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Exploring forgotten stories about the barrios of San Nicolas and Santa Teresita.

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24 February 2011

Behind the Scenes of People Power

And not to detract from the impact of the so-called EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986 – because the Iron Curtain fell as a consequence of the example our people showed the rest of the world – but the real revolution happened not so much on the pesky traffic-infested stretch of concrete road that we have learned to conveniently call EDSA but rather well behind the scenes among those who themselves were directly or indirectly responsible for keeping Ferdinand Marcos in power…

23 February 2011

The Real Magic of the BMRP

There is, in school, this conceptually simple social responsibility program that is, however, immeasurably rewarding to all parties concerned. The program was thought of by the school’s former President, Brother Manuel Pajarillo FSC, and is called the Bookmobile Reading Program or just – by its acronym – the BMRP.

22 February 2011

The Dreaded Shootout

Regrettable as it may be, the cruel fact of the matter is that the eventful season of our high school boys’ football team ended in disappointment via the often unpalatable but inevitable and necessary penalty shootout. Last Sunday, the boys were involved in a crossover semi-final against Xavier School in the High School Selection tournament of the Rizal Football Association.

21 February 2011

Filipinos and Our Superstitions

I was walking towards the side gate early this evening after training when I caught sight of one of two stray black cats that for some reason have made their home right inside the campus. I am an educated man; yet, in many ways, education has not rid me of certain superstitions, many of which I neither fully understand nor can explain.

17 February 2011

Funny Business Names

First of all, a disclaimer. What you will read below is something I did not write nor think up. It is from an e-mail forwarded by one of my sisters to our family e-group. I thought it was simply hilarious that I could not resist sharing it with everyone else through this blog.


Enzo, the high school football team’s diminutive half-Filipino and half-Italian striker, scored two goals last week that won us the NCAA-South title and was also named the tournament’s MVP. Then he went on a sorry binge that had him either arriving late for training or skipping it altogether. Duty… That was the rest of the team’s natural conclusion.

15 February 2011

A Tale of Child Abductions

[Almost three years ago, there were reports going around the grapevine that sinister men in white vans were going around kidnapping children so that their internal organs could be removed and sold in the international organ transplant market. The rumors, in fact, actually made the national television networks. Whether there was any truth to the rumors, I guess we will never know. The stories, not to mention the hysteria, eventually died a natural death. I was skimming through my old Facebook notes and thought this one was worth re-running.]

14 February 2011

Kuya, Ate and Different Ways to Stop a Jeepney

“Sa harap pô ng owner,” the young man in front of me in the jeepney just this evening said to the driver. “Para pô kuya…”

Am I missing something? I would have said, “Mamâ, para!” Not kuya

13 February 2011

DLSU in UAAP Volleyball Thriller Over UST

I was watching the final elimination round match yesterday of the UAAP women’s volleyball tournament between DLSU and UST and was struck by how similar circumstances were to almost exactly this time last season. Last year, La Salle was attempting to waltz through the elimination rounds unscathed; but fell to a peaking UST at the final hurdle.

11 February 2011

Younghusband and Locsin on Twitterdate?

“If she’s interested, then I’m interested,” that was Philly Younghusband responding to a question from Gretchen Fullido via Ted Faylon last night on TV Patrol. Suskupô, just last December, after the Azkals returned home after its semi-finals adventure in the AFF Suzuki Cup, Younghusband was also interviewed on TV Patrol.

10 February 2011

Images of the DLSL School Fair of 2011

The light was bright and golden early this morning; and as I knew that the annual school fair had already opened, I thought I would walk the grounds and give my new digital camera a gentle workout. The fair is, as ever, something of a colorful pandemonium. There was a variety of stalls selling anything from ready-to-wear to sweets to junk food to bouquets of flowers. There were booths offering anything from air-soft to videoke to balloon-busting.

09 February 2011

Philippines 2 Mongolia 0… Go Pinoy!!!

Perhaps, and probably as a statement to the Fil-Foreigners who now make up the core of the Philippine National Football team, it was only appropriate that the first goal to be scored by the Philippines in its AFC Challenge Cup elimination round tie against Mongolia was the old-fashioned way by an all-Pinoy player from the Armed Forces, a tiny wing-half by the name of Emilio “Chiefy” Caligdong. A cross came in from the right flank in the 42nd minute which eluded the Philippines forward line as well as Mongolia’s defense.

08 February 2011

64 KBPS: When DLSL Became the First Educational Institution in Batangas to Go Online

In the present day, DLSL's web site is hosted on-site by robust modern-day servers.

Sometimes, it just blows my mind away how much the Internet has evolved in less than two decades; and particularly how its growth has impacted me and my work. I have a vague recollection of my former boss Brother Jun Erguiza FSC (DLSL President from 1993-95) calling De La Salle University - Manila long distance with his modem so he could read his electronic mail. This was only in the mid-nineties; but it might well have been the Jurassic Age as far as the Internet was concerned.

07 February 2011

And Never Shall We Fail

This being a weekday, I knew I would not be able to travel with the high school football team for the NCAA-South Final against Letran-Calamba at the First Asia Institute of Arts and the Humanities (FAITH) football field. I did say the other day that it would take a major screw up for our boys not to win this one.

06 February 2011

Azkals and Mongols Collide

The stadium lights have been installed at the Panaad – done Pinoy-style of course; i.e. in the proverbial last minute. I read somewhere that some of the lights were brought over from Bacolod’s other arena, the Paglaum. It does not matter. If the lead picture is any indication, then the lights are bright and worthy enough for the coming international football match between the Philippines and Mongolia.

04 February 2011

Asking for Change After a Free Ride

Ahhh… The things I see while on my jeepney rides home… Small wonder Raquel at the MCD is so amused by my jeepney stories.

Yesterday, a gang of loud students. Today, a loud drunk sitting next to the driver. It was just a little past six in the evening, and already this man had had more alcohol than he could hold.

Not a Time to Lose the FAITH

It will take a major-major muck up for us to not win the NCAA-South football tournament for high school boys. We had the luxury of a home semi-final match against the First Asia Institute of Technology (FAITH) this morning. I was under the impression that we would be playing the match at FAITH’s bumpy football field; and even announced to the boys yesterday that they would be leaving at 8:30 in the morning. I had a couple of things scheduled for today; so I told the boys I would not be able to travel with them to take pictures.

02 February 2011

Younghusbands and Youngwives; Etheridge and Etherbrides

Susmeh! Where would we all be without the antics of Marc Logan on TV Patrol? Just now before the show ended, the news program ran his short clip featuring the Philippine National Football team – fondly nicknamed the “Azkals” – which is currently in Bacolod preparing for its Asian Confederations Challenge Cup encounter against Mongolia later this month at the city’s Panaad Stadium.