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19 April 2017

James H. Polk: The Batangas-born former US Army Europe Commander-in-Chief
By US Government (Army) -, Public Domain,

There is this little known fact that one American born in the province of Batangas, and thus by the principle of Jus Soli1 (birthright citizenship) a Batangueño, rose to one of the United States Army’s most prominent positions. That would be the four-star general James Hilliard Polk, born in 1911 at Camp McGrath (a.k.a. Camp McGraw) in what is now Batangas City, admittedly at a time when the entire Philippines was still very much American territory.

Batangas Port, Fernando Air Base Expansion, Batangas-Calamba Rail Proposed
Image credit:  Google Street View.

A TV Patrol Southern Tagalog item on its 9 August 2016 show reported that talks have started between Department of Transportation and Communications Secretary Arthur Tugade and Batangas Governor Hermilando Mandanas regarding the construction of Phase 3 and 4 of the Batangas City Port, as suggested by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.


When Passenger Train Service Ran from Calamba to Batangas City

Image credit:  Batangas Railways.  Posted by user Pinai on the Indonesia v the Philippines discussion board on

When I was a small boy back in the sixties, I used to hear of trains that one could take if one wanted to go to Baguio up north or Bicol down south. In Batangas, even then, public train service was already non-existent.


06 March 2016

The Forgotten Military Airfield in Batangas City

Image credit:  War in Air, Defenders of the Philippines.

My late father used to be a pilot in the Philippine Air Force. Naturally, I and my siblings used to hear wartime stories from him. Among these was this famous dogfight over Batangas in 1941 when Filipino pilots using obsolescent American-built aircraft heroically held off the Japanese.


15 February 2016

When Lipa and Batangas Merge, Will It Become Metro Lipa or Metro Batangas?

Approaching Poblacion Batangas City.  Image credit:  Google Street View.

Before you read any further, I wish to make it perfectly clear from the off that the notion is still strictly hypothetical. I have given the matter some thought over the years; and personally, I feel that the notion becoming reality is more a matter of when rather than if.


20 February 2014

The Barn Swallow ‘Infestation’ in Batangas City

The other evening, TV Patrol aired on its national edition an item on the huge flocks of barn swallows that have become quite the phenomenon in Batangas City. The flocks, in their thousands, attract curious onlookers because of their sheer volume; but they have also been an infestation of sorts because their presence is not necessarily welcome.

The barn swallows are quite the sight to behold when they perch in neat rows along electrical wires to settle down for the night. On the other hand, they bomb pedestrians and vehicles with you know what.

The bird droppings, in fact are so voluminous that local government has felt impelled to regularly send in teams to wash and disinfect the roads. The birds are protected; and while they can be a nuisance, they are by and large also tolerated by locals.


09 December 2013

The Weaver at the Ala Eh Festival

Over the weekend, I went to see the Trade Fair of the Ala Eh Festival in Batangas City. The visit turned out to be something of a disappointment. Perhaps, I should have gone at the start rather than at the end of a week of festivities. On the other hand, in last year’s festival in Tanauan City, the fair was as vibrant in the last day as it was in the first.

For starters, in Tanauan last year, the organisers closed off an entire avenue to accommodate the exhibitors’ booths. There was also so much more colour, which made examining the booths a discovery trek and such a joy.


28 November 2013

2013 Ala Eh Festival (Batangas City) Schedule

The 6th Annual Ala Eh Festival, organised by the Province of Batangas, is to be hosted by Batangas City from 1-8 December 2013. Although the annual festival officially kicks off on the first day of next month, activities connected to the celebrations were held as early as the 15th of November.

The week long festival carries the theme “May Sasaya Pa Ga?” Translated into English, the theme means “Is There Anything Merrier?”

For the benefit of those planning to attend the festivities, here is the collated schedule obtained from the web site of the City of Batangas:


15 January 2012

Visiting the Pastor Ancestral Home in Batangas City

Sometimes, the most wondrous of God’s gifts are just hiding in plain sight. I was in Batangas City last weekend; and although my business itinerary did not originally include a guided tour, my host was hell-bent on giving me one. One simply does not say no to God’s graces.




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