my former student Darell Macatangay is at Microsoft, despite knowing that I was asking another Bore Question of the Year, I could not resist the temptation to ask if he has met Bill Gates.


10 August 2012

Glenn Amante: A Chicago Dentist Whose Life is for Others

“I cannot imagine myself other than being a dentist,” thus declares Glenn Amante of the high school class of 1990. Even in high school, for someone so young he had this air of singularity of purpose and grim determination – the look of somebody who knew where he was headed and how to get there.

“Every decision that I’ve made in my life,” he now confirms what I saw more than twenty years ago when he sat in my History class, “no matter how small it may have been, has been given deep thought and consideration.”


08 August 2012

Ferdie dela Rosa: Banker and Martial Artist

There are, indeed, those who endeavour to cross the Great Divide between the green and the blue sides; and live not to regret it. Ferdinand dela Rosa or Ferdie of the high school class of 1984 was in my History class and had both feet firmly planted on the green side. But then came graduation…

While many of his contemporaries preferred to be anchored to the green side and went to college in Taft, Ferdie and a few others wanted to know what life was like to be blue. So, he went to Ateneo – ‘the Ateneo’ if one is from there.




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