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20 May 2016

Passport Application Procedure, DFA Consular Office at Robinson's Place, Lipa City, Batangas

This page contains information about how to obtain a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Regional Consular Office at Robinson's Place, Lipa City, Batangas.  Before proceeding, please take a moment to read this announcement that was posted outside the consular office.  Kindly note that this web site is NOT in any way connected with the DFA and this article is posted as a public service.  The information contained herein MAY CHANGE over time, so kindly consider the date of this posting which may be seen near the top of this article.  Finally, the author does not have the time to respond to all questions or clarifications; but you may post yours anyway and hope that others who have undergone the application will take time to reply.


29 February 2016

Survey Results: Miriam Best Education, Personality; Duterte Best Platform, Least Likely to Become Corrupt

Purpose of the Survey

The survey was entitled “Perceptions of the Candidates to the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections.” It was undertaken to encourage the discriminate use of the right to suffrage. Thus, questions were deliberately phrased as might human resource personnel ask themselves when attempting to ascertain how qualified applicants are to a particular job.


26 November 2015

Filipinos Disapprove China, Approve US; Confidence Rising in Military, Declining in National Government

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Not surprisingly because of recent disputes in the West Philippine Sea between China and the Philippines, two thirds of Filipinos disapprove of China’s leadership according to a Gallup Poll conducted in May 2015, the results of which were released just two days ago.


03 November 2015

The Laglag Bala Scam: the Alternate Story

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I am just as mortified as everyone else at the level to which some of our fellow citizens will descend to earn a few bucks in what the media has labelled the “laglag-bala” or bullet drop scam. The airport is supposed to be a place for fond farewells, where citizens leaving will already be dreaming of when they will be coming back home and where foreign visitors start to think of what they will say of the Philippines when they arrive in their respective countries.


29 October 2015

The Marcoses, the Elections and Being Judged by History

How History will judge Ferdinand Marcos is not something anyone in the present can say.

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., now a declared Vice-Presidential Candidate, was a guest of the late night news show Bandilâ the other night; and inevitably, the line of questions fired at him had a lot to do with his father, the late dictator Ferdinand Senior, and the Martial Law years.


15 October 2015

Crackpot Candidates Illustrate Fundamental Flaw in Democracy

And so, daily in the evening news this past week, as happens each time Certificates of Candidacies are due at the Commission on Elections prior to election year, we were all shown the usual plethora of crackpot nuisance candidates to either be amused or mortified at.


31 July 2015

Mar Roxas Needs to Leave Out the MMK Stuff to Become President

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So after months of the moro-moro that is Philippine politics, President Benigno Aquino III finally gave his endorsement yesterday for the Presidential elections of 2016 to DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. As everyone expected him to anyway, if I might add, despite the smokescreen of behind closed doors interviews with other presidentiables.


13 July 2015

Local Governments, Monsoons and the Suspension of Classes

Monsoons are exacerbated by poor urban infrastructures and the lack of mass transport.

The protocols laid down by the current government pertinent to the suspension of classes for weather-related reasons are arguably better than they used to be. The onus in decision making, i.e. to suspend or not to suspend, is now in the hands of local government.


11 March 2015

Pnoy, Mamasapano, Accountability, Deniability

I so do not buy into the notion that President Pnoy ought to be held accountable for the Mamasapano massacre simply on the oft-quoted principles of ‘chain of command’ and ‘command responsibility.’

Whilst technically, Pnoy is indeed the superior of everyone in government, most people in the organisation that is government will neither have direct access to him nor take direct instructions from him as well.


26 May 2014

The Witty PNP Hotline on Twitter

I first heard of the PNP Hotline account on Twitter via an online news article. The news article has boosted the account’s followers by roughly four thousand in a matter of days. I myself have followed this account and derive endless amusement just reading the tweets.

This is supposed to be an emergency hotline for reporting incidents that need police attention; but Pinoys being Pinoys, there are those who tweet nonsense to the account just for the sheer heck of it. It is these irrelevant tweets that can be so amusing; more so the trite but witty replies by the officer(s) maintaining the account.

Some of the tweets are below the belt, but the replies are always polite and try to use wit to offset the sarcasm directed, in general, at police officers across the country. When I have time, I spend minutes scrolling down the account's profile page and derive great entertainment reading the tweets.


26 April 2014

The Less de Lima Talks about the Vhong Navarro Case…

DoJ Secretary Leila de Lima is probably one person we all wish we see less of; and mostly for her own good. She is a fine woman, to be fair; intelligent, eloquent and works hard.

She does seem to love the news cameras; and on more than a few occasions, I had felt that specific cases her department was handling would have been better served had she not talked about these publicly.

The ongoing Vhong Navarro saga is one of these. In a recent news report, de Lima revealed that one of the seven persons accused of criminal charges in the Navarro case had applied to become a state witness.


20 November 2013

PDAF Was Always Functionally Anomalous

Well there you have it! Now that the Supreme Court has finally spoken on the Priority Assistance Development Fund, a.k.a. the much-maligned PDAF or the even more maligned ‘pork barrel,’ the anomaly has finally been made ‘official.’ Unconstitutional, the Supreme Court has branded the PDAF; past, present and – let us all hope – for good.

In so doing, the Supreme Court has made unlawful a practice that has always been functionally anomalous. The allocation and disbursement of funds has always been a function of the executive branch; i.e. through its various agencies.

To simplify, let us liken government to a household where the father is the breadwinner who lays down the rules but at the end of each payday turns over his entire salary to the wife for the management of the household.


26 July 2013

His Royal Highness, Prince George of Cambridge

Although the concept of the monarchy has been alien to Filipinos born in the republican era, there has nonetheless always been interest in the pomp and pageantry of the British royal family in this country. The family’s latest member, as everyone by this time already knows, is George Alexander Louis, who first saw the light of day on 22 July 2013.

The newborn is now also known as Prince George of Cambridge, first-born child of William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; and third in line to the British throne as provided for by the monarchy’s automatic system of succession.

In this system, the first-born male son of the royal couple in what is called the direct line of succession takes precedence over other siblings.


20 May 2013

Vice-Ganda’s Hilarious Nancy Binay About-Face

That has got to be the most hilarious post-election reaction yet, so sleekly done by none other but Vice-Ganda. This was on last Tuesday’s edition of the noontime show ‘It’s Showtime.’ Results of the previous day’s local and senatorial elections were by no means conclusive yet; but the early trend showed everyone’s favourite senator-elect Nancy Binay – joke – among the frontrunners.

And as everyone knows, Vice-Ganda made a very public statement about a week or so before the polls that was potentially damaging to Binay’s campaign efforts. Something that Binay gracefully and sportingly shrugged off, confident that she was for whatever reason of her chances.

So on to the day after and Binay’s strong early performance, which must have been a shock to Vice as it was to most everyone else who did not give Binay a chance. Those who went to social media to campaign in some way or the other against Binay were at most probably annoyed to see her doing so well in the early results.


14 May 2013

Elections 2013: Hardware Upgrade Needed!

If you were one of those who woke up this morning – the 14th of May and, therefore, the day after the elections – and anxiously tried to log onto the COMELEC web site to see how your favourite Senatorial, Party List and LGU candidates fared in the national and local elections, chances are that your browser yielded a time out error message.

You probably refreshed your browser, luckily got a page or two; but each time the page either failed to load completely or took an eternity to do so. Or timed out again.

This was morning, mind; and, therefore, that time of the day when Internet traffic wasn’t so congested. The timeout, needless to say, could not have been caused by your own Internet service.


02 January 2013

Time for Decisive Legislation on Firecrackers

And as was bound to happen because it does every year, the first evening news show of the New Year began with a report straight from the emergency rooms of hospitals in the metropolis... The carnage, they said, was less than last year’s; but who really wants to know?

So, just as the news shows do each and every New Year’s Day for more years than I care to remember, the array of firecracker victims was flashed into television sets across the nation, exposed flesh considerately airbrushed away out of respect for people’s sensitivities.


19 December 2012

The RH Bill: No Objections to It But...

The regional news had interviews with citizens on the streets earlier this week on the inevitable topic of the RH Bill. I found it strange that people would even be willing to go on air with their opinions when from their comments, it was quite apparent that few – if at all – of the respondents had bothered to read the contents of the bill.

Personally, I feel that unless somebody has even bothered to make an effort to read the bill, then he or she is not even qualified to participate in the debate. After all, whatever opinions he or she forms will only be based on hearsay.


12 October 2012

Batangas City's Anti-Social Behaviour Ordinance

There was an interesting discussion in the regional news earlier this afternoon about an Anti-Social Behaviour Ordinance that is soon to be enforced by Batangas City. According to a city councillor who was interviewed live during the news show, the ordinance was published yesterday and should be enforceable in fifteen days.

Some of the provisions of the ordinance are what one can categorize as ‘about time.’ Others, however, fall under the category ‘I dunno.’ Since Lipa followed Batangas City’s plastic ban, if at all the local council decides to think up something similar, I hope it does so with caution.


09 October 2012

The Federal Republic of the Philippines?

Now that an agreement between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has been forged to establish the Bangsamoro, the question now shifts to the method with which the ‘political entity,’ as PNoy refers to the Bangsamoro, is to be established. As I stated in a previous article, my gut feel is that it will take a constitutional amendment to make this possible because the concessions to be made to the Bangsamoro as they have been initially made public do not fall in line with the country’s unitary form of government.


08 October 2012

How Did the Anti-Cybercrime Law Get Out of Congress?

When I was in management, I strictly observed a simple personal and professional rule: I never affixed my signature to anything that I did not fully understand. Being a corporate signatory meant that I along with another colleague were the end of the line for usually an Accounting procedure.

This procedure usually culminated in disbursement; and the assumption was that, since the paper trail included stops at several desks up the corporate ladder, any document or check that reached my level had been carefully scrutinised for weaknesses, errors or inconsistencies with policies.




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