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30 September 2015

Behaviour Not Fit for Movie Houses

Image captured from the original Heneral Luna trailer on YouTube.

If there is a movie that intrigues me enough to make me want to actually go to the movie houses here in Lipa, I always make it a point to go see the day’s first showing. First of all, I get to choose the houses’ best seats. More than this, the majority of moviegoers prefer to go later in the day. Thus, there are less people to get annoyed with.


23 July 2015

The One Dream Scam and the Science of Gullibility

The City of Lipa here in Batangas rarely makes the national news, but earlier this week it was the opening item of the evening edition of TV Patrol for all the wrong reasons – a billion peso get rich quickly networking scam by an SEC-registered corporation called One Dream.


28 September 2014

Statistical Evidence on Deaths on or close to a Person’s Birthday

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All of us know at least someone who died close to his or her birthday. My own mother passed away just eleven days short of her 67th birthday. I am fine. She died in 1992.

During the wake or interment rites for somebody who died close to his or her birthday, it is common to hear someone mention knowing somebody he or she knows who likewise died on a date close to the his or her birthday.

Whatever we hear about any possible correlation between birthdays and death, however, is often shrouded in superstition. One version I heard is that older people tend to die just before their birthdays while the younger ones rather tend to leave the earthly plane just after.


10 September 2014

The Mystery of the Filipino Ailment Called ‘Pasma’

A man suspects his wife of having an affair; so he hires a private detective to follow her. In no time at all, the detective confirms that the man’s wife is, indeed, carrying on an illicit affair with a good-looking younger man.

Rather than confront his wife, the man decides to hatch a plan. He will catch his wife in the act with the other man and put an end to the affair with his shotgun.

One day he follows his wife to a motel where she is to meet her lover. Sure that they have checked in, he leaves his car with his shotgun and follows them to their room. He is about to open the door to the room when he has a brainstorm.


24 July 2014

Tsunami Hoax Death Shows How Jittery People are After Glenda

There was this item in the news earlier this week that, if only there was no death involved, I would have found almost comical. Text messages started circulating among village folks in San Juan, Batangas and Candelaria, Quezon Province about the supposed impending arrival of a tsunami.

The messages sent the folks into a state of frenzy, enough at any rate to send most scampering away into safety. There were those who were level-headed enough to ask one village councillor if there was any truth to the tsunami warning. The councillor asked somebody in city hall; who, in turn, replied that there had been no official warning.

The village folks scampered away, nonetheless.

Regrettably, one family packed everyone, including 64-year old grandmother Julieta Pañoso, onto a tricycle to make its escape. As the family drove away, the tricycle must have hit a rock or a hump on the road, causing Lola Julieta – who must have been seated behind the driver – to fall off and thump her head hard on the road.


31 March 2014

Watching a Fire Near the Lipa City Market

I was short on cash when I went uptown this morning, so I was aghast to discover that the ATMs of my bank in two branches were all offline. Desperate, I knocked on the glass door of the second branch and security guard was good enough to tell me what the matter was.

“There’s a fire near the market, Sir!” he told me.

Well, that explained it! Power was cut in the city proper as a precautionary move. With what little cash I had, I walked on to the market to get the things I went uptown for.

I scanned the skies for the tell-tale black smoke. There was none. Of course, when I neared the frontage of the market, I immediately knew where the fire was – to the left of the market. I could not see smoke; and neither could I see fire.


24 July 2013

One Day Filipinos Will Rule the World

A former player went on a package tour to Hong Kong recently; and I suppose it was a small price to pay in exchange for a burrito at Army and Navy to have to listen to his travel tales. In fairness, the burrito made the tales bearable.

And so he was talking about this Cantonese tour guide, who asked the bright-eyed first-time Pinoy visitors inside the tour bus, “What do you notice down there on the streets?”

Making a lame effort to deserve my burrito, I cut in and answered, “The mass of people?” I have not been to Hong Kong, but videos of the place that I have seen always seemed to portray this Quiapo-style avenue with a seemingly endless mass of people to-ing and fro-ing.


19 December 2012

The RH Bill: No Objections to It But...

The regional news had interviews with citizens on the streets earlier this week on the inevitable topic of the RH Bill. I found it strange that people would even be willing to go on air with their opinions when from their comments, it was quite apparent that few – if at all – of the respondents had bothered to read the contents of the bill.

Personally, I feel that unless somebody has even bothered to make an effort to read the bill, then he or she is not even qualified to participate in the debate. After all, whatever opinions he or she forms will only be based on hearsay.


30 April 2012

The So Filipino Trait of Giving Pasalubongs

There was this interesting item on the news last night that talked about the Filipino trait of buying pasalubongs everytime he goes on a trip. I had to agree with most everything that the item said. Indeed, which Filipino does not set aside even just a tiny part of the travel budget to make sure that there are at least tokens to take back home?

Those who have the means, of course, will be bringing home much more than just tokens. That is why, in airports abroad, you can always tell which check-in counter belongs to Philippine Airlines. There is almost inevitably bound to be a long queue of balikbayan boxes waiting to be checked in as well.


09 April 2012

PHL Population at 92.34M as per 2010 Census

Well there you have it! It’s official now that the results of the 2010 Philippine Census have been released by the National Statistics Office (NSO). The country’s population is pegged at 92.34 million (figure rounded).

This total was good for two years ago, mind. Taking into account the average annual population growth rate over the previous ten year period (2000-2010) of 1.9% and assuming that this growth rate remained constant over the last two years, then the current population ought to be in the neighbourhood of 94.09M.


20 February 2012

Filipino Time: Personality or Cultural Trait?

Who, in this country, has not experienced having to sit on a bus station bench playing a game on the cellular phone because there is still no sight of a companion who was supposed to have arrived half an hour before? Or arriving early for a concert only to be told that it will not start until another hour after the time printed on the ticket? Or meeting up with group mates and unable to accomplish anything because the classmate who has the thesis files in a USB drive is still asleep?


02 January 2012

The Voyeurism of Watching Pinoy Big Brother

Yeah, right. I’m now watching Pinoy Big Brother. Not just the edited and canned version that they show at prime time. Yes, even the live snoop-camera version that is aired over one of the local cable channels.


02 September 2011

Bucking the Stereotype of Filipinos as Chameleons, These Batangueños in Vienna

The common stereotype of the Filipino immigrant is, like chameleons, to blend right into the background in their adopted countries.

In the nineties, there used to play under me this young boy who was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. He belongs to a Batangueño family that, at the time, decided that it was best for this boy along with his two brothers to return to and live in the homeland with their father. The boys’ mother, a nurse, stayed behind to continue working in Vienna.


21 September 2010

Thinking Like Americans

That Asian-American consul who initially denied my first United States visa application, she got it all wrong! If I was the sort who wanted to sneak my way into an American citizenship, I would have done it much sooner in my life.


24 August 2010

A Crying Shame

Its a crying shame; that is all I can say about yesterday’s hostage drama.

It’s a crying shame that the drama was started by someone who was once a policeman and ended by other policemen. Could they not have settled this apparent in-the-force squabble amongst themselves instead of allowing it to grow totally out of proportion and to be feasted upon by those who devour scandals as these are served to them on a silver platter by some quarters of the media?


31 July 2010

Fare Rituals You See Ever so Often in Batangas

A man boards a jeepney and goes all the way to the end of the seat just behind the driver. He looks around at all the other passengers and immediately recognizes a friend.

The fare ritual instantly begins.

24 June 2010

To Pee Or Not To Pee: The Dilemma Women Face during Long Trips

It was 1992, and a colleague and I went on a summer trip to the Bicol Region. We were doing the trip for the first time and did not really know that we needed to make reservations first to get seats in one of those classy air-conditioned buses that plied the Manila-Naga route. Because we were already in Manila and we were also expected in Naga, we had no recourse but to travel “ordinary.”




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