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22 November 2015

Funeral Companies and the Economics of Dying

These days, funeral companies offer much more than the usual services.

There are two types of death scenarios that every family has to deal with; and this is one of those things that nobody ever gets an exemption from. First is sudden death such as from an accident or a violent crime. In this scenario, shock and acceptance are the immediate family’s main challenges, particularly if the deceased is young and otherwise has no reason to move onto the other side.


27 August 2015

Unable to Dispense Cash; but Charged for Use of the ATM

Image credit:  Hoi An Food Tour.

Before anyone gets any ideas, this article is not to whine about a measly 14 pesos. Albeit, add a peso more and you get to and from a destination if at minimum fair.

But I get ahead of the story…


23 July 2015

The One Dream Scam and the Science of Gullibility

The City of Lipa here in Batangas rarely makes the national news, but earlier this week it was the opening item of the evening edition of TV Patrol for all the wrong reasons – a billion peso get rich quickly networking scam by an SEC-registered corporation called One Dream.


17 March 2013

Not Worth a Teenage Suicide

The recent suicide of University of the Philippines-Manila student Kristel Tejada after being advised to take a leave of absence for non-payment of dues offers real food for thought for educators around the country. Whoever the school administrator was who forced the young freshman to take the LOA, I am sure, must be having sleepless nights; and I would not want to be in his or her shoes.

I have had many similar cases referred to me by the finance office during my tenure in executive management. It goes without saying that upper management will not really know an aweful lot about individual students’ payment records.

Thus, whatever decisions had to be made regarding students who were having problems settling dues were always also based upon information that the finance people themselves fed back to my office.


04 July 2011

The Bottom Line

Those who are wise, in reference to how DLSL grew from a tiny school to a large college inside 15 years, will ask the question, “How did they do it?” The wise will ask that question without malice, prejudice or suspicion; but instead, with the inquisitiveness of someone who genuinely wishes to learn something new that can be used to his or her own benefit.


03 July 2010


My Mom, whose middle name if I did not know any better should have been “Conservatism,” was the ultimate master in making do with whatever Dad made. I am not complaining. My Dad’s Air Force salary and subsequent pension enabled us to live comfortably – but ours was a family for which luxury was not affordable.

Among the things Mom always took pride in was the fact that she never had to run to anybody for anything – and apart from the GSIS mortgage for the homestead, there was nothing in the way of utang.




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