Life So Mundane in Batangas
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07 June 2017

The Legend of the Miraculous Holy Crosses of Alitagtag and Bauan
The Holy Crosses of Bauan and Alitagtag.  Image credit:  adelacy on Panoramio.
In this article, we shall be featuring the legend of the finding of the Holy Cross in Batangas, as written by the Rev. Father Juan S. Coronel. The legend was included in a 1953 compilation1 prepared by Department of Education District of Alitagtag for submission to the Division of Batangas.

The Rising Star of Batangas’ Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia being interviewed on Rated K.  Image captured from video on Iwantv.

There are a few Batangueños in the country’s entertainment industry. Ai-ai de las Alas, born in San Luis; and Jason Gainza, born in Batangas City, come to mind. Leo Martinez, of course, has made a career reprising onscreen the western Batangas accent of his hometown of Balayan. Then there is Ogie Alcasid, albeit born in Metro Manila but to parents originally from Lemery and Taal.

Why Once There were no Chinese in Taal, Lemery and Bauan in Batangas

This is more or less common knowledge in Batangas; albeit, from my own personal experience, if you ask people, nobody would be able to give a definitive reason why. Not that this continues to be true in the municipality in the present day. An acquaintance who was born, raised and continues to live in Taal says that one or two enterprises are, indeed, owned by, at the very least, Filipinos of Chinese ancestry.




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