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30 July 2012

PNoy, Noli de Castro and Dignity

True, Noli de Castro as anchor of TV Patrol does once in a while let fly an unscripted side comment that is undeniably a barb planted on side of the Aquino administration. Yes, there were occasions when I myself had wondered at the wisdom of such ad libs given that de Castro himself used to be very highly placed in government.

For the President to criticize the anchor – albeit no names were mentioned, but duh – on the occasion of TV Patrol’s silver jubilee celebrations last Friday at the Manila Hotel was, however, probably the height of poor taste.


23 July 2012

SONA Pa-bits

President Noynoy Aquino’s 2012 SONA is without a doubt the best he has so far delivered; albeit one sort of wonders why it took his speech writers so long to learn how to write one. The language was crisp, even ‘hip’ at times; and I could have sworn that he ad libbed to draw laughs that part about Tarlac having to wait for its airport to be built.

In other words, I thought that at the third attempt, the President finally managed to get across the message that he does, after all, know what he’s doing. It was not so much the way he spoke – he rather tends to eat words as he speaks – but more its content.


04 June 2012

Elizabeth II: An Accident of History and a 60-Year Reign

Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its Other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. Thus is formally named the monarch and familiar global icon who this year celebrates 60 years on the throne, a stunning achievement any way one looks at it.

You may call her Lizzy, for short; just not within hearing distance. Otherwise, it is ‘Her Royal Highness’ or ‘Her Majesty’ as dictated by the styles and traditions of the British Monarchy.


01 June 2012

Of SALNs and Waivers: Pilipinas Expects!

In fairness, it was not PNoy himself who categorically stated that he shall not be waiving his right under law to keep his dollar accounts confidential. Instead, it was Malacañang spokesperson Abigail Valte who did so during a news conference held at the palace yesterday.

When quizzed by the media, Valte confirmed that indeed, the President had said while still on the campaign trail that if elected, for the sake of transparency he would waive his right to secrecy as far as his bank accounts were concerned. However, Valte went on, the President would not be doing so “at this time.”


29 May 2012

Concluding Thoughts on the Corona Trial and Verdict

Well, there you have it. The Impeachment Court has passed its verdict on Chief Justice Renato Corona; so that is really the cue for the rest of us to get on with our lives. In the end, the 20-3 vote to convict was emphatic; and probably reflected, anyway, the overriding sentiment outside the walls of the Philippine Senate.

For the same reason that I always say that a decision by the Supreme Court is incontestable if for no other reason than that any argument has to end somewhere, then this decision by the Impeachment Court has to be seen as the end of the matter.


28 May 2012

CJ Corona Verdict: How the Senators Voted

Almost half a year of a sometimes intriguing, sometimes fascinating and sometimes downright monotonous impeachment trial ended this afternoon with the Philippine Senate voting to impeach or acquit Chief Justice Renato Corona of charges filed against him in the House of Representatives last December.

It had been generally believed as the impeachment trial went along that the impeachment vote would subsequently come down to a crucial vote on Article II, which focused on his alleged failure to accurately disclose his assets, liabilities and net worth in the SALN.


25 May 2012

CJ Corona’s Waiver: Too Little Too Late or a Brilliant Ploy?

It is so easy to brand CJ Corona’s act of finally submitting his waiver this afternoon – having ditched his precondition – to the Presiding Judge and granting the Impeachment Court access to his dollar accounts as too little too late. I, for one, certainly did.

Think of all the trouble that could have been spared – for one, a lengthy caucus to decide whether to abide by or disregard a TRO preventing the opening of said accounts – had Corona produced the goods when there was such a big to-do about these.


22 May 2012

Thoughts on CJ Corona’s ‘Walkout’ from the Impeachment Court

My immediate thoughts as Chief Justice Renato Corona excused himself yesterday from the impeachment court and got up to leave with alacrity was that he sounded a lot like the head of a co-equal branch of government saying what was the equivalent of “I’m done with all of you, now I take my leave, ta-ta, thank you very much!”

And off he sped to everyone’s consternation; yes, even his own defence counsels. Lead counsel Cuevas’ demeanour, for once, was simply priceless! Excusing his client’s actions before the court and without bothering to turn off the microphone pleading with somebody in the defence panel ‘habulin mo’ (run after him) was almost comical.


21 March 2012

Poor Atty. Diaz, Now Germ-Free

That will be Atty. Eulalio C. Diaz III, Administrator at the Land Registration Authority or LRA. In the past couple of days, he was the subject of really intense ‘soaping’ by Senator Judges during the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. So much so, in fact, that I can declare without fear of contradiction the he is now completely germ-free and is as sterile as an operating room.


02 February 2012

The Prosecution and the CJ Corona Trial

…and so the good Senator Chiz Escudero wanted to know who among the prosecution panel in the Chief Justice Renato Corona impeachment trial was responsible for leaking to the media allegations that the Chief Justice owned 45 properties which were at yesterday’s trial seen to be just above twenty. Congressman Niel Tupas Jr. of the prosecution, at the podium to respond to the senator’s question, denied that it was the prosecution that leaked the allegations to the media.


13 December 2011

Understanding Impeachment and the Justice Corona Case

Fascinating as the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona is in the House of Representatives in the satire that is, otherwise, known as Philippine politics, how many of us non-lawyers really comprehend what we are hearing about in the media?


16 November 2011

The Arroyos, de Lima and a Potential Governmental Crisis

I have no interest whatsoever in former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s health predicament in the light of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s defiance of the Supreme Court ruling granting a Temporary Restraining Order on the implementation of the Hold Departure Order. From all indications, there is nothing immediately life threatening about the former President’s current state of health.


04 October 2011

Typhoons, Floods and the Face of the Presidency

Who will want to be president of a country when you only find yourself frequently in a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t situation? So now – and not that he is ever out of the limelight – President Noynoy finds himself under a bit of criticism for not having been seen commiserating with the victims of massive flooding on the aftermath of Pedring and Quiel.


21 September 2011

Martial Law Seen Through Time

Try as I will, I just cannot draw up any clear and definitive memories of my own personal circumstance when Ferdinand Edralin Marcos declared Martial Law in the country almost 39 years ago today. I can recall the widespread protests and rallies that preceded the declaration; not dissimilar to protests that occupy the attention of the media in the present day, just more severe.

By that time, we had already moved out of the Air Force base where I grew up. Still, I remember hearing from where we had moved the repeated wailings of the base’s sirens to signal a call to all service men assigned to the base that it had just assumed the highest level of military alert. It was as stark as a message could possibly get to all and sundry inside the base that there was something out of the ordinary afoot.


11 August 2011

Understanding the Proposed Bangsamoro Sub-state

Just when we all thought that the President of the Republic has become a tad predictable, off he flew to Narita last week for a hush-hush meeting with representatives of the MILF. I have not made up my mind yet about that flying visit to Japan. Did he not say, after all, that we are his boss; and if any of us leaves the workplace without informing our superiors, do we not all get a not-too-friendly note from HR?


09 August 2011

The Zubiri Questions

Before I anything else, allow me to say very categorically that I applaud Juan Miguel Zubiri’s decision to leave the Senate. If in case you have not noticed, I very deliberately preferred to use the word “leave” rather than “resign,” which was how the act had been described by most media reports.


27 July 2011

Post SONA Reactions Part I

This is the first of a series of personal reactions to the recent State of the Nation Address by the President. Rather than analyze the address in its totality, I have decided to cite from it and insert my personal thoughts after each citation.

Because of the length of the speech, the reactions will probably have to come in several segments.


21 July 2011

Political Quotes

Despite my undergraduate background in History and Political Science, I am not exactly enamoured with politics because often, the way we do things in a political sense in this country can sometimes be a long way from what one is taught inside the classroom.


10 June 2011

The Spratly Row and Stressed Spokesmen

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda is one stressed gentleman these days. There can be nothing edifying about a job that requires one to fend off media intrusions into the President’s love life. Ditto keeping away the hounds sniffing blood on the alleged irregularities concerning the President’s so-called shooting buddies.


02 May 2011

Bin Laden Is Dead; Now for the Question

There was a strange sort of catharsis as I watched the social networks flood with news that Osama Bin Laden, cult figure to many Muslim people the world over and public enemy number one to everyone else, was killed today by American special forces in Pakistan. No lesss than the American President, Barack Obama, made the announcement direct from the White House.




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