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22 May 2017

Bonbon Eco-Cultural Festival Hosted by Tanauan City 26-27 May 2017

Batangueños and non-Batangueños alike are invited to attend the third annual Bonbon Festival, an eco-cultural event that aims to provide artistic opportunities to local artists and at the same time create an environmental platform for the promotion and preservation of Taal Lake, the volcano and its environment.


The Rape of Tanauan by the Japanese in World War II and Its Difficulties after the War

The Japanese Army on its way to Manila.  Image credit:  Wikipedia.

On 7 December 1951, then Philippine President Elpidio Quirino signed Executive Order Number 486 requiring the compilation of historical data about barrios, municipalities and provinces, in most likelihood to compensate for important historical records lost during World War II.1 The compilations subsequently submitted by Department of Education Division Offices throughout the country are now archived at the National Library of the Philippines and are a rich cache of historical information about Batangas.


07 December 2012

Ala Eh Festival 2012 Street Dancing Photos

If you weren’t there, then you have absolutely no idea what I had to do just to get these pictures. The organisers closed off the entire highway from Walter Mart in Darasa all the way to Mabini Avenue. A former player who is now councilor of the City of Tanauan assured me that from the mall to the plaza was no more than 1 ½ kilometres. Unless my aching calves are lying to me, then I assure you the hike was at least 2 ½ kilometres – one way!

There was also this tiny matter of having to get up at 5 in the morning; and that is just way too early for the Volturi. My word, but I was yawning like a baby on the ride to Tanauan. I never was and never will be a morning person.


2012 Ala Eh Festival Street Dancing Video

This is a video montage of the street dancing and parade held on 8 December 2012 as part of the Ala Eh Festival being hosted by the city of Tanauan. The festival, now on its 5th staging, is an annual event hosted by various cities and municipalities to commemorate the foundation of the Province of Batangas.

The street dancing seen in this video montage started in front of Walter Mart along the national highway in Darasa, Tanauan city and ended up at the City Plaza after making its way to Mabini Avenue. Street dance groups from the different cities and municipalities of the province participated.

The event is one of the culminating activities of the festival.

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02 December 2012

2012 Ala Eh Festival: the Trade Fair

If you are from Batangas, don’t be a stranger to your own province. The 2012 Ala Eh Festival to commemorate the foundation of the province is being held this week in Tanauan City. If you are not, then you have a reason to pay us a visit. The festival lasts until this Saturday and the full schedule is here.

I went to see the Trade Fair this morning as these fairs are where one tends to find itty-bitty things one does not normally find in the malls and supermarkets. I have lived in this province for practically my entire life and I still discovered a thing or two just from my short visit that I didn’t previously know.


2012 Ala Eh Festival Trade Fair in Pictures

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Here are the pictures of the 2012 Ala Eh Festival of the Province of Batangas Trade Fair that I took. Simply click on each picture to enlarge:


Sto. Tomas



Lipa City





San Jose





San Nicolas


Other Pictures

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