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08 December 2013

People Who Can See the Souls of the Dead

Late Friday afternoons, ABS-CBN’s Atom Araullo has this documentary special on the paranormal called ‘Hiwaga.’ I have always had an interest in the paranormal, so if the episode is not too creepy, I watch.

Last Friday, Araullo’s feature was on the healing priest Fr. Efren Borromeo, a.k.a. Fr. Momoy. I had not heard of him previously; and the episode was less on the healing and more on the priest’s other ‘gift.’

Fr. Momoy is able to see the souls of people who have died. The gift has been with him since childhood, but became more pronounced after he came back from a near-death experience.

It was after he was yanked back to the earthly dimension that his ability to look through human bodies – the basis for his healing – became more pronounced. Moreover, he started to see the souls of the dead.


12 September 2012

The Ikî and the Tiyanak

I am amused now when I think about the things that we as kids were told to make us go to sleep; or stories we told to scare each other because that was just what kids did. It was not amusing then, that much I can say; and if the intention was to make us go to sleep, I can attest to the fact that the result was totally the contrary.

How many kids of the present day have heard of the ikî and the tiyanak? The two just do not go with the modern ambience; but in the era from where I come, these two were certifiable blockbusters in the fright department. Then, the nights were darker and quieter; and the things that inexplicably squeaked or creaked at night seemed so much louder.


20 May 2012

Nabatî, a Purely Pinoy Phenomenon?

I know. I am an educated man and I probably should not believe in these things. But whenever I utter a remark on the apparent state of somebody’s physical health – particularly if it seems on the good side – I have to stifle this almost instinctive urge to lick a finger and daub a bit of saliva on the person’s skin. With people I know quite well, I actually do.

Nabatî. I don’t even quite know how to translate the word into English. The root word batî when translated means to greet. Nabatî directly translated means ‘greeted,’ but used as an adjective to describe a condition. The context is also quite different from greeted used as a verb in the past tense; in which case the correct word is binatî.


26 February 2012

Wormholes, Aliens, Engkantos and Quantum Physics

Over the weekend, I watched this YouTube video on the Russia Today channel about the supposed mystical forces that could be found somewhere in the Urals, that mountainous region that more or less delineates Russia’s European territory from much more in Asia. One segment of the full documentary featured the investigations of a Russian scientist – a ufologist or somebody who scientifically studies unidentified flying objects and their accompanying hypotheses.


08 January 2012

More Ghosts in the Call Center

…and on my way to the Sendong Benefit match at the Rizal Memorial last Saturday, a stopover at the Festival Mall in Alabang was a necessary detour to meet with my elder sister, who I had asked to purchase the tickets for the match.


10 November 2011

The Tikbalang Up the Acacia Tree!

by Francis Villapando

This story happened in 1991 inside the school grounds, just before our high school graduation.

I was a CAT officer then; and it was the student officers’ corps’ tradition to hold an overnight “training” or binyag to initiate upcoming CAT officers. During this overnight “training” we kind of did some weird stuff to our junior officers so that they would remember us for years to come.


02 November 2011

Tikbalang Stories and Modernity

There was, the other week, this offbeat story in the local news about three boys who went missing for a few days then were mysteriously found somewhere miles away from home. Finally reunited with their families, the boys told the news crew how they went into the woods, lost their bearings and just wandered aimlessly till they did not know where they were anymore.


30 August 2011

Nestor’s Engkanto

His name is Nestor. That was what the news reporter saw fit to call him in her offbeat item in yesterday’s late afternoon regional news show.


30 May 2011

Ghosts in the Call Center

I understand from the personal readings I had done on the paranormal that those in the spirit world rather tend to inhabit large, dark, quiet and uninhabited halls. But brightly lit call centers?

But I am getting ahead of the story again…


11 April 2011

The DLSL Diokno Building’s Unseen Visitor

Even in broad daylight, if I know there is no one working at the place, if I had a choice at all I will not willingly go to the second floor of the Diokno – a.k.a. the MTDC Building in the old days. I cannot and will not even attempt to explain it. The place just simply gives me the creeps.


20 January 2011

The Mythical Filipino Aswang and Other Stories

There was a time when the mere mention of this shadowy figure was all it took to subdue a hyperactive child or convince him to hit the sack at night. “Hala nand’yan na ang aswang!” The instinctive reaction was to dive onto the bed and drag the sheet over one’s head. Which child – pray tell – has ever spared a thought to consider if, at all, that the flimsy bed sheet offered any protection?


12 January 2011

Art's Ghost: the Mysterious Face that Appeared in a School Picture

Art is alive and well. The ghost, well…

I first learned about the phenomenon from two colleagues while we were meeting in my office a couple of weeks back.


02 October 2010

A Christmas Ghost Story: the Man Wearing a White Robe at the Old Brothers' House

I have been busy uploading pictures to my FB profile, when I chanced upon some that brought back memories of a really, really strange event.

I remember the date to this very day. The 23rd of December, 1990.


07 August 2010

The White Light

Like most everyone else today, I had the television on from early in the morning to mid-afternoon following the funeral ceremonies for the late former President. No, I was not stuck in front of the screen all that time; I had an ear cocked to what was being said by the commentators and went about as I normally do when I do not have to go to work.


11 July 2010


Many of you have seen my status on Facebook paying my respects to a former colleague who passed away last week. When I relayed the sad news by text message to a former colleague who now works in Baguio, her reply was, “Nagparamdam siya sa akin...”


25 June 2010

Spook Stories: Sometimes There is a Logical Explanation

Those of you who have been to the Dallas area of the Base know that many of the houses in that section of the military property are – or were; I haven’t been there for sometime – wooden American style homesteads. That was because, Dad used to explain, the initial houses in the area were Dallas prefabricated huts.


26 May 2010

The Sheer Anguish of Grieving Without A Body

Last year, I wrote this lengthy piece about the manner in which my Mom passed away. I think Dad deserves a bit of a mention as well; belated, though, this may be.


11 May 2010

"Encounter" with a Poltergeist in Lian, Batangas During a DLSL Admin Workshop

God forbid that I ever see my first-ever ethereal manifestation – i.e. ghost – but I do tend to sense it when any sort of paranormal presence is in the immediate vicinity. There is something about the old gym when the place is empty, for instance, that spooks me even in broad daylight.




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