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29 April 2017

Batangas Volleyball stands out in the UAAP Season 79 Final and the Palarong Pambansa 2017
Action in the 2016 UAAP women's volleyball final.  Image captured from ABS-CBN video on YouTube.

When the finale of the UAAP Season 79 women’s volleyball competition unfolds at the Araneta Coliseum on the second of May, Batangas volleyball will be prominently represented on either side of the green-blue divide, as it was last season.


The Girls from Batangas in the UAAP Women’s Volleyball Finals

The deciding match of the UAAP Season 78 women’s volleyball final was dominated by one Kim Kianna Dy from De La Salle Zobel in Alabang, who deservedly was named finals MVP. However, something not lost on followers of the league was that both sides of the court were littered with lasses from Batangas.


29 November 2015

A Look at DLSU’s Poaching of Letran’s Championship Coach Aldin Ayo

Image credit:  ABS-CBN Sports.

An online news report published by the Manila Bulletin late last week alleged that a Father Clarence Marquez, President and Rector of Colegio San Juan de Letran in Manila, has sent De La Salle University President Brother Raymundo Suplido a letter complaining about the university’s recruitment of the NCAA-winning Knights’ coach Aldin Ayo.


05 November 2015

Never Google, Says NBA Player of His Surname

Image credit:

And on the lighter side, those of you who are basketball fans and of the NBA in particular will likely have heard of this 6’ 7” French-born shooting guard by the name of Evan Mehdi Fournier.


03 October 2015

2015 FIBA Asia: A Final China Could not Allow Gilas to Win

Terrence Romeo:  the joy, passion and artistry of Philippine basketball.

Imagine, just imagine, if Jayson Castro had shot as sweetly as he did against Japan. Or that Ranidel de Ocampo and Dondon Hontiveros brought their shooting hands to the game. Or that Terrence Romeo had penetrated as pluckily as he did in the earlier matches.


11 August 2015

Schools and the Value of a Robust Sports Program

Image credit:  De La Salle Lipa.

One of the varsity players in the school where I used to work is now employed by another school also in this province; and one of the things he frequently likes to let off steam about is the utter lack of a sports culture in the school where he is now employed.


17 April 2015

Remembering the Batangas Blades of the Metropolitan Basketball Association

An MBA game at the SENTRUM. Photo from the DLSL Archives.

In 1998, a new professional basketball league opened shop in a way that interested me more than anything that the PBA does ever will. The league was called the Metropolitan Basketball League (MBA) and its member franchises were community-based similar to America’s National Basketball Association (NBA).


14 March 2015

For the Lady Spikers, Losing Can Be a Powerful Tonic

The most merciful thing that could have happened yesterday, or at least to the benefit of those who follow the fortunes of the Lady Spikers of DLSU, was for the evening news to come on and put an end to the coverage of jubilant scenes of Ateneo celebrating their second successive UAAP women’s volleyball title.


30 November 2014

Between a Thesis and a UAAP Football Dream

Just a few weeks back, I was speaking to one of the boys who played for the last high school team that I coached. We were both excited that, on his last year in college, he has finally broken into his university’s varsity football team.

He was fairly certain at the time that he would be in the line-up for Season 77 of the UAAP. Because I had heard that this season’s UAAP football tournament would be getting decent television coverage, I told him that I was looking forward to watching him play on TV.

Because the UAAP Men’s Football Tournament was scheduled to commence yesterday, I went to the Internet to try and see if I could find a schedule of the games’ television coverage online. I could not.


09 June 2014

DLSU Rips San Beda for the Fil-Oil Premier Cup; but Something Did Not Feel Right

There is something not quite right about they way the DLSU Green Archers defeated the San Beda Red Lions, 71-66, in the final of the Fil-Oil Flying V Hanes Premier Cup at the Fil-Oil Flying V Arena in San Juan yesterday.

The game was fine. San Beda looked good three-fourths of the way until going cold in the endgame, thus allowing the Green Archers to claim their third Fil-Oil championship since the pre-season tournament began in 2006.

I watched the Green Archers in this summer’s Premier Cup whenever I could; and while still obviously in pre-season mode, the team managed to hold off spirited rallies by opposing teams in two of the matches that I watched.


18 March 2014

Coach Tai’s Meditating Ateneo Girls

Now that the excitement has died down after that titanic battle between archrivals La Salle and Ateneo in the UAAP women’s volleyball tournament, let us take a look at a seeming oddity that Ateneo’s Coach Tai introduced in the finals.

Once in a while, we could catch camera pans of the Ateneo bench with the players eyes closed as they did something that we all assumed was meditation. The commentators themselves pointed this out as so.

My immediate reaction to seeing the row of Ateneo girls with their eyes closed was, “You have got to be kidding me!” That said, I immediately recognised it as yet another ploy by the wily Thai coach, something that sent a message to the La Salle bench that said, “I know something you don’t!”


15 March 2014

In Hindsight, A Title the Lady Spikers Really Could Not Win

Whether you are from La Salle or Ateneo, you are probably looking forward to having a pint of lager; albeit, for totally different reasons. Being from the Green Side myself, the one question that I cannot shake from my mind is what the cuff happened?

This was supposed to be the celebrated 4-peat; and, surely, Ateneo could not overturn a seemingly overwhelming thrice-to-beat advantage?

But they did! I am bitterly disappointed; but, as a sportsman, I cannot help but admire the journey that the Lady Eagles took to win their first-ever UAAP women’s volleyball championship.

As to the what the cuff happened, let us just say that my being disappointed does not at all mean that I am also all that surprised. In fact, having watched the entire season, I could sense that something like this could happen and wrote about it. [Read the article here.]


11 March 2014

La Salle v Ateneo in UAAP Volleyball: A Matter of Formats

This afternoon, the DLSU Lady Archers play the Ateneo Lady Eagles in Game 3 of the UAAP women’s volleyball final. By the time most chance upon this article, either the Lady Archers will have won their fourth consecutive title or the Lady Eagles will have survived to try one last time to wrest the title away from Taft.

The format, to say the least, has been confusing. For sweeping the two-round eliminations consisting of 14 games in all against all other member universities, the Lady Archers were supposedly rewarded with a straightforward thrice-to-beat seat in the finals.

Ateneo, third after the eliminations, initially disposed of Adamson University then the heavily favoured National University Lady Bulldogs in two scintillating matches to reach the finals.


15 February 2014

DLSU Lady Archers Book Finals Seat; but Big Thanks to NU Lady Bulldogs

In the first set of yesterday’s titanic UAAP women’s volleyball Season 76 battle between the DLSU Lady Archers and the NU Lady Bulldogs at the coliseum, in a game played before the season’s first mammoth crowd, it would have been impossible to tell who were the 3-time defending champions on a hot 29-game streak and the crown pretenders anxious to write history.

The scoreline does not lie; and the 25-14 first set win by the Lady Bulldogs over an out-of-sorts Lady Archers was as comprehensive as the scoreline indicated. It had been coming, too.

Credit must always be given where credit is due; and, indeed, the Lady Bulldogs stepped on the playing court for the first set with all their big guns blazing. Between them, Dindin Santiago and Myla Pablo engineered a stunning 11-2 run that overcame an early lead by the Lady Archers, who ended the set shell-shocked and groping for answers.


15 January 2014

Somebody Please Give the DLSU Lady Spikers a Real Game!

In the world of unequal citizens that is Season 76 of the UAAP women’s volleyball tournament, there seems to be three classes of participants at the end of the first round of competition.

At the bottom of the pseudo-caste system are the University of the East (0-7) and the University of the Philippines (1-6). The two teams can never be faulted for lack of trying; but try is just about all they seem to be capable of.

At the end of the day, neither team has the necessary pedigree or confidence to become anything but the teams that prop up the rest of the league.

A notch above these two is a group of 5 teams who, when they play each other, always make life hard for pundits trying to predict the outcome of the games. Bottom of this class – surprise, surprise – are the UST Tigresses (2-5), arguably the season’s certifiable hard-luck story.


12 January 2014

Emily Babasa, Rosel Sumcad and the Fearsome DLSL Volleyball Reputation

It came to be, in the late nineties and in the decade after the turn of the millennium, that private schools in the Metro Manila and CALABARZON volleyball leagues that De La Salle Lipa participated in loathed the very sight of the elementary and secondary teams in the emerald green and white uniforms.

When the school’s four teams – elementary and secondary boys and girls – lined up for the opening ceremonies, this already served a warning to all concerned that they were probably participating to make up the numbers. Indeed, there were those even in the organisational meetings of the school sports directors who already resigned themselves to the inevitable – that it was going to be yet another DLSL season.

There were seasons, in fact, when DLSL swept all divisions; and if the school came away with only two of the four titles, it was already seen as something of a disappointment. There was friendly ‘competition’ between the school’s four teams; and the winning culture, in a manner speaking, could even be attributed to the fear of being the team that missed out when everyone else won.


14 October 2013

Juno Sauler: Inside the Minds of the Green Archers

The bow and arrow are among the most ancient of human inventions: a tool for hunting prey; a weapon for slaying foes. Mastery of its use has always required long hours of painstaking practice until the archer becomes one with his bow and arrow.

As a sport, archery is not unlike golf in that it is less about opponents and more about the self. The laws of Physics rule the sport: force, velocity, inertia and direction. To conquer these, technique and skill are of the utmost importance.

Technique and skill, however, are attributes of the body; and to attain these to the level where the archer becomes one with the bow and arrow requires freeing the mind of its thoughts and fears so that, ultimately, there is nothing in else in the moment but the target.


Flash back to the UAAP Season 76 opening men’s basketball game for the DLSU Green Archers, ironically a fumbling and error-strewn overtime loss to the UST Growling Tigers, the very same team that they defeated in an intensely emotional and decisive Game 3 of the season’s championship series last Saturday.


02 October 2013

Encouraging Signs from Green Archers Despite Game 1 Loss

No disrespect to National University, but I preferred the Bulldogs to the Growling Tigers as opponents for the Green Archers in the finals of the UAAP’s Season 76 Senior Basketball Tournament.

The Bulldogs might have played with the swagger of champions-elect in the elimination rounds, even in that heartbreaking loss to the Green Archers; but the finals were always going to be a mental as much as a physical battle for whoever got there.

In this regard, the Bulldogs, lacking in UAAP basketball history as they were, probably would have struggled more than the Tigers. In football terms, before Manchester United and Chelsea got onto that lofty perch as Premiership champions, both clubs had to go through seasons of ‘almost’ being there before actually taking that final step onto the summit.


10 September 2013

Did Billy Crawford Let Slip About Vice-Ganda’s BF?

It has been common knowledge for a while that comedian Vice-Ganda has a basketball player for a boyfriend, and especially after this particular episode of GGV when he took a call from the mystery man while in the middle of taping. The call was aired instead of being edited off. There is every possibility that it was scripted; but, at any rate, it started the tongues wagging.

Entertainment gossip sites quickly narrowed the field down to RR Garcia and Terence Romeo of the FEU Tamaraws. Vice had been seen watching games of the Tamaraws in the UAAP.

It cannot be Romeo who has a girlfriend, some sites say. Thus, it has to be Garcia, they also say.


09 September 2013

A Good Time to Be a Green Archer

Did I not say the last time I wrote about the De La Salle Green Archers that the current team is good enough to actually win the Season 76 seniors basketball championship of the UAAP? And that fearless forecast, mind, was delivered in the aftermath of two numbing losses against the FEU Tamaraws and the UE Red Warriors in the first round.

Especially against the Tamaraws, the Archers were in the zone for three of the four quarters. Then, the entire team just caved in, almost as though in fear of taking a step up to the summit.

But what a difference a couple of months can make!




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