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10 May 2016

How Batangas Voted in the Presidential, VP and Senatorial Elections

With 100% of Certificates of Canvass received by the Commission on Elections from Batangas, the picture is crystal clear how much support – or lack of it – each presidential, vice-presidential and senatorial candidate received from the province.


29 February 2016

Survey Results: Miriam Best Education, Personality; Duterte Best Platform, Least Likely to Become Corrupt

Purpose of the Survey

The survey was entitled “Perceptions of the Candidates to the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections.” It was undertaken to encourage the discriminate use of the right to suffrage. Thus, questions were deliberately phrased as might human resource personnel ask themselves when attempting to ascertain how qualified applicants are to a particular job.


15 October 2015

Crackpot Candidates Illustrate Fundamental Flaw in Democracy

And so, daily in the evening news this past week, as happens each time Certificates of Candidacies are due at the Commission on Elections prior to election year, we were all shown the usual plethora of crackpot nuisance candidates to either be amused or mortified at.


31 July 2015

Mar Roxas Needs to Leave Out the MMK Stuff to Become President

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So after months of the moro-moro that is Philippine politics, President Benigno Aquino III finally gave his endorsement yesterday for the Presidential elections of 2016 to DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. As everyone expected him to anyway, if I might add, despite the smokescreen of behind closed doors interviews with other presidentiables.


11 March 2015

Pnoy, Mamasapano, Accountability, Deniability

I so do not buy into the notion that President Pnoy ought to be held accountable for the Mamasapano massacre simply on the oft-quoted principles of ‘chain of command’ and ‘command responsibility.’

Whilst technically, Pnoy is indeed the superior of everyone in government, most people in the organisation that is government will neither have direct access to him nor take direct instructions from him as well.


20 November 2013

PDAF Was Always Functionally Anomalous

Well there you have it! Now that the Supreme Court has finally spoken on the Priority Assistance Development Fund, a.k.a. the much-maligned PDAF or the even more maligned ‘pork barrel,’ the anomaly has finally been made ‘official.’ Unconstitutional, the Supreme Court has branded the PDAF; past, present and – let us all hope – for good.

In so doing, the Supreme Court has made unlawful a practice that has always been functionally anomalous. The allocation and disbursement of funds has always been a function of the executive branch; i.e. through its various agencies.

To simplify, let us liken government to a household where the father is the breadwinner who lays down the rules but at the end of each payday turns over his entire salary to the wife for the management of the household.


03 August 2013

Germany 1938; China 2013: the Parallels

With China about to release maps officially claiming territories in the West Philippine Sea that the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries have also staked claims on, it gives yet another indication of its increasing geo-political boldness in the region.

China’s claims on the disputed territories, particularly those inside the Philippines’ economic corridor, have no historical, legal and moral bases; but this makes the country’s brazenness all the more remarkable.

Political analysts have referred to China’s actuations as ‘posturing.’ Beyond the flexing of biceps, however, where all the posturing can lead to is no laughing matter, as history itself has shown.


20 May 2013

Vice-Ganda’s Hilarious Nancy Binay About-Face

That has got to be the most hilarious post-election reaction yet, so sleekly done by none other but Vice-Ganda. This was on last Tuesday’s edition of the noontime show ‘It’s Showtime.’ Results of the previous day’s local and senatorial elections were by no means conclusive yet; but the early trend showed everyone’s favourite senator-elect Nancy Binay – joke – among the frontrunners.

And as everyone knows, Vice-Ganda made a very public statement about a week or so before the polls that was potentially damaging to Binay’s campaign efforts. Something that Binay gracefully and sportingly shrugged off, confident that she was for whatever reason of her chances.

So on to the day after and Binay’s strong early performance, which must have been a shock to Vice as it was to most everyone else who did not give Binay a chance. Those who went to social media to campaign in some way or the other against Binay were at most probably annoyed to see her doing so well in the early results.


11 April 2013

Pakakak Campaigning

Methinks, those not from these parts will be more familiar with the word trompa, this crude loudspeaker that is easily mountable onto any moving vehicle and is, therefore, one of the advertising methods favored by those who cannot afford to get their faces into television during the infernal campaign season.

The problem with the way people do things – and not just in campaigning – is that it is always immeasurably more convenient to do things as they have been done traditionally. Thinking outside the box, that is something not many people are prepared to do.

This pakakak campaigning just happens to be one of those things that politicians and their campaign managers resort to for no other reason than it has been the way it has always been done. Has anyone of them even started to wonder about the efficacy of the method, if at all?


19 December 2012

The RH Bill: No Objections to It But...

The regional news had interviews with citizens on the streets earlier this week on the inevitable topic of the RH Bill. I found it strange that people would even be willing to go on air with their opinions when from their comments, it was quite apparent that few – if at all – of the respondents had bothered to read the contents of the bill.

Personally, I feel that unless somebody has even bothered to make an effort to read the bill, then he or she is not even qualified to participate in the debate. After all, whatever opinions he or she forms will only be based on hearsay.


07 November 2012

Understanding the U.S. Presidential Elections and Electoral College

Yesterday’s United States Presidential elections once again brought into focus this confusing matter of the Electoral College, that group of representatives from each of the member states of the federation that is called the United States of America which officially elects the President and Vice-President of the country. From the off, I wish to make it clear that the process of electing a President and Vice-President is not the same in the United States and the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the country’s two highest executive officials are elected by a popular vote; i.e. each qualified citizen exercises his or her right to suffrage by directly voting for the candidates of his or her choice. The votes are then tallied across the nation; and the winners by majority are elected President and Vice-President based on the nationwide total.


09 October 2012

The Federal Republic of the Philippines?

Now that an agreement between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has been forged to establish the Bangsamoro, the question now shifts to the method with which the ‘political entity,’ as PNoy refers to the Bangsamoro, is to be established. As I stated in a previous article, my gut feel is that it will take a constitutional amendment to make this possible because the concessions to be made to the Bangsamoro as they have been initially made public do not fall in line with the country’s unitary form of government.


08 October 2012

How Did the Anti-Cybercrime Law Get Out of Congress?

When I was in management, I strictly observed a simple personal and professional rule: I never affixed my signature to anything that I did not fully understand. Being a corporate signatory meant that I along with another colleague were the end of the line for usually an Accounting procedure.

This procedure usually culminated in disbursement; and the assumption was that, since the paper trail included stops at several desks up the corporate ladder, any document or check that reached my level had been carefully scrutinised for weaknesses, errors or inconsistencies with policies.


07 October 2012

Aquino Government, MILF Agree on Bangsamoro

I cannot say that I agree all the time with the Aquino government; but the announcement by the President earlier today in a speech that government has forged an agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front for the creation of what will be known as the Bangsamoro is something that I not only agree with but wholeheartedly applaud. This has been a long time coming! For all the pettiness that this government sometimes can be guilty of, this agreement can be counted among the feathers in its cap because of the clarity of its vision.

I can still recall hearing the unmistakable roar of the C-130 Hercules planes as they flew low ever so often behind my house on their way to land at Fernando Air Base at the height of the insurgency during the Martial Law years. It was whispered quietly among Air Force families that the planes were laden with sealed coffins of fallen soldiers from the ongoing war in Mindanao.


01 October 2012

Politics Simplified for Citizen Voters

The evening news was inevitably filled with reports on the filing of Certificates of Candidacies by political wannabes to formally usher in the coming election season, if for no other reason than the voting public finally gets to know who runs and who does not in next year’s elections. In other words, citizens if they care to may begin to examine those who will be running for public offices to ascertain who, in their respective opinions, deserve to be voted into public offices.

This is a good time, therefore, to educate anybody who cares – be he a citizen voter or a candidate, given the tendency in this nation of every Tom, Dick and Harry to run for public office – about the intricacies of this thing called politics.


19 September 2012

Trillanes, Enrile Spat Distasteful but Entertaining

Somehow, this very public spat between Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. Do not, they do say, wash your dirty linens in public.

Whether or not Trillanes’ claim that Enrile is former President GMA’s lackey – which the latter categorically denied in a live interview on TV Patrol – is valid is beside the point. It was the sort of thing best discussed in the privacy of the caucus room.


07 September 2012

Leni Robredo: A Breath of Fresh Air

There was always an air of inevitability, in the aftermath of the accident and death of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, that there would be calls for his widow to pick up the gauntlet and get on with the fight for righteousness that her late husband started. That is so ‘us’ – a nation where sentimentality is no small consideration on the way to an exalted position in government.

That was how the late Corazon Aquino, a self-confessed housewife with no experience of politics and government, found herself as President of the nation; albeit, the circumstances then were a tad different.


29 August 2012

The Church and the RH Bill

If you know that storms will come where you live, will you build a house made of paper? The Japanese of yore certainly did; but that was because in their manner of thinking, the house could quickly be repaired with more paper after the storm had passed.

On the other hand, if you had the means, will you not wish to build a house that can withstand the storm instead?


20 August 2012

The Good Die Young: RIP Jesse Robredo

You know the feeling when you see a face, know you have seen it somewhere and just can’t remember where you saw the face before? That had always been the feeling that I had everytime the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo was on the evening news. Too bad it had to take a fatal plane crash for me to finally discover why.

Regrettably, they finally found his body this morning inside the plane’s fuselage some 180 feet below the surface. Before they did, I was seeing calls for a vigil in social networking sites. This was how I learned that he graduated just a year ahead of me from DLSU in 1980. We would have graduated the same year if I had not deliberately overstayed for the football.


06 August 2012

The RH Bill: A Simplified Version

For the convenience of anyone who wishes to know more about and understand the so-called RH Bill (House Bill 04244) but does not have the patience to go through the 20-plus pages of the actual bill, I am making this simplified and bulleted version available for easier reading. I have tried to use the bill’s own wordings where possible and paraphrased to approximate the meanings as much as possible when I had to condense longer provisions.

Although I have my own opinions on the bill, this is provided free of commentary. I leave readers to formulate their own opinions. For those who wish to express thoughts, feel free to leave your comments using the Facebook Comments widget at the bottom of this page.




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