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30 August 2016

Some Very Telling Statistics on the Differences between Filipino Men and Women

A fact sheet on women and men in the Philippines offers some very interesting statistical differences between the genders in this country. The fact sheet was released last March 2016 by the Philippine Statistical Authority. The statistics in this sheet are comprehensive, but this article will only focus on certain areas which ought to be of interest to a wider audience.


Filipinos Disapprove China, Approve US; Confidence Rising in Military, Declining in National Government

Image credit:

Not surprisingly because of recent disputes in the West Philippine Sea between China and the Philippines, two thirds of Filipinos disapprove of China’s leadership according to a Gallup Poll conducted in May 2015, the results of which were released just two days ago.


15 October 2015

Crackpot Candidates Illustrate Fundamental Flaw in Democracy

And so, daily in the evening news this past week, as happens each time Certificates of Candidacies are due at the Commission on Elections prior to election year, we were all shown the usual plethora of crackpot nuisance candidates to either be amused or mortified at.


14 October 2015

Staying Positive after the Azkals’ Loss to Bahrain

All images in this page captured from video on the AFC Cup YouTube channel.

The only way to perhaps get a sense of perspective on the Philippine Azkals’ largely insipid performance in Manama last night against Bahrain in a World Cup qualifying match is to imagine an entire squad of players reprising Steve Martin’s character in the 1987 classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles.


08 October 2015

Philippine Azkals’ Draw Against DPR Korea: Stabilising the Ship Quickly

It was crucial to steady the ship after the heavy defeat at home to Uzbekistan.

Do not anyone point out that I did not actually get to watch the game, else my instant retort will be who did? That nation north of the 38th parallel chose to be medieval by not providing televised coverage; and probably for no other reason than simply to annoy all of us.


03 October 2015

2015 FIBA Asia: A Final China Could not Allow Gilas to Win

Terrence Romeo:  the joy, passion and artistry of Philippine basketball.

Imagine, just imagine, if Jayson Castro had shot as sweetly as he did against Japan. Or that Ranidel de Ocampo and Dondon Hontiveros brought their shooting hands to the game. Or that Terrence Romeo had penetrated as pluckily as he did in the earlier matches.


04 September 2015

Philippine Azkals Cruise to Friendly Win over Maldives

Image captured from video at The AFC Hub YouTube Channel.

Such is football that the fortunes of two countries which contested a five-goal thriller in the semi-finals of what used to be the AFC Challenge Cup can contrast dramatically just one year after the fact.


16 June 2015

PHL Azkals In It to Win It After WC Qualifying Victory Over Yemen

Misagh Bahadoran, the Sandstorm of Doha, celebrates the opening goal.

Those among you who bothered to sneak a peek at the match between Yemen and DPR Korea, played the same night we defeated Bahrain, would have known that we would be coming away from Doha with a second World Cup qualifying victory.


11 June 2015

PHL Azkals Join Big Boys Club after Bahrain World Cup Win

Misagh Bahadoran opened scoring for the Azkals in the 50th minute.

It’s official! The Philippine Azkals have just joined the exclusive club of Asia’s Big Boys after that thoroughly professional 2-1 victory over visiting Bahrain at the start of Asian World Cup qualifying last night at the marvellous Philippine Stadium.


03 June 2015

Young Azkals Lame in Surrender to Cambodia

Image captured from video on Sport Singapore's YouTube channel.

Perhaps, in the long run, chopping and changing the team from the one that narrowly lost to Singapore in the SEA Games will ultimately be beneficial to Philippine football. Young players do need experience to grow; and this one does not get playing EA Sports FIFA 2015 on Play Station.


02 June 2015

Despite Loss to Singapore, Young Azkals Give Performance to Build On

Image captured from video on Sport Singapore's YouTube channel.

To limit hosts Singapore at the Jalan Besar to a solitary goal in an opening game when nerves might have been expectable and, therefore, forgivable was no small achievement for the U-23 Philippine Azkals in the SEA Games last night.


17 May 2015

Costs of College Education: Comparing University Tuition Rates

The tuition I first paid to De La Salle University-Manila back in 1975 when I enrolled as a freshman was PHP 1,200. In those days, that was a lot of money that my parents had to scrounge for just to send me to the university.


12 May 2015

PHL Universities Ranking 2015: How DLSL and Other La Salle Schools Fared

The Philippine Universities Ranking 2015 was undertaken by the web site based on the last four board examinations. The ranking was based on a weighted board exams ranking arrived at by first determining how each higher education institution fared in each board exams then aggregating all these rankings.


Thoughts on the Impending K-12 Education Program

…and probably due to Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV et al. and their attempts to have the Supreme Court prevent the implementation of the K-12 Basic Education Program, said K-12 program trended on Twitter, albeit briefly, last Wednesday night. The online discussion was lively; even if understandably tending to lean against the program’s implementation.


15 April 2015

What’s at Stake for the Philippine Azkals in WC Qualifying

Logos from Wikipedia.

I was both excited and annoyed as the Asian Football Confederation qualifying draw for the 2018 World Cup in Russia went along the other day in Malaysia. For starters, it was a travesty that 2014 Suzuki Cup runners-up Malaysia were in Pot 5 among the lowest ranked teams in the draw.


08 March 2015

La Salle Lost the UAAP Final; but Football Was the Winner

The UAAP football finals were played at the Rizal Memorial Stadium on 8 March 2015.

Perhaps, on the balance of play, it can be said that Far Eastern University deserved their 3-2 extra time win over De La Salle University in the final of the UAAP men’s football tournament yesterday at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.


22 January 2015

Bagito and the Sexuality of the Filipino Youth

Image credit:  Wikipedia.
Question: How do you call a teenage male who has already fathered a son?

Answer: a Younghusband.

That was supposed to be a joke; albeit, the joke failed to specify if the Younghusband is Phil or James. Go squirm. The joke, by the way, was something I heard from one of the young men I play football with every weekend, triggered as it was by a brief discussion – of all things – of the ABS-CBN early evening series called ‘Bagito.’


02 January 2015

Maragtas Story, Code of Kalantiaw et al. – ‘History’ That Never Was

Image Credit:  The News Today
If you are anywhere near my age, then you will have none-too-fond memories of having to memorise for an exam the story of the ten Malay Datus from Borneo who were supposed to have settled the Philippine Islands.


13 December 2014

Post Mortem: Was Thailand Really Superior to the Philippine Azkals?

Image captured from video on the
AFF Suzuki Cup YouTube channel.
I thought I was done writing about the Suzuki Cup, but it has been a lazy Saturday and I had been reading the reactions, the counter-reactions and the counter-counter-reactions many times over to the humbling 0-3 loss to Thailand in the semi-finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup last Wednesday.

Some of the commentaries were valid; others somewhat valid; and still many others add credence to a friend’s claim that Filipinos post first then think later – if at all – when on the Internet.

Others say that the result merely illustrated the gulf in class between the Philippines and Thailand as footballing nations. Aye to this one! Only those with short term memory loss will not recall that Thailand has traditionally been one of Southeast Asia’s footballing giants; and that the Philippines used to be the region’s whipping boys pre-2010.


11 December 2014

Bangkok Failure for Philippine Azkals Still a Tremendous Achievement

Image captured from video on the
AFF Suzuki Cup YouTube channel.
I do not know that I have reason to complain because I did write in a previous article that I did not think we would be winning the AFF Suzuki Cup this year. Soon, was what I thought after the friendly defeat to Thailand last month; but not this year.

It was just that the 4-nil rout of Indonesia in Hanoi in the group stage was like heady wine. You know, the sort that makes you lose your better judgement and seduces you against your will.

Still, I felt reasonably confident that Thailand could be had, especially after that plucky goalless draw last Saturday at the Rizal Memorial. The prospect of a score draw and an away goals win was just as seducing.




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