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30 June 2016

Douglas MacArthur’s May-December Secret Affair with a Filipina

Image credit:  Wikipedia and Konted's Make My Day 2.

…or maybe February or March is more descriptive. But I get ahead of the story…

Most Filipinos will remember Douglas MacArthur from History lessons for the immortal vow “I shall return.” This sentence concluded a short statement he made to reporters before he was whisked away to Australia, leaving behind American and Filipino troops to face surrender to the Japanese in 1942.


14 September 2014

Did Vice Ganda Finally Name Ex-Boyfriend in GGV Episode?

Image captured from video on
This is supposed to be an open secret, anyway; but something that comedic superstar Vice Ganda has never publicly admitted. It has been public knowledge for sometime that he had college basketball star for a boyfriend; and that the star had graduated and moved on to a PBA club.

This became public in an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice when the supposed boyfriend called during taping and the call was patched onto a public address system and broadcast to the entire nation. But since Vice refused to name the caller, ostensibly to protect his reputation, he also inadvertently started a name game.

In one episode of the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime,” host Billy Crawford went mischievously gaga over one guest performer from the ‘madlang people’ whose nickname was RR.


24 August 2014

PBB Voting Theories and Daniel Matsunaga as Big Winner

The main talking point, of course, of the PBB All In Big Night last night was that the Big Winner was a half-Brazilian half-Japanese model by the name of Daniel Matsunaga. The purists will protest, needless to say, that the ‘P’ in PBB, after all, is ‘Pinoy’ – and Matsunaga’s claim to being Pinoy is limited to a five-year residence, broken Tagalog and a self-proclaimed Pinoy heart.

Personally, I do not really mind. This is showbiz, after all. Essentially, Pinoy Big Brother in whatever incarnation it hits television screens nationwide is a platform for discovering new talents as well as a numbers-based tool for gathering information about a personality’s star potential.

Thus, I am more fascinated by the voting trends and how these remain constant or fluctuate on a week-by-week basis.


13 May 2014

Vice Ganda Confirms Batangas Roots on Showtime

This is something that I have suspected for a while now; but there is hardly any literature on the Internet about the matter. Today, Vice Ganda himself confirmed his Batangas roots on Showtime courtesy of a little girl contestant of the Mini-Me segment of the show.

A few months back, in the Sine Mo ‘To segment of the same show, Vice was playing the role of a Batangueño. The punto (the accent) was without a doubt authentic.

Everyone from these parts will always be able to tell if somebody from Manila is just trying to mimic the punto. It never quite turns out right. We just know.


02 October 2013

Shooting FoodPrints with Sandy Daza

Sandy Daza tries the lomi at Panciteria Lipa.
So ok! The obvious question is what in the world was I even doing with renowned chef and restaurateur Sandy Daza. I had been seeing teasers of his new show on the Lifestyle Channel called ‘FoodPrints.’ I cannot say that I knew an awful lot about Sandy, but he is the son of the late Nora Daza, whose column ran in a local paper, like, forever!

As it happened, the show’s producer Jennie Celdran – wife of ANC personality David Celdran – happened to be a friend of my former colleague Ningning Doble. Ningning was part of the staff of my friend and former colleague Cora Abansi, and in fact I went to see the two ladies in Baguio only last June.

Jennie had asked Ningning for an initial contact for the show’s impending Batangas Province shoot; and the latter promptly referred her to me because I also maintain another site called Food Batangas. I was quite happy to be of help.


21 March 2013

For Kris? Or For James?

To think, when Pnoy had a go at TV Patrol anchor Noli de Castro during the news program’s 25th anniversary gala last year, that I firmly took de Castro’s side against the President. After having sat through Ted Failon’s brain-numbing interview with the Aquino sisters last night so that Kris could air her side against accusations hurled against her by former husband James Yap, ironically I am finally beginning to see why the President occasionally lets go against the media.

To see what I mean, go visit the CNN web site; or if you have little taste for world news, then even just the Philippine Daily Inquirer or the Manila Bulletin online. What will immediately strike you is the overflow of content that either site has for readers.

In other words, there are so many things going on around the world and even just in our corner of it. Why then, pray tell, did we have to sit through half an hour of primetime just so Kris and company could tell everyone that James was lying?


18 February 2013

The Brilliance of Coco Martin as Juan de la Cruz

I am finally beginning to understand what all the fuss has been about the actor Coco Martin as I continue to follow his adventures as Juan de la Cruz in the primetime teleserye of the same title.

I knew who he was even before Juan de la Cruz, naturally. Knowing about him and being interested in him are two different things, however; and truth be told, I had not seen any of his work prior to Juan de la Cruz.

In fact, while the entire nation talked about DNA test results in his previous teleserye Walang Hanggan – which I read about on Facebook, where else – I was hopelessly ignorant because Walang Hanggan was so not my genre.


15 December 2012

What PBB's Biggel Has Been Up To

Those who followed last year’s Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Edition will remember this gangling Filipino-German teenager who eventually finished third in the competition-cum-reality show. His name was Joseph Emil Biggel or simply Biggel as he came to be known inside Big Brother House.

He was as big as contradictions can come. Statuesque and blessed with movie star good looks as many Filipino-Caucasian children rather tend to be, he also came with a rural Filipino demeanour and a thick Marinduqueño accent that he could not quite get rid of till the show’s end.


05 October 2012

OJ Porteria and the Future of Philippine Football

Jose Elmer “OJ” Porteria is the name of the fresh-faced Fil-American teenager who at the tender age of 17 has already earned his place among the Azkals. Discovered during tryouts held in the United States by senior team members, Porteria was born to Filipino parents and played football – or soccer, as the game is preferentially called in that side of the Pacific – for Falls Church high school, the United States Soccer Development Academy and the academy team of Major League Soccer franchise D.C. United.

Azkal fandom first got a first real look at Porteria during the country’s less than convincing performance at the 2011 Southeast Asian Games held in Jakarta. Hastily assembled and short of authentic defenders, the Under-23 team eked out a sensational win over Laos courtesy of a late Joshua Beloya brace but lost all its other matches.


13 September 2012

Neil Etheridge: Something of a Crossroads

People might have noticed in the string of international friendlies that the Philippines played this September that goalkeeper Neil Etheridge increasingly had little to do over the course of each match. Against Singapore, there were two or three routine saves; but none of the Spiderman heroics that we all saw in, say, the second leg of the World Cup qualifier against Kuwait at the Rizal Memorial.

While the Philippines lost in Vientiane to Laos, even then Etheridge’s involvement in open play was incidental. The two goals that he had to fish from out of the net, as everyone who saw the match knows, were from two penalties in a poorly officiated match. The second was certifiably not even a penalty.


11 September 2012

The Reinvention of Jeffrey Christiaens

Playing for an obscure lower division Belgian club may not be the most exciting credential to qualify a player for the Azkals; but that was all Filipino-Belgian Jeffrey Christiaens carried when Azkal fandom first caught a formal glimpse of him in a full international during the 2011 Long Teng Cup in Kaohshiung.

Chieffy Caligdong, of course, was the first-choice for the left flank. An injury in the second match against hosts Chinese-Taipei forced him to limp out.


07 September 2012

Leni Robredo: A Breath of Fresh Air

There was always an air of inevitability, in the aftermath of the accident and death of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, that there would be calls for his widow to pick up the gauntlet and get on with the fight for righteousness that her late husband started. That is so ‘us’ – a nation where sentimentality is no small consideration on the way to an exalted position in government.

That was how the late Corazon Aquino, a self-confessed housewife with no experience of politics and government, found herself as President of the nation; albeit, the circumstances then were a tad different.


27 August 2012

Remembering Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

It was on social media that I first heard the sad news that Neil Armstrong passed away the other day. Mind, the fact that I worked in a school means that the vast majority of my social media connections are considerably younger than I am. Yet, the posts about the great man’s passing away were being made by these very people many of whom probably heard of the man only from books and television documentaries many years after the fact.

After the fact of his being the first-ever human being to set foot on a celestial body other than his own home planet, that is. My immediate realisation was that my generation has been fortunate to have witnessed the historic event as it happened; albeit through what was then still the relatively emerging media that is television.


20 August 2012

The Good Die Young: RIP Jesse Robredo

You know the feeling when you see a face, know you have seen it somewhere and just can’t remember where you saw the face before? That had always been the feeling that I had everytime the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo was on the evening news. Too bad it had to take a fatal plane crash for me to finally discover why.

Regrettably, they finally found his body this morning inside the plane’s fuselage some 180 feet below the surface. Before they did, I was seeing calls for a vigil in social networking sites. This was how I learned that he graduated just a year ahead of me from DLSU in 1980. We would have graduated the same year if I had not deliberately overstayed for the football.


19 August 2012

Miss China Wins Miss World Pageant in China... Again...

Now that I come to think about, I realize that I should have known better than to actually believe that our own Queenierich Rehman – the beat-boxing beauty queen – stood a chance of winning the 2012 Miss World Pageant. I mean, because the pageant was held in China!

In 2007, I thought it odd that Miss China would win the pageant for the first time ever on home soil. The pageant was held in Sanya in the People’s Republic and when the name of Ms. China Zhang Zilin was announced as the winner, my instant reaction was – like – you gotta be kidding me!


16 August 2012

Erwin Sibayan: the Starlight Express

“Starlight express, starlight express…
Are you real, yes or no…
Starlight express, answer me yes…
I don’t want you to go!”

This is an excerpt from the lyrics of the hit song by an eighties group called El Debarge called, as if I needed to say, Starlight Express. This article is not about the song at all, which used to make me want to perish from the face of the earth everytime I heard it. In the eighties, I was into heavy metal; and pop ballads like this putrefied my flesh.


02 August 2012

Coach Gil Talavera: from DLSL to the Loyola Meralco Sparks

My high school team of 1989 was probably my strongest and most complete in three decades of coaching; but I would not have nominated Gil Talavera to one day play for the national team. Skill was not an issue; size was. At a time when most of his teammates were long past puberty, I wondered if there was an aberration to his DNA.

Although he would later establish a name for himself as a defender, in my high school team he was, in fact, a left winger. I will not say that it was even his natural position. First of all, he is not left-footed; and even if the inverted winger had not yet been invented, I have nothing but scorn for that invention, anyway.


26 July 2012

The Filipino Side of David Alaba

Now – I can imagine – the more or less expectable reaction to the title for somebody who is not into football will – naturally – be “David Who?” That will be David Alaba, of Nigerian-Filipino parentage, originally from Vienna, plays for the German Bundesliga giant Bayern München and represents Austria in international football.

Now, they do say that it is a small world, don’t they? As things would happen, Mark Lester Padua – a former player of mine who currently lives in Vienna – just happens to live in the same neighbourhood as Alaba.


23 July 2012

Working with Cora Abansi

Work in whatever circumstance is always more productive if you are with agreeable people who share the same ideals that you have. That was why, working with Cora Abansi in top management made my job so much easier; and I would like to think that I made her job easier as well.

For five years, I was in charge of our school’s administrative operations; while Cora was head of the academic side. She pretty much left administrative matters to me; as I left academic matters to her. We enjoyed a working relationship characterized by trust and mutual respect.


04 June 2012

Elizabeth II: An Accident of History and a 60-Year Reign

Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its Other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. Thus is formally named the monarch and familiar global icon who this year celebrates 60 years on the throne, a stunning achievement any way one looks at it.

You may call her Lizzy, for short; just not within hearing distance. Otherwise, it is ‘Her Royal Highness’ or ‘Her Majesty’ as dictated by the styles and traditions of the British Monarchy.




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