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03 May 2014

Public Warned About Climbing Mt. Maculot

Please note the date of this article's publication.  The warning may not be relevant anymore.

I am relaying information from the National Bureau of Investigation as a public service for the benefit of those who might have missed the evening news last Friday. This is with regards persons who may be planning hikes up Mt. Maculot in the Municipality of Cuenca here in Batangas.

The NBI is becoming more convinced that Victor Joel Ayson, the lone climber who was later found dead last year at the foot of the mountain was murdered instead of killed by a climbing accident.

In view of this, a spokesman for the bureau has warned prospective climbers not to go alone or to pitch camp and stay on the mountain overnight. A group of between four to six persons believed to be responsible for Ayson’s death is still loose and may be responsible for harming mountaineers to steal from them.


26 May 2013

When Football Becomes a Humbling Experience

I worked for almost three decades coaching high school boys; but these were mostly middle-class kids who could afford to buy their own pairs of football boots. In the first place, I required it. Training the boys from scratch was challenging enough in itself without the added burden of having to deal with injuries brought on by kids slipping on the grassy surface.

So, alright! Maybe there were those who wore football boots straight from the operating room. That is, boots plastered all around because the leather or the stitches had become torn from sheer frequency of use.

But at least they had boots.


01 May 2012

Concluding the Saga of the Strange Cuenca Fires

Just to conclude the saga of the strange spontaneous combustions that suddenly made the little sitio of Mambog in Cuenca, Batangas so famous, TV Patrol Southern Tagalog reported this afternoon that Mang Joe’s orasyons seem to be working. For those who do not know who Mang Joe is, click here or wait till you read the whole story. I will have another link to his story at the bottom.

At any rate, according to the TV Patrol news crew which returned to the sitio today, the spontaneous burnings have subsided enough to enable residents to enjoy a semblance of normalcy.


25 April 2012

Psychic Joe Battles Cuenca’s Engkantos

Before anything else, I apologize for writing about the mysterious Cuenca fires for the third straight post. I am so fascinated by the mystery and I applaud TV Patrol Southern Tagalog for sticking with the story and providing updates. It sure beats watching an episode of Wako-Wako.

Life in sitio Mambog in Cuenca has certainly changed over the course of the past week after a local lad set fire to some brush in a dump or something. Engkantos, or so the story goes, were disturbed and have been taking their revenge by burning objects inside homes in the neighbourhood.


23 April 2012

Explaining the Mysterious Cuenca Fires

The strange spontaneous combustions in Cuenca, Batangas continue to intrigue me. There was a follow up report by TV Patrol Southern Tagalog this afternoon. An elderly gentleman got his foot burnt trying to put out one such fire by stepping on a burning cloth. For his troubles, his foot also became mysteriously swollen and apparently not from the burns alone.


20 April 2012

Strange Burnings in Cuenca, Batangas Caused by Engkantos?

There was this strange item on TV Patrol Southern Tagalog yesterday that I do not really quite know what to make of. One would think, in this day and age, that Science is able to explain just about anything under the sun.

Not quite; or at least, if you live in this obscure little sitio called Mombog in a village called San Isidro in the municipality of Cuenca right here in Batangas. The residents are already in a state of distress – or so the news report went – on account of things spontaneously combusting inside their homes for no apparent reason whatsoever.


21 November 2011

Ereneo’s Café: A Gem of a Find

How was I to know that there exists a gem of a restaurant just 10 minutes drive from where I live and at most a half-hour from the city proper on a good day? The name of the restaurant is Ereneo’s Café. While former colleagues had apparently been there before, if any of them had seen fit to invite me, I probably had to be at the football field.


10 November 2010

The Irony of the Old Batangueño Ililipad sa Makulot Threat

That mountain that rises from the municipality of Cuenca to overlook in all its magnificence the Taal Lake is known these days as a fabulous destination for weekend and holiday mountain trekkers. The name of the mountain, as everyone knows, is Maculot.


23 August 2010

The Hitchhiker who Gets on at the Zigzag in Cuenca Batangas

There was this one time in the late seventies when I was still in college when the parting words of the conductor of the BLTBCo bus that I took on the way home one weekend was, “Nakilala mo kami tuloy…” No, it did not get to the point that I formally introduced myself to the driver and the conductor. But because I was the only passenger left, and I had positioned myself right behind the driver, it was inevitable that I got involved in their conversation.




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