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23 July 2015

The One Dream Scam and the Science of Gullibility

The City of Lipa here in Batangas rarely makes the national news, but earlier this week it was the opening item of the evening edition of TV Patrol for all the wrong reasons – a billion peso get rich quickly networking scam by an SEC-registered corporation called One Dream.


29 April 2013

Luis Suarez, Jermaine Defoe and the Psychology of Adult Biting Behaviour

On his Facebook page, Liverpool FC’s Luis Suarez posted a graphic announcement that stated his acceptance of the English Football Association’s 10-match ban following his infamous bite on the arm of Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanović during a recent Premier League match.

The FA, in its written explanation of the lengthy ban, noted that Suarez, by way of his public declaration that anything beyond a 3-match ban would be undeserved, seemed not to have fully appreciated the gravity of his action. Hence, the length of the ban.

I fully understand where the FA is coming from. Having said that, effective discipline is not only about punishment, else the offender will continue to commit the infraction. Instead, for discipline to be effective, punishment has to be given also with remediation and reform as an end goal.


10 April 2013

The Courage not to Commit Suicide

I am tempted to blame the media for the sudden rash of teenage suicides. On the other hand, media has really just been doing what it exists to do. Besides. I chanced upon an interview on DZMM by Noli de Castro with a UP Psychology professor; and apparently the slew of incidents is not the epidemic that is starting to seem.

There have been studies on suicides in the country and findings seem to indicate that the summer months are when suicides are most likely to be reported. The professor was quick to clarify that data was more on the reporting of the suicides extracted from police and hospital records. Whether the reporting is representative of the number of actual occurences per season, this she did not clarify.

This bit of information is at least curious because it contrasts with statistics in temperate countries where incidences of suicide are highest during the wintry months.


17 March 2013

Not Worth a Teenage Suicide

The recent suicide of University of the Philippines-Manila student Kristel Tejada after being advised to take a leave of absence for non-payment of dues offers real food for thought for educators around the country. Whoever the school administrator was who forced the young freshman to take the LOA, I am sure, must be having sleepless nights; and I would not want to be in his or her shoes.

I have had many similar cases referred to me by the finance office during my tenure in executive management. It goes without saying that upper management will not really know an aweful lot about individual students’ payment records.

Thus, whatever decisions had to be made regarding students who were having problems settling dues were always also based upon information that the finance people themselves fed back to my office.


19 January 2013

Your Music and What It Says About Your Personality

And having bought myself a turntable that conveniently connects to a PC by way of a USB connector, I have been spending the last few days gleefully converting my old phonograph records into twenty-first century mp3s. It has not exactly been your proverbial piece of cake; and part of the time I had to spend reading up on graphic equalisers and frequency ranges.

On the other hand, listening to obscure album cuts that I had not heard for more than a decade makes the effort well worth the bother, believe me! Not perfect; and some clicks, pops and hisses are next to impossible to remove. But hey, these were all part and parcel of the turntable culture!


16 November 2012

Baron Geisler and Bipolarism

There was something disturbing about the sight of entertainment personality Baron Geisler pleading with a news crew earlier this week in a clip shown on the national news. “Pare,” he begged, “h’wag n’yo na ilabas ‘yan.” He was behind bars after having been picked up by the police for assaulting a neighbour.

He was literally pleading for his life – and the potential damage that the news clip could do to an already tarnished career in show business. While I have little sympathy for Geisler’s often self-inflicted notoriety, what I did find disturbing was the utter lack of privacy in a person’s moment of vulnerability.


30 June 2012

Broken Households and Children

In the society that I grew up in, if husband and wife had grave differences, they resigned themselves to being stuck with each other because that was the norm of the society we were all in. There were marital break-ups, yes; but these were the exceptions rather than the rule. Those who did break up found themselves whispered about in cliques in what was society’s way of frowning at such anomalies.

The passage of time not only brings with it modernity but also the liberalisation of some of society’s erstwhile established norms. It is simply the order of things that the ways of the younger generation will eventually supersede those of the older over time.


28 March 2012

Slater Young’s Shot at PBB Glory

Well, both literally and figuratively… After the quick vote held Tuesday night to determine who would be evicted last night – which ultimately turned out to be Divine Maitland-Smith – Slater is now in the Top 4 and will be part of the grand night to be held this Saturday at the Quirino Grandstand. What’s more, Slater must have been bracing himself for the worst after what had been a rather traumatic past couple of days. Instead of being evicted, he won almost 50% of all the votes sent in.

Not that the eviction votes are anything but fickle. Just a few days back, Slater languished at 5th and barely survived the cut which ultimately saw Alvin Patrimonio’s daughter Tin evicted. In that vote, Divine sat at a lofty second.


22 October 2011

The FUPs and Ways to Deal with Stress

There was this one late Friday afternoon when I was just leaving my office, backpack slung over my shoulder and eager to play football, when I caught sight of three female colleagues standing across the hall looking hopefully at me. From experience, I immediately knew from the look on each lady’s face alone that there was some kind of trouble in the workplace. You know, the stressed sort of face and round begging eyes not unlike those of a shaggy dog begging for food.


15 April 2011

Crap! It’s My Brother!

“Sabi ko na!” This morning when I went for breakfast, I took one look at the guy walking with a tray to where I was coming from at the cafeteria and I immediately recognized him as the guy I could not quite place in my head during my ride home yesterday evening. He looked my way then quickly looked away; so I walked on to the counter to order breakfast.


14 April 2011

Things People Instinctively Copy

A couple of months back, a colleague and I were on a jeepney on our way home from work. It was early evening; we had gone for a quick meal at one of the fast food joints inside Rob; then took our ride in front of the mall.


08 March 2011

Bed Habits

If you were thinking that this would be one of those stories that would make a nun blush red as a beet, then proceed no further. This is a wholesome blog; and this tells no more than stories of what some people do to put themselves to sleep.


26 October 2010

An Aversion to Needles

There is simply no way in hell that I will ever end up a heroin addict – and not that I ever considered being one – for the simple reason that I have always had an aversion to needles. It is an aversion that I am still slowly overcoming but have carried since I was a child.


11 October 2010

The Fiesta and the New Year

We used to have a Tito who lived with us while we were growing up inside the Base. The very same Tito gave my brothers, sisters and I these really nasty pet names such as Igbaras, Kurdapio and Pantarorong.

I will not tell you who had what pet name.


05 October 2010

Joy Is...

…waking up to face a whole new day knowing the previous day could have been the last.

…having a jeepney stop for me the moment I crossed over to the other side of the road.


16 September 2010

The Facebook Happy Birthday Farce

Once in a while, when I need to clear my mind so I can refocus it on the task I am currently trying to stay with, I will saunter off to a blogger site so I can read anything that catches my fancy. Earlier today, I chanced upon this blog entry that was entitled “Is Facebook a Farce?” As things happened, the writer said that she was getting tired of people’s over-reliance on Facebook to keep tabs on friends’ birthdays and was curious to find out what would happen if she deliberately changed the birthday she had registered on Facebook to a phony one.


08 July 2010


There is this little guy in the kanto just outside the school who just hangs there each and every day, sometimes wrapping his arms around a lamp post and just standing there watching the world pass him by. Some days he is clean and can pass for just an ordinary kanto boy; other days, he is tubal, with unkempt hair and soiled clothes.


27 June 2010

The Irrationality of Phobias

Sometimes, one is just scared of something and does not even know why. One just says one has a phobia.

A phobia is an irrational and sometimes inexplicable fear of something. That fear may be the consequence of a previous encounter with the source of fear – such as when a person got bitten by an animal – but it can also be there for no apparent reason whatsoever.




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