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24 August 2014

PBB Voting Theories and Daniel Matsunaga as Big Winner

The main talking point, of course, of the PBB All In Big Night last night was that the Big Winner was a half-Brazilian half-Japanese model by the name of Daniel Matsunaga. The purists will protest, needless to say, that the ‘P’ in PBB, after all, is ‘Pinoy’ – and Matsunaga’s claim to being Pinoy is limited to a five-year residence, broken Tagalog and a self-proclaimed Pinoy heart.

Personally, I do not really mind. This is showbiz, after all. Essentially, Pinoy Big Brother in whatever incarnation it hits television screens nationwide is a platform for discovering new talents as well as a numbers-based tool for gathering information about a personality’s star potential.

Thus, I am more fascinated by the voting trends and how these remain constant or fluctuate on a week-by-week basis.


18 August 2014

Why Batangas’ Joshua Garcia was Evicted from the PBB Last Night

So last night, Batangas’ lone entry to the 2014 Pinoy Big Brother All In was finally evicted. Joshua Garcia, who is from the municipality of Bauan, had negative points when the Vote to Save and Vote to Evict results were summed up.

In a manner of speaking, the 16-year old’s eviction was particularly cruel. When the back-to-back-to-back evictions were held a fortnight ago, Joshua was one of only three housemates left inside the PBB House.

It initially looked as though the three – all teens – were already in the Big Four. However, all three showed maturity beyond their years in refusing to believe that they were because there was no formal announcement made to that effect.


26 July 2014

Local Entertainment Personalities, Age and Birthdates

So many people are directed by search engines towards Life So Mundane while searching for the age and birthdates of local entertainment personalities so I thought, what the heck, I might as well make their visits worth the time with this article.

Researching this took a few days, as you can all probably surmise, if straightforward enough. Google conveniently provides info boxes for some personalities; and where Google fails, Wikipedia steps in.

Doing the research turned out to be so much fun, especially when I came across personalities who were themselves teen stars in my youth but who are now the entertainment industry’s senior citizens. Some I thought had already passed on; and so I was pleasantly surprised that they are still quite active in the industry.


29 June 2014

PBB’s Idiotic Football Juggling Challenge

Those of you who watched last night the supposed Eviction Night when nobody was evicted – duh! – would have seen this football challenge that Big Brother gave the housemates. They were desperate to win because they had apparently been surviving for the past fortnight on vegetables. Win the challenge and they would finally get meat back in their diets.

And as Toni Gonzaga explained the mechanics of the challenge, I finally somewhat understood what I had been watching on-and-off in the 24/7 stream of the same show. Daniel Matsunage, Brazilian-born that he is and a semi-professional football player in the UFL, had been busy teaching the other housemates some basic football skills.

If I understood Toni right, the housemates all had to do a football-based dance choreography which basically entailed each of them touching the ball without it dropping to the ground. When everyone had touched the ball at least once, then the dance would culminate in the ball being shot at a goal brought inside the PBB House’s activity area.


10 June 2014

PBB All In’s Nude Challenge and the MTRCB Summons

Yup! It was bound to happen. The MTRCB has summoned the producers of the ABS-CBN reality show PBB All In to explain the nude challenge after a complaint was filed by one women’s rights group.

For the benefit of those who do not really watch the show, the nude challenge was part of a game that Big Brother had arranged for all the housemates. The housemates were given a series of challenges which they could accept or refuse.

There was a catch, of course; as there is always wont to be inside the PBB House.

The housemates were collectively allowed to refuse only three times. At the fourth refusal by any of the housemates, they lose the game and with it, the budget for the next week’s food allotment.


07 June 2014

Aina Solano’s Eviction from PBB All In No Surprise

Santa Maria ng Kadramahan! I still cannot quite come to terms with the binatog of PBB All In’s 4th Eviction Night last night.

The choices were severely limited after Quezon’s Ranty Portento had given Batangas’ Joshua Garcia a free ride out of the eviction voting via Kuya’s intense if unoriginal get-out-of-jail challenge. Try as I would, I cannot recall where I saw a similar challenge before; but I had, methinks in a foreign-made show.

So, for the public, eviction voting was a straightforward choice between Ranty and the Filipina-Swiss Aina Solano from Boracay.


06 June 2014

Tom Cruise Provides Great Entertainment in Edge of Tomorrow

And because there was – yet again – another 8-5 scheduled outage yesterday, I did the sensible thing and went to the mall for a movie. As I usually do because I am not particularly fond of queuing up, I went for the opening show.

I actually wanted to see ‘Maleficent,’ but arrived at the movie house to find myself in something of a conundrum. I did not know that Tom Cruise’s ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ was already showing.

Chances were that I would find myself in the company of giggly teenagers with Maleficent; and because it was too early to be annoyed, I thought that Edge of Tomorrow would be the better way to pass the morning.


23 May 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past, A Review

Don’t anyone get me wrong. I liked “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” At IMDB, however, I only gave it a 7 even if its overall average rating from more than 15K viewers was a lofty 8.9. That is as good as I have seen viewers rate a movie on IMDB.

Perhaps, it was because I watched the movie’s first showing yesterday through noontime; but the truth was that there were moments when my eyelids were involuntarily starting to droop. If I am being honest, previous X-Men movies were probably faster-paced than this one.

Yet, thematically, this one is more than just a movie version of a comic book story and arguably has more meat to it than previous X-Men movies. This one has more of a thinking element to it.


19 May 2014

Godzilla 2014: Yes It is Better than the 1998 Movie

The only reason that I went to see Godzilla v. 2014 was because of the scheduled 8-5 power outage yesterday; and with temperatures averaging the previous days at 37ºC and electric fans incapacitated for the day, a trip to mall was a matter of survival. In the end, I have to thank the outage for my having seen the movie.

I actually liked it.

The immediate concern of anyone old enough to have seen the 1998 Matthew Broderick top-billed movie of the same title would naturally be if the story of this 2014 version would be the same.

It is not, thankfully. The 2014 version is reasonably better.


17 May 2014

Notes on the PBB All In First Eviction Night

So Chevin Cecilio of Camarines Sur last night obtained the rather dubious distinction of being the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House. The eviction came as something of a mild surprise.

Viewers of the show have always tended to express themselves on Twitter – and henceforth we shall refer to these as ‘Twitizens’ – so I rather suspected that teenager Loisa Andalio would be the one sent packing.

For some reason the same Twitizens had been roasting her on the social network the other week so that her BNN nomination – nomination by public texting – came as no surprise. I also thought that a lice infestation among female housemates that she inadvertently started would have done her no good whatsoever.


13 May 2014

Vice Ganda Confirms Batangas Roots on Showtime

This is something that I have suspected for a while now; but there is hardly any literature on the Internet about the matter. Today, Vice Ganda himself confirmed his Batangas roots on Showtime courtesy of a little girl contestant of the Mini-Me segment of the show.

A few months back, in the Sine Mo ‘To segment of the same show, Vice was playing the role of a Batangueño. The punto (the accent) was without a doubt authentic.

Everyone from these parts will always be able to tell if somebody from Manila is just trying to mimic the punto. It never quite turns out right. We just know.


30 April 2014

Watching the Batangueños in Pinoy Big Brother

Pinoy Big Brother is back; and naturally with not just a bit of controversy. Subtitled ‘All In,’ the fifth edition of the popular reality show throws together teens, adults and celebrities in something of a personality stew that producers say has never been done before.

Rigged, is what people have been quick to brand the show after the housemates were first allowed into Kuya’s house last Sunday night. The hash tag #pbballinscripted immediately trended overnight on Twitter.

What was the point, some asked, of holding nationwide auditions when most of the housemates on the face of things seemed to have been selected on the basis of good looks or connections? Indeed, this year’s group is probably the most handsome collection of young men and women to have been allowed into Kuya’s house.


22 April 2014

Why I Cannot Make Myself Watch Dyesebel

Sometimes, after the evening news, I channel-hop to see if there is anything on the telly that is worth staying on the couch for. When I am feeling particularly lazy, I wait for a few minutes before reaching out for the remote – and this means taking a peek at ABS-CBN’s primetime series ‘Dyesebel’ to see what the fuss is all about.

Don’t anyone get me wrong. Dyesebel does well in the ratings; or so the network itself says. But while I saw its predecessors ‘Juan dela Cruz’ and ‘Honesto’ through, I knew even when the network was showing the ‘Dyesebel’ teasers that I would be saying ‘pass’ to this one.

For one, the story carries no novelty whatsoever as far as I am concerned. I am old enough to remember the original Mars Ravelo comic booklets that one paid 25 centavos to rent from the sari-sarî store.


08 April 2014

Explaining Mel Gibson’s Pained Face at the End of the Movie Braveheart

Those of you who have seen the 1995 Hollywood historical fiction blockbuster ‘Braveheart,’ starring Mel Gibson as the legendary Scottish patriot William Wallace, will remember all too well Gibson’s pained contorted face while he was receiving punishment for high treason as the movie drew to a close.

Because what was shown in this scene was Gibson waist upwards with his chest exposed, it was left pretty much to the viewing audience to interpret what was actually being done to the character Wallace.

Gibson, who himself also directed the film, probably opted for caution in not being more explicit. Gibson’s facial contortions probably did not even do justice to the pain that the patriot Wallace was being dealt, as indeed this part of the punishment was perhaps too graphic to project onto a movie screen.


03 March 2014

Ellen DeGeneres’ Innovative Game-Changing Oscars Hosting Style

Big fan of the movies that I have always been, I used to also love watching the Academy Awards. Until work and the Internet subsequently broke the habit of watching it annually.

Live telecasts on weekday work days made the Oscars impossible to watch. And because the Internet made the results available almost as soon as they were announced, this rather rendered watching the primetime replays pointless.

In other words, I had not seen the Oscars live lately. Until yesterday. Social media was so abuzz with it that I was tempted to take a peek. And stayed. Ellen DeGeneres was sensational!


01 February 2014

Vice Ganda Ad Lib Makes Denise Laurel Trend on Twitter

For a while yesterday afternoon, the character string ‘Denise Laurel’ was among the top trends on Twitter. For the benefit of those who have yet to venture into the social media site, Twitter lists the ten most mentioned strings of characters at a given period of time. These are called trends.

Denise Laurel, the actress who stars in the early evening series ‘Annaliza,’ herself owns a Twitter account with more than 800 thousand followers. Had she seen the trend, she must have been not only surprised but also utterly clueless as to why her name was trending.

After all, at the time she had not done or was involved in anything that would have even merited the trend.

The culprit, as those who watched the finals of ‘That’s My Tomboy’ on ‘It’s Showtime’ know, was none other than Vice Ganda. The comedian has more than 3.5 million followers on Twitter; and causes topics to trend not only locally but worldwide from time to time.


27 January 2014

More Questions on the Ongoing Vhong Navarro Saga

Kabayan Noli de Castro, in last night’s edition of TV Patrol, verbalised a question that I had been carrying inside my head since an article courtesy of GMA News online broke over social media. The article, written in Tagalog, made public a blotter report about Vhong Navarro’s alleged attempted rape of the lady who everyone now knows to be a Deniece Cornejo.

Given the condition of Navarro – and his swollen, black and blue face has been splattered all over social media since Friday night – why did none of the cops who were on duty to receive the supposed citizens’ arrest interrogate the men who brought him in? Are cops so jaded these days that they do not find it in themselves to be inquisitive anymore?

Alright, so one of the receiving cops spoke to TV Patrol and publicly stated that he initially did not recognise Navarro because of his swollen face. Even then, would his curiosity not have been stimulated had it been one of the countless street urchins who are brought in for petty crimes every night?


24 January 2014

Showtime Cast Professionalism in Aftermath of Vhong Navarro Beating

Regular viewers of the ABS-CBN noontime variety show ‘It’s Showtime’ must have been taken aback by last night’s TV Patrol item on the savage mauling of co-host Vhong Navarro in a private condo unit at the Fort in Taguig on the night of the 22nd, Wednesday.

Photographs after the mauling have been released by ABS-CBN News online, illustrating the abuse that Navarro took from a still undisclosed group of assailants. An official statement released by Navarro’s manager, Chito Roño, said that the Showtime co-host was invited by a female friend to the condo unit.

The reasons for the assault are still unclear but that money was being extorted from the actor. Navarro, according to a discussion in a DZMM talk show, was severely traumatised by the incident and is unable to speak as yet.


17 January 2014

Harry Connick Jr. on American Idol: Honest but not Obnoxious

What a breath of fresh air Harry Connick Jr. is on American Idol’s 13th season! I watched the auditions of the new season for the first time last night and was immediately impressed by Connick.

Being a first timer, he is perhaps a tad choosy; but that’s fine. It’s the sort of honesty that has been missing since Simon Cowell left the show. Connick offers the show the same sort fo suave and debonair charm that Cowell once gave, but without the Brit’s obnoxious sarcasm.

If anything, Connick can even be more forthright than Cowell ever was. Reacting to the antics of one of the crackpots who typically audition to get some airtime, Connick told the offender straight to the point: “You disrespected the show’s process!”


14 January 2014

Girl, Boy, Baklâ, Tomboy: Crap Story but Vice was Sensational

So yes, this has the makings of an epilogue because most everyone has seen the movie and this piece is of no use whatsoever as a review. And that’s the whole point; now that the movie has grossed over 400M, I did not want to be the one who missed out.

As Vice himself has repeatedly said, this is not a cerebral film and I totally agree. The storyline has as many holes as a fisherman’s net so that one gets the feeling that it was stitched together around a collection of punchlines instead of the other way around.

That said, the punchlines were good! I do not remember having watched a movie and totally forgave the idiocy of the plot.




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