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14 January 2016

Fil-Am Actor Vincent Rodriguez III, Pinoys Get Hollywood Boost in TV Series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Until recently, the American entertainment industry has seemed reluctant to acknowledge the presence of a steadily growing Asian minority in the United States population, or at least in terms of the balance of roles and themes portraying Asians in movies and television.


20 July 2015

Ryan Rems Sarita's Winning Jokes on Showtimes' Funny One Segment

Image from Ryan Rem Sarita's Facebook page.

The emerging Novaliches-based comedic talent Ryan Rems Sarita hits the “It’s Showtime!” stage again later today in the talent search segment called “Funny One.” In anticipation of this, here is a collection of jokes from his winning performances earlier this month for the benefit of those like me who have become quite enamored with his different kind of comedy as well as for those who are in school or at work who regrettably do not get to watch him live. It goes without saying that many of these jokes will not be half as funny as when Sarita himself delivers them with his antics, facial expressions and near-perfect timing.

[Note: The contents of this post were personally transcribed by the owner of this site from Ryan Rem Sarita's public performances on It's Showtime with the help of videos from Iwantv.]


11 July 2015

Funny One Rems Sarita: Rock and Roll to the World Whoa!!!

Image captured from ABS-CBN video.

There is this new segment of the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” that I eagerly wait for every day. The segment is called “The Funny One” or “The Funny Juan,” effectively a search for new and emerging comic talents.


14 September 2014

Did Vice Ganda Finally Name Ex-Boyfriend in GGV Episode?

Image captured from video on
This is supposed to be an open secret, anyway; but something that comedic superstar Vice Ganda has never publicly admitted. It has been public knowledge for sometime that he had college basketball star for a boyfriend; and that the star had graduated and moved on to a PBA club.

This became public in an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice when the supposed boyfriend called during taping and the call was patched onto a public address system and broadcast to the entire nation. But since Vice refused to name the caller, ostensibly to protect his reputation, he also inadvertently started a name game.

In one episode of the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime,” host Billy Crawford went mischievously gaga over one guest performer from the ‘madlang people’ whose nickname was RR.


24 August 2014

PBB Voting Theories and Daniel Matsunaga as Big Winner

The main talking point, of course, of the PBB All In Big Night last night was that the Big Winner was a half-Brazilian half-Japanese model by the name of Daniel Matsunaga. The purists will protest, needless to say, that the ‘P’ in PBB, after all, is ‘Pinoy’ – and Matsunaga’s claim to being Pinoy is limited to a five-year residence, broken Tagalog and a self-proclaimed Pinoy heart.

Personally, I do not really mind. This is showbiz, after all. Essentially, Pinoy Big Brother in whatever incarnation it hits television screens nationwide is a platform for discovering new talents as well as a numbers-based tool for gathering information about a personality’s star potential.

Thus, I am more fascinated by the voting trends and how these remain constant or fluctuate on a week-by-week basis.


22 August 2014

Ramon Bautista’s Hipon Joke and Kris Aquino’s Hilarious Slip

You have got to be not from hereabouts if you have not heard that comedian Ramon Bautista ran afoul of Davao City’s officialdom after his less than tasteful hipon joke during the Kadayawan Festival.

In a nutshell, Bautista was supposed to have said, “Maraming hipon sa Davao!” Obviously, it was intended as a joke. However, city officials had taken offence and declared Bautista persona non grata.

This despite the fact that he had gone back onstage to apologise to the crowd and that he did so again via social media.


26 July 2014

Local Entertainment Personalities, Age and Birthdates

So many people are directed by search engines towards Life So Mundane while searching for the age and birthdates of local entertainment personalities so I thought, what the heck, I might as well make their visits worth the time with this article.

Researching this took a few days, as you can all probably surmise, if straightforward enough. Google conveniently provides info boxes for some personalities; and where Google fails, Wikipedia steps in.

Doing the research turned out to be so much fun, especially when I came across personalities who were themselves teen stars in my youth but who are now the entertainment industry’s senior citizens. Some I thought had already passed on; and so I was pleasantly surprised that they are still quite active in the industry.


15 May 2014

PBB All In: the Conflict Batangueño Joshua Garcia Faces

As a Batangueño, I have more than just a passing interest in Pinoy Big Brother’s teenage housemate Joshua Garcia; and but of course. The boy is from Bauan, less than an hour from where I live. We Filipinos tend to be an ethnocentric lot; and the affinity that I feel for the boy stems from our being from the same province.

He is good advertisement for Batangas, mind; and not just for his movie-star good looks. During nomination night over the last weekend, I do not believe that any of the other housemates gave him points at all which would have endangered him for nomination and, subsequently, eviction from the Big Brother House.

He has been receiving good airtime the last few days; and mostly because Big Brother has seen fit to provide him with the opportunity to resolve some personal issues with his estranged mother.


13 May 2014

Vice Ganda Confirms Batangas Roots on Showtime

This is something that I have suspected for a while now; but there is hardly any literature on the Internet about the matter. Today, Vice Ganda himself confirmed his Batangas roots on Showtime courtesy of a little girl contestant of the Mini-Me segment of the show.

A few months back, in the Sine Mo ‘To segment of the same show, Vice was playing the role of a Batangueño. The punto (the accent) was without a doubt authentic.

Everyone from these parts will always be able to tell if somebody from Manila is just trying to mimic the punto. It never quite turns out right. We just know.


01 April 2014

Vice Ganda’s Toilet Dilemma

Those who watched the birthday episode of Gandang Gabi Vice last Sunday (30 March 2014) would have gotten to know the comedic superstar Vice Ganda more to the level of the personal during an interview with showbiz sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga.

For a change, roles were reversed and the sisters were the ones asking the questions that fans apparently sent in.

One of these was down to the level of trivial but still allowed the audience to gain a valuable insight on the life of the transgender superstar; and that for all his wealth and fame, there are still prices to pay.


01 February 2014

Vice Ganda Ad Lib Makes Denise Laurel Trend on Twitter

For a while yesterday afternoon, the character string ‘Denise Laurel’ was among the top trends on Twitter. For the benefit of those who have yet to venture into the social media site, Twitter lists the ten most mentioned strings of characters at a given period of time. These are called trends.

Denise Laurel, the actress who stars in the early evening series ‘Annaliza,’ herself owns a Twitter account with more than 800 thousand followers. Had she seen the trend, she must have been not only surprised but also utterly clueless as to why her name was trending.

After all, at the time she had not done or was involved in anything that would have even merited the trend.

The culprit, as those who watched the finals of ‘That’s My Tomboy’ on ‘It’s Showtime’ know, was none other than Vice Ganda. The comedian has more than 3.5 million followers on Twitter; and causes topics to trend not only locally but worldwide from time to time.


27 January 2014

More Questions on the Ongoing Vhong Navarro Saga

Kabayan Noli de Castro, in last night’s edition of TV Patrol, verbalised a question that I had been carrying inside my head since an article courtesy of GMA News online broke over social media. The article, written in Tagalog, made public a blotter report about Vhong Navarro’s alleged attempted rape of the lady who everyone now knows to be a Deniece Cornejo.

Given the condition of Navarro – and his swollen, black and blue face has been splattered all over social media since Friday night – why did none of the cops who were on duty to receive the supposed citizens’ arrest interrogate the men who brought him in? Are cops so jaded these days that they do not find it in themselves to be inquisitive anymore?

Alright, so one of the receiving cops spoke to TV Patrol and publicly stated that he initially did not recognise Navarro because of his swollen face. Even then, would his curiosity not have been stimulated had it been one of the countless street urchins who are brought in for petty crimes every night?


17 January 2014

Harry Connick Jr. on American Idol: Honest but not Obnoxious

What a breath of fresh air Harry Connick Jr. is on American Idol’s 13th season! I watched the auditions of the new season for the first time last night and was immediately impressed by Connick.

Being a first timer, he is perhaps a tad choosy; but that’s fine. It’s the sort of honesty that has been missing since Simon Cowell left the show. Connick offers the show the same sort fo suave and debonair charm that Cowell once gave, but without the Brit’s obnoxious sarcasm.

If anything, Connick can even be more forthright than Cowell ever was. Reacting to the antics of one of the crackpots who typically audition to get some airtime, Connick told the offender straight to the point: “You disrespected the show’s process!”


17 June 2013

So Lea Salonga Has Haters Because of The Voice

So now Lea Salonga has haters just because of the way she behaved in The Voice of the Philippines? This was one of the items on tonight’s primetime edition of TV Patrol. Hyper, was how somebody interviewed described her. On the verge of being OA.

And this was on Salonga’s Twitter account: “Haters gonna hate, and that's fine and good. But don't tag me. It's like taking a dump then asking me to look at it. Rude.”

Ooohhh!!! Feisty!

But seriously... Hyper? I thought she was just being enthusiastic. OA? Please!!! Sarah G did a Laida Magtalas onstage.


21 March 2013

For Kris? Or For James?

To think, when Pnoy had a go at TV Patrol anchor Noli de Castro during the news program’s 25th anniversary gala last year, that I firmly took de Castro’s side against the President. After having sat through Ted Failon’s brain-numbing interview with the Aquino sisters last night so that Kris could air her side against accusations hurled against her by former husband James Yap, ironically I am finally beginning to see why the President occasionally lets go against the media.

To see what I mean, go visit the CNN web site; or if you have little taste for world news, then even just the Philippine Daily Inquirer or the Manila Bulletin online. What will immediately strike you is the overflow of content that either site has for readers.

In other words, there are so many things going on around the world and even just in our corner of it. Why then, pray tell, did we have to sit through half an hour of primetime just so Kris and company could tell everyone that James was lying?


18 February 2013

The Brilliance of Coco Martin as Juan de la Cruz

I am finally beginning to understand what all the fuss has been about the actor Coco Martin as I continue to follow his adventures as Juan de la Cruz in the primetime teleserye of the same title.

I knew who he was even before Juan de la Cruz, naturally. Knowing about him and being interested in him are two different things, however; and truth be told, I had not seen any of his work prior to Juan de la Cruz.

In fact, while the entire nation talked about DNA test results in his previous teleserye Walang Hanggan – which I read about on Facebook, where else – I was hopelessly ignorant because Walang Hanggan was so not my genre.


15 December 2012

What PBB's Biggel Has Been Up To

Those who followed last year’s Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Edition will remember this gangling Filipino-German teenager who eventually finished third in the competition-cum-reality show. His name was Joseph Emil Biggel or simply Biggel as he came to be known inside Big Brother House.

He was as big as contradictions can come. Statuesque and blessed with movie star good looks as many Filipino-Caucasian children rather tend to be, he also came with a rural Filipino demeanour and a thick Marinduqueño accent that he could not quite get rid of till the show’s end.


16 November 2012

Baron Geisler and Bipolarism

There was something disturbing about the sight of entertainment personality Baron Geisler pleading with a news crew earlier this week in a clip shown on the national news. “Pare,” he begged, “h’wag n’yo na ilabas ‘yan.” He was behind bars after having been picked up by the police for assaulting a neighbour.

He was literally pleading for his life – and the potential damage that the news clip could do to an already tarnished career in show business. While I have little sympathy for Geisler’s often self-inflicted notoriety, what I did find disturbing was the utter lack of privacy in a person’s moment of vulnerability.


09 October 2012

Justin Bieber: When the Girls Stop Screaming

I watched “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” last night on HBO. Jesus! I still can’t believe that I actually did, fan of head-banging rock music that I am. I mean, those who know my taste for music know that I usually go for the Bon Jovi-Def Leppard type.

I can’t say that watching that documentary made me a fan; but I have to admit that I was fascinated enough to see it through to the end. I mean, who makes a biography of a teenager? Normally these are made for distinguished people who have lived full lives and are just about getting ready to get inside the box. A teenager?


23 June 2012

Not Just Yet Please Dolphy

My word! But I could barely listen to Eric Quizon describing how his father flitted between consciousness and unconsciousness during a press conference called to give an update on Dolphy’s condition last night. It felt as though somebody took hold of a piece of my heart with a thumb and a pointer finger and then twisted in a wicked pinch. What Quizon was describing, I know all about. That was how things were with my Mom on the days immediately before she passed on.

But, of course, in contrast we had all let go – in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls. People on the brink, they won’t go if you hold on, you know! But seeing as we all did how Mom was in so much pain, none of us could possibly want to hold it against her if she wanted to finally rest.




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