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11 April 2017

Kalumpit, a Fruit Named after Batangas, Has Many Medicinal Properties
The kalumpit fruit. Image credit: Tagalog Lang.
The kalumpit fruit.  Image credit:  Tagalog Lang.

As a young boy back in the sixties, I always looked forward to foodstuffs that my uncle brought back as presents from his weekends in Nasugbu. Among these were buradol or flying fish daeng (fish halved and dried) or himbabao strings, the latter best stewed with fish paste. These were seldom, if at all, available in Lipa City.

Getting Clarified on the Maliputo, the Talakitok and the Muslo
The maliputo.  Image from Joseph Razon.

Last month, a former colleague who was vacationing from Saudi Arabia and I visited this turo-turo (literally, you point at the food at the counter) restaurant in San Jose. At the counter, I quickly took a fancy towards what to me looked like kinamatisang (a soup soured with tomatoes) maliputo and told the lady behind the counter to give us an order.


The Food Invasion of Lipa City

Burger King, one of the recent arrivals, cheekily built right across McDonald's.

Years back, if one felt the pangs of hunger, one followed the aroma wafting around the household back to the kitchen to discover whatever delicious recipe mother was cooking. If it was close to meal time, perhaps she had a pot of sinaing na tulingan simmering until the fish was almost tender enough to melt inside one’s mouth.


24 September 2013

Comparing Jollibee Prices, PHL and the United States

There was an item on TV Patrol last week documenting the opening of a Jollibee store in Houston, Texas. My brother and his family live in a suburb just outside Houston; so I was curious to know if he had been to the place. The TV Patrol item showed that, but of course, opening day was characterised by long queues of expatriate Pinoys in Houston. As it always is when Jollibee opens shop for the first time in a city or municipality, even here in the Philippines.

No, my brother told me; he had not gone yet. But my sister-in-law has; and she had to my good fortune brought home a brochure with Jollibee’s offerings in Houston. I had been curious for the longest time about how different pricing is for Jollibee stores here in the Philippines and the United States; and this article presents the comparative pricing.

Those among you reading this who are Philippine-side will probably be feeling pretty pleased with yourselves because, by and large, the local prices appear incredibly cheap across the board in comparison to the Houston store’s pricing. The economics involved, it has to be pointed out, are also different.


06 July 2012

The Perfect Pinindot

Life is indeed a never-ending learning experience. All my life, if somebody said pinindot, I would conjure an image in my mind of this local delicacy that is basically little balls of glutinous rice – malagkit, in other words – and tapioca – sago, pina-soci in English – cooked with a delicate balance of sugar and a pinch of salt in coconut milk.

I have seen variants with langkâ, ube or camote. These have never worked for me. I have always liked my pinindot plain. I am also quite picky about the thickness of the gatâ. Too thin and it does not work for me. Too thick and I am asking for trouble.


15 April 2012

Craving for Pinindot

I had been craving for some pinindot; but, these days, I do rather seem to have developed a propensity for procrastination. If you are not from these parts, then you will probably know the pinindot as the bilo-bilo; except that you will probably expect bits of fruits and root crops floating in it as well.

Well, personally, I have always been partial to pinindot with only sticky rice balls and tapioca, a.k.a. sago. Anything else in the pot, to me, is sacrilegious.


12 February 2012

Ask Your Mom for Her Recipes While You Still Can

Mother’s home cooking is always best. That is a fact; and there is no rocket science to it. It is her cooking that we first taste. It is her cooking that we get accustomed to as we grow up. It is that her cooking that subsequently sets the standards inside our heads for what is and what is not good food. It is her cooking that we miss when we leave our homes. And it is the thought of her cooking that brings mist to our eyes when she is no longer here to cook for us…


26 December 2011

Wada’s Pizzeria: A Reason to Visit Mataas-na-Kahoy

Although the municipality of Mataas-na-Kahoy is a mere three or four kilometres from where I live, over the last five decades, the number of times that I actually went there could at best be described as only sporadic. The reasons to go had just been few and far between; and it did not help that the town is out of the way from the perspective of my daily route to and from work.


18 December 2011

Will the Real Tamales Please Stand Up!

I was just with my elder sister and her two kids when it suddenly occurred to me to ask if they had the time – and the gas – to go to Ibaan. For those not from these parts, Ibaan is a little town about 15 minutes south of Lipa City. I have been craving for some tamales, I said; and finding the right sort is not so easy in Lipa.


25 November 2011

Taal Bistro: the Maliputo Alone Is Worth the Trip

Perhaps, the term bistro is a tad misleading. In the original French context, a bistro is a modest and unassuming dining place tucked away in a cosy little nook somewhere. A place that can seat 200 is neither modest nor unassuming, I daresay. Who knows? Maybe it started that way and just grew over the years to what it is today.


21 November 2011

Ereneo’s Café: A Gem of a Find

How was I to know that there exists a gem of a restaurant just 10 minutes drive from where I live and at most a half-hour from the city proper on a good day? The name of the restaurant is Ereneo’s Café. While former colleagues had apparently been there before, if any of them had seen fit to invite me, I probably had to be at the football field.


13 November 2011

Breakfast Classics: Ménage à trois with the Sinangag and Itlog

The age-old marriage between sinangag (fried rice) and pritong itlog (egg fried sunny side up) has always been, to my mind, the proverbial made-in-Heaven. In the old days, when there was nothing else inside the fridge, the two would suffice for breakfast; albeit, generously splattered with ketchup.


23 May 2011

Where There's Smoke, There's A Grill

Anyone who reads this will think I’m fibbing…

I bought a kilo of liempo the other weekend thinking, I would treat myself to inihaw… Never mind what the health experts say, I think inihaw na liempo is still the closest thing one can have to an orgasm with the palate…


22 April 2011

Forty Bucks!

I was tired from scrimmage, so I thought I would pass by KFC on my way home and get something to take home.

“Fully Loaded Meal to go, please!” I told the chubby girl at the counter.


15 January 2011

That Garlicky Smell

Malou at the MCD knows that I’m absolutely crazy about longganisa and tapang Taal. So, the other day, she sent me a text message saying she was doing her annual marketing talk at the Our Lady of Caysasay Academy, and would I want her to get me some tapa?


26 December 2010

Shabu-Shabu and A Long Ride Home…

Because tomorrow, our American guest Brother Brendan leaves for Manila, we treated him out to dinner tonight at a Korean restaurant called Shabu-Shabu.

“What does the name mean?” I asked the waitress who greeted us. “Cook past, eat past,” was her reply.


25 November 2010

Regional Delicacies

The College of International Hospitality and Tourism Management has this delightful habit of organizing these colorful little events; and I always get invited. Whenever I can, I make it a point to cross the road at the very least for a look-see.

Today, they had this affair held in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the school’s tertiary education department. There were simple ceremonies held at the lobby of the laboratory hotel early in the morning to kick off the event. I had a meeting, so I was unable to attend the ceremonies.


01 November 2010

All That Trouble

I had been craving since the College went into its semestral break for some lumpiang toge. That is because, at the College cafeteria where I have my lunch most work days, the fare on offer is ridiculously limited when the students are on vacation.


19 September 2010

A Mundane Pleasure in Life

I do tend to get fixations every now and again. Last Thursday, I had dinner at Panggas as I sometimes do before going home. I asked for the ginataang gabi to go with the lechon paksiw. Panggas gabi is good, make no mistake about it; but it is not the same as what Mom used to serve us when we were growing up.


13 September 2010

The Tail

There was, at the supermarket the other day, this tanigue tail that was just plain begging to be bought. I took one look at it and thought for a bit. I took a second look; and then I allowed myself to be cajoled into parting with some of my cash. The tanigue, it must be said, is not cheap anymore.




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