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03 April 2017

The Rising Star of Batangas’ Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia being interviewed on Rated K.  Image captured from video on Iwantv.

There are a few Batangueños in the country’s entertainment industry. Ai-ai de las Alas, born in San Luis; and Jason Gainza, born in Batangas City, come to mind. Leo Martinez, of course, has made a career reprising onscreen the western Batangas accent of his hometown of Balayan. Then there is Ogie Alcasid, albeit born in Metro Manila but to parents originally from Lemery and Taal.

Revisiting the Batangueño Accent in ABS-CBN’s “A Love to Last” Series
Image captured from

I had heard of the phony Batangueño accent used in the ABS-CBN series “A Love to Last” from a friend soon after it premiered on primetime; but last Friday was the first time I got a glimpse while channel-hopping of what he was talking about. He was right. The use by some of the series’ characters of the famous “punto” or accent is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Eight Batangas-Themed Movies on IMDB

When one considers how colorful the history of Batangas has been, and how colorful life in the province continues to be up to the present day, it is a bit surprising to note that there has been a dearth of Batangas-themed movies made over the years. Perhaps this is a challenge to budding Batangas-born film-makers to do something to rectify the situation. At any rate, I did find eight movies on IMDB with direct Batangas themes. Of these, only the 1969 Hollywood B-Movie was internationally made.


Secrets of Hotel California and Its Alleged Satanist Undertones

The cover photo of the Eagles album Hotel California.

I am a massive Eagles fan, and naturally the news that greeted me first thing in the morning today when I opened Facebook announcing that the Eagles’ founder, Glen Frey, has passed on has made me incredibly sad.


14 January 2016

Fil-Am Actor Vincent Rodriguez III, Pinoys Get Hollywood Boost in TV Series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Until recently, the American entertainment industry has seemed reluctant to acknowledge the presence of a steadily growing Asian minority in the United States population, or at least in terms of the balance of roles and themes portraying Asians in movies and television.


21 December 2015

Pia Wurtzbach is 3rd Filipina Ms. Universe; and Steve Harvey’s Colossal Mix-up

To err is human, yes… But for Steve Harvey to erroneously announce Colombia as the 2015 Ms. Universe is arguably the mother of all fuck-ups. Excuse the French.


07 December 2015

X-Factor Australia Winner Cyrus Villanueva More Than Just A Singer

Although I followed young Marlisa Punzalan’s progress in last season’s X-Factor Australia – by way of YouTube, where else? – I was only vaguely aware that a young Filipino-Aussie singer was doing just as well in this season’s edition of the same show.


01 December 2015

My Sister, the Aldub Fan

My sister, the eldest in the family, became eligible for twenty per cent discount across the board just last May. If you get my drift. She is a self-confessed diehard of this GMA-7 television phenomenon called the Aldub.


21 October 2015

Primetime Delight of FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano

Image captured from Ang Probinsiyano trailer on YouTube.

As a little boy, I used to be a fan of those black and white FPJ, Erap Estrada or Tony Ferrer horseback riding adobo western movies that they showed in the afternoons when my Mom would have preferred that we took naps, instead. Of course, I didn’t; and these movies were quintessential to stories we role-played in baril-barilan games in the yard.


16 September 2015

Aldub v Pastillas Girl in the Battle for Network Ratings

The two giant networks use the stories of Yaya Dub (left) and the Pastillas Girl for ratings.

Before anything else, I will be upfront and say that I am a Showtimer rather than an Eat Bulagâ-er, a condition forced upon me because for the longest time my GMA-7 cable feed was unwatchable. It works fine now; but I am also a creature of habit and will not suddenly watch Eat Bulagâ just because it does.


13 August 2015

It’s Showtime Lives Dangerously with Kuya Kim’s Bawdy Tongue Twister

Capture from video on Iwantv.

Producers of the noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’ seem to have a fetish for being summoned by the MTRCB. As if the show had not been called to the office of the regulatory board often enough in the past for airing ‘inappropriate’ material, last Thursday it lived dangerously again by way of a seemingly innocuous but nonetheless totally bawdy tongue twister used by Kuya Kim in the ‘Ansabe’ segment.


08 August 2015

Ryan Rems Sarita Rocks and Rolls to Funny One Title; But It was Probably Close

Image captured from video on

You would think from the persona that Ryan Rems Sarita often projects on the stage of the ABS-CBN noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’ that he is not capable of emotions as you and I are. But he is, particularly after running away with the title of the show’s first-ever Funny One and earning a check worth one million pesos for doing so.


20 July 2015

Ryan Rems Sarita's Winning Jokes on Showtimes' Funny One Segment

Image from Ryan Rem Sarita's Facebook page.

The emerging Novaliches-based comedic talent Ryan Rems Sarita hits the “It’s Showtime!” stage again later today in the talent search segment called “Funny One.” In anticipation of this, here is a collection of jokes from his winning performances earlier this month for the benefit of those like me who have become quite enamored with his different kind of comedy as well as for those who are in school or at work who regrettably do not get to watch him live. It goes without saying that many of these jokes will not be half as funny as when Sarita himself delivers them with his antics, facial expressions and near-perfect timing.

[Note: The contents of this post were personally transcribed by the owner of this site from Ryan Rem Sarita's public performances on It's Showtime with the help of videos from Iwantv.]


11 July 2015

Funny One Rems Sarita: Rock and Roll to the World Whoa!!!

Image captured from ABS-CBN video.

There is this new segment of the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” that I eagerly wait for every day. The segment is called “The Funny One” or “The Funny Juan,” effectively a search for new and emerging comic talents.


09 July 2015

Game of Thrones, Fact in Fiction

Image captured from Game of Thrones trailer on YouTube.

I taught high school World History for 17 years; and these days, I often wonder what I could have done inside the classroom if I had the sort of media that everyone takes so for granted these days.


28 May 2015

Jason Francisco’s Awkward Blooper on Showtime

Image captured from video on Iwantv.

Those of you who watch the ABS-CBN noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” probably enjoy the “Ansabe” segment as much as I do. For the benefit of those who do not get to watch the show, the segment is a game that goes like this.


14 May 2015

El Gamma Penumbra: the Power in Storytelling

Image captured from Asia's Got Talent video on YouTube.

El Gamma Penumbra, the group from Tanauan City here in Batangas that could not even win the Philippine edition of the Got Talent reality show, last night won the Asia-wide edition of the same show over Mongolia’s Khusugtun.


22 January 2015

Bagito and the Sexuality of the Filipino Youth

Image credit:  Wikipedia.
Question: How do you call a teenage male who has already fathered a son?

Answer: a Younghusband.

That was supposed to be a joke; albeit, the joke failed to specify if the Younghusband is Phil or James. Go squirm. The joke, by the way, was something I heard from one of the young men I play football with every weekend, triggered as it was by a brief discussion – of all things – of the ABS-CBN early evening series called ‘Bagito.’


26 October 2014

The Voice Philippines Returns with Two 4-Seat Turners

Image capture from video on
The Voice of the Philippines, which I followed with such devotion last year, returned to primetime last night with two four-seat turners. One of these, 35-year old reggae singer Kokoi Baldo from Bacolod, I am already officially naming as my personal favourite.

Yes, on Day 1 of the singing contest; but that is until somebody from Batangas comes along, in which case ethnic loyalty instantly kicks in. For the moment, however, I find myself captivated by this somewhat eccentric Ilonggo who now calls the jewel of an island Boracay home.

Dreadlocked and unshaven, Baldo can easily be mistaken on the streets as a taong grasa. He even had the utter gall and cheek to take the stage barefoot, the first to my memory to actually do so on the Voice of the Philippines.


14 September 2014

Did Vice Ganda Finally Name Ex-Boyfriend in GGV Episode?

Image captured from video on
This is supposed to be an open secret, anyway; but something that comedic superstar Vice Ganda has never publicly admitted. It has been public knowledge for sometime that he had college basketball star for a boyfriend; and that the star had graduated and moved on to a PBA club.

This became public in an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice when the supposed boyfriend called during taping and the call was patched onto a public address system and broadcast to the entire nation. But since Vice refused to name the caller, ostensibly to protect his reputation, he also inadvertently started a name game.

In one episode of the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime,” host Billy Crawford went mischievously gaga over one guest performer from the ‘madlang people’ whose nickname was RR.




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