Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am sometimes overwhelmed by how much technology has evolved just in my own lifetime! Now, I had written in a previous post how I unwittingly damaged my trusty old N82 by applying a totally uninformed dose of epoxy to a loose button. In retrospect, the incident was probably bound to happen and, even before that, an itch had started to fizz inside me for a new one.

So, what this simply means is that I bought myself a new phone. As I slowly started to uncover the new phone’s features, I sometimes find my mind being blown away by what it can do!

For starters, it can take digital pictures up to 8 megapixels in resolution. While that little bit of trivia may not at all be cutting-edge, I still find it remarkable that it can take higher resolution pictures than my SLR-class Cybershot!

It becomes even more remarkable when I think of the first-ever digital camera I ever laid my hands on, an ugly 1.2 megapixel Kodak fossil that one will even pay snatchers to take these days! With profuse words of gratitude...

Then, there is the little matter of storage. The phone’s built in memory is 4 gigabytes; add to that the 8-gigabyte memory card that I paid a token amount for and that’s 6 times as much storage than my N82 had!

I can but shake my head when I think of the first XT computer I ever tried learning to use back in the eighties. It did not even have a hard drive; and storage pertained to this 5-inch wafer thin floppy that one was ever-so-careful to use for fear of damaging it.

So, now I have 400 or so mp3’s inside the phone without a decline in performance. The old one slowed down if I had just over a hundred songs loaded.

One feature really had me smiling from ear to ear with delight. The new phone came with this unusual-looking cable which, at first, I was wary to try. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me. I must confess that I am not at all handy with electronic kutingtingin stuff; so it took me a while to figure out which went where.

I finally did so, albeit I was bracing myself for an explosion or something. But that is so exazh...

Imagine my delight at discovering that I could now plug into a pair of speakers without even having to go through my PC! Now, not only can I play mp3’s without having to reach for my earphones, I can also listen to FM stations. Definitely convenient for when one is doing housework!

You guessed right! I don’t have a component system – at least a working one – at home. But who buys these anymore these days? Everything a component system can do, a PC likewise can; with a decent pair of speakers, that is.

All things considered, the only thing I cannot really do with my PC is listen to my favorite local FM stations. Then again, one does get tired of listening to talkative DJ’s yapping in their pseudo-American accents all day long...

It’s keeping up with community news that I could use a bit of; not to mention staying in touch with what was breaking in the world of music. Other than these, I was more than happy with Winamp.

With my new phone, of course, I got the surprise bonus of now being able to listen to my colleague Willy Bleza discuss election guidelines violations over a community station. My word! To think, when I was a kid, the radio meant those screechy AM stations one listened to via those cheap wooden devices that somebody whose name I cannot now recall used to call the trong-istor... (transistor)

FM was more sophisticated and one listened to these over those bulky box-shaped thingeys called the radio-casette recorders. If one was affluent, then one bought those huge console stereo systems that looked like aparadors.

There is one more feature that I have yet to try, though. Over a 15-meter distance, the phone can trasmit to a radio as though it was in itself an FM station. But, of course, I do not have a radio to try this feature with...

Once upon a time, a phone was a phone was a phone... These days, a phone can be just about anything! It’s a stereo system, a personal organizer, an alarm clock, a mini-office, a camera, a modem...

All because of technology which, if I’m being honest with myself, can also oftentimes be completely nakakabanô... Time was when a phone was just for... Making and receiving calls... Hallerrr...

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