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01 February 2017

Bleed Green

I sometimes jokingly say that if you cut me up, I bleed green. This is the story of almost an entire life spent with De la Salle, both in Lipa and Manila. As somebody once said, if you do not write the story down, you will soon forget about it.  The story will come in installments, so keep coming back to see what new chapters I have added.  I will attempt to portray life in Lipa and La Salle through the sixties and seventies when I was a student as well as when I returned back to DLSL in 1982 to start teaching.

This is actually a continuing story which I broke down into “articles” with titles for easier reading. While it’s everyone’s personal choice which of the links below to click, I highly recommend that you all start with the first one and read all installments sequentially from there.

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The Years as a Student at DLSL


The Math Genes, the Language Genes, the Practicality Genes
The Queen’s Language
Ah Yes... the Football...


The Our Lady of the Rosary Academy Years
Electrified, Literally


That Ugly Little School Called La Salle
The Simplicity of Elementary Life at La Salle
A Falling Out with Br. Vernon Mabile
Brother Rafael Donato, the First Incarnation at DLSL
An Experimental Elementary Section
When I Almost Got Whacked with Brother's Paddle
First Time Being Part of a Football Team


Student Activism Reaches the Halls of La Salle Lipa
An Unplanned Trip to Sir Cris Zarate's Home
Forioculture and Typing


The Declaration of Martial Law
La Salle ng Lipa... A Fairly Stupid Name for a School
Brother Ray Suplido as Football Coach


Junior Year: A Change in the Scheduling of Classes
The Math Wizards Baltik and Saltik
When the Speech Teacher Hurled His Book Across the Room
The "War" with Sir Cris Zarate
My First-Ever Failing Grade and the Fatal Puerto Galera Trip
Military Training and Foreigners in our Class
Bisugo and Vuko: The Namecalling Adolescents Are so Fond of
Shortened Periods Just to Watch Muhammad Ali Fight


The Year When DLSL First Went Coeducational
The Best Teachers of Senior Year at DLSL
The Brother who Wanted to Murder Us... But Just for a Moment...
When Lim Eng Beng Led DLSC to the NCAA Championship... And We had no Classes as Well...
Being Part of the Staff of the Bulik and the Stallion
The First Binibining La Salle Pageant
The Little Olympics and Graduation

The DLSU Years


Enrollment and the Rude DLSU Office Staff
The Embarrassing Need to Borrow Money from Brother Crisanto Moreno
When DLSU First Became a University
A Deliciously Eccentric Professor Called Dr. Villacorta
The Travails ROTC Brought
My First Ateneo-La Salle NCAA Basketball Game in 1975
The Need to Take Time Off Just to Grow Up
Returning to DLSU and the Decision to Drop Commerce
Being "International" at DLSU
Sitting Next to Basketball's Tonichi Yturri

Chapter IX

Choosing a Majors Program and Making the Dean's List
Making the DLSU Varsity Football Team and Being Surprised About it
Finally Starting to Enjoy College Life
Some of the Most Memorable DLSU Professors
...and also Some Not so Memorable Professors
My First NCAA Game for DLSU
A Disastrous NCAA and the Youth Tournament

Chapter X

Trying to be too Smart with Mrs. Honda, our Nihonggo Teacher
Meeting F. Sionil Jose and Nick Joaquin, the Einsteins of Philippine Literature
The American European History Teacher who Blew His Top
My First Taste of Dima's Cardiovascular Sprints
The Red Card I should have Gotten but Never Did
The Bittersweet Final NCAA Match Versus Mapua
Getting Hepatitis and Fearing Missing out on my Final NCAA Season
The Crazy Three Matches in One Weeked
Goodbye DLSU... Finally Completing my Academics

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In the Late 90s, a Multisector Dialogue with Batelec Began with This
The dialogue with Batelec was held at the Yellow Conference Room of DLSL.  I am not sure if the image above was of  the actual dialogue because it was so long ago and I do not remember how our guests looked like.

Before anything else, this ironic story is true. There are a few at De La Salle Lipa who will remember things as I tell them. For the benefit of any millennials who may stumble upon this article, however, allow me to go as far back as the early nineties to lay down the background to this story.

World War II Vintage Bombs Found at DLSL and Elsewhere in Batangas
Image credit:  Hindustan Times.

It has been all but forgotten now, but when the late De La Salle Lipa President Br. Rafael Donato began implementing his comprehensive campus development project in the latter half of 1995, unexpected discoveries were made buried underneath the ground. The SENTRUM, the multi-purpose gymnasium visible from the highway, was well on its way to completion late in 1995 when a bulldozer started digging up earth right next to it so that the foundations for what would become the administration building, later named the Jose. W. Diokno Building, could be laid.


When a Cop Was Accidentally Shot during a Gary V Concert at the SENTRUM

Gary Valenciano in concert at the SENTRUM.

Back in the mid-nineties, for DLSL to undertake an ambitious campus development project under then-President Brother Rafael Donato, it had to undertake a hundred million and a half bank loan as funding. It was a long-term loan that the school would be paying until the end of the first decade of the millennium, and well worth taking as everyone in the present day can see.


17 September 2016

The Year when the Top and Second of the CPA Board Exams were from DLSL

Monday, the 19th of October in the year 2009, was supposed to be another mundane day at the administrative suite of offices at the second floor of the Diokno Building at De La Salle Lipa. I was then Vice-Chancellor for Administration, and because it was the first day of the week, there typically sat on my desk a pile of documents tall as a man waiting to be perused or signed.


The Evolution of the DLSL Emblem

The first emblem used the coconut tree as a prominent symbol.

The picture above shows the first De La Salle Lipa emblem worn by students on their left breast pockets when the school first opened in 1962. Of this I am certain because I have seen pictures of this emblem in the school yearbook still called Sabre at the time.


04 April 2016

The Ball Pen Spinning Skill Students Used to Have

When I first started teaching high school at La Salle here in Lipa back in 1982, there was something that students did that fascinated me no end. This was the skill of spinning their ball pens with their fingers.


10 February 2016

More Classic DLSL Pictures Colourised (Foundation Week Edition)


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

I am releasing this second group of colourised classic DLSL pictures to coincide with the first day of the DLSL Fair. The fair, as all alumni/ae know, is the main activity of the school's foundation anniversary celebrations. Incidentally, this year's anniversary is the 54th; and yes, it has been that long!


31 January 2016

The Evolution of DLSL's Frontage, 1962-Present

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

The picture above was from the 1963 yearbook called the ‘Sabre,’ which I colourised to give it a bit more life. At the time, DLSL was not even called La Salle but officially the high school department of the Our Lady of Rosary Academy or OLRA.


25 January 2016

Classic B&W DLSL Pictures Colorised with Graphic Software

There’s nothing to it, really, if you understand colours and pixels. All that is really needed is software and gazillions of patience, as indeed working with graphics is never achieved with the snap of fingers.  It is no different from doing a colouring book; and just as therapeutic.


18 June 2015

DLSL Cited for Traffic. Again.

Yesterday, there was an item in the regional news about a traffic summit called by local government to solve the traffic problem that intermittently occurs on that stretch of road in front of De La Salle Lipa.


12 May 2015

PHL Universities Ranking 2015: How DLSL and Other La Salle Schools Fared

The Philippine Universities Ranking 2015 was undertaken by the web site based on the last four board examinations. The ranking was based on a weighted board exams ranking arrived at by first determining how each higher education institution fared in each board exams then aggregating all these rankings.


13 April 2015

When DLSL was known as “La Salle ng Lipa”

De La Salle Lipa used to be known as La Salle ng Lipa in the seventies.

Yes it was, although what I do not know is if the name was in any way official. The school had been officially registered at the Department of Education in 1963 as La Salle High School after an entire school year of operations as the High School Boys' Department of the Our Lady of the Rosary Academy.


27 March 2015

Phone Call from a Murdered DLSL Employee?

My bulky old Ericsson phone.  A missed call notification has remained a mystery to this day.

The Coast to Coast program that I listen to in the morning had a guest today who was a psychic researcher; and among the things that she talked about in her interview with the host was communication from the other side. Most of the things she talked about were things that we Filipinos will be open to. Indeed, unlike most western cultures, we will not quickly dismiss phenomena which cannot be explained in a scientific manner.


04 February 2015

And Now Some Trivia on the DLSL Boys’ Uniform

The first uniform worn by boys of De La Salle Lipa wore brown khaki pants.
This, I suppose, is the natural follow-up to my previous article about the DLSL coeds’ uniforms; and how it changed to what it is now. If you are an alumnus or student and you are thinking that there isn’t an awful lot to say about the boys’ uniform because it hasn’t changed over the years, well, you’re wrong.


02 February 2015

That ‘Hideous’ Former DLSL Coeds’ Uniform

The coeds' uniform was introduced in the seventies but continued be worn till the nineties.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting two of my former female students from the eighties; and inevitably most of the conversation was nostalgic in nature. There was one topic that made both ladies almost cringe comically: the old coeds’ cream and apple green uniform.


20 November 2014

When ‘Lasallian’ Replaced ‘Lasallite’

This picture was taken during the Lasallian Youth Congress which I did not discover until recently was in the Archives.
My lips almost involuntarily smiled at the sight of Lim Em Beng, a living legend of the DLSU Green Archers, in this nostalgic video about the great rivalry between the Archers and the Blue Eagles. I missed him by a year. He had graduated by the time I enrolled at DLSU in 1975, so I missed the great NCAA championship-winning team.

It made me smile all the more when he used the word ‘Lasallites’ instead of the by-now more conventional ‘Lasallians.’ Most of us raised by the De La Salle Christian Brothers up to the seventies almost unconsciously think of ourselves still as Lasallites or, in the vernacular, Lasallistas.

The more contemporary word Lasallian, if memory serves me right, was being pushed for usage in the Philippine District of the Christian Brothers only by the early eighties. In fact, this was the theme of the third Lasallian Youth Congress to which I was sent to deliver a speech early in 1985 by then DLSL Principal Br. Jaime Dalumpines. It was being hosted by DLSU-Manila in its Taft campus.


11 February 2014

The Ever Youthful Kabesang Sales

I was walking towards the main gate of a local mall yesterday to get some groceries when who do I see walking to the parking lot but Kabesang Sales, erstwhile of the DLSL Pilipino Department and one of the school’s certifiable Ginangs.

“Kabesa!” I greeted her. “Huy!!!” was her instinctive reply, surprised at having been accosted.

But I am probably the only one on God’s earth who still continues to call her Kabesa; and the moment she realised that it was I who was holding on to her arm, she burst into a spontaneous smile.

She was with old classmates from The Mabini Academy, she told me; and they were meeting to plan for a reunion.


12 January 2014

Emily Babasa, Rosel Sumcad and the Fearsome DLSL Volleyball Reputation

It came to be, in the late nineties and in the decade after the turn of the millennium, that private schools in the Metro Manila and CALABARZON volleyball leagues that De La Salle Lipa participated in loathed the very sight of the elementary and secondary teams in the emerald green and white uniforms.

When the school’s four teams – elementary and secondary boys and girls – lined up for the opening ceremonies, this already served a warning to all concerned that they were probably participating to make up the numbers. Indeed, there were those even in the organisational meetings of the school sports directors who already resigned themselves to the inevitable – that it was going to be yet another DLSL season.

There were seasons, in fact, when DLSL swept all divisions; and if the school came away with only two of the four titles, it was already seen as something of a disappointment. There was friendly ‘competition’ between the school’s four teams; and the winning culture, in a manner speaking, could even be attributed to the fear of being the team that missed out when everyone else won.


07 January 2014

The Teacher with the Most God-awful Surname

Before anything else, I swear that this story really happened instead of something I cooked up to draw a few laughs.


However, the story within the story, that one I cannot quite vouch for. Read on and decide for yourselves.

The story happened back in schoolyear 1985-86, when I was the Homeroom Adviser of a class of seniors. To ensure order in the homeroom, I made it a point to hang out in the classroom after lunch everyday.

This was when the students finished up on school work needed in the afternoon or, if it was a light day, just spent the time gossiping or having fun. In a class of high school seniors, things could easily get out of hand.




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