San Nicolas and Santa Teresita: Historic and Folkloric Notes about some of its Barrios

Exploring forgotten stories about the barrios of San Nicolas and Santa Teresita.

Balandis: the Slanted Houses Along a Road in Cuenca/Alitagtag

Exploring this quaint area in Cuenca and Alitagtag where the houses are slanted away from the road.

Mataasnakahoy: Historical and Folkloric Trivia about some of Its Barrios

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An Old Tourist Spot in Taal Called the Pansipit Fishery

A throwback to a by-gone era, when tourists around Luzon visited this resort in Taal and Lemery.

The Hitchhiker who Gets on at the Zigzag in Cuenca Batangas Lipa

A tall tale familiar to all who drive through this curving road in Cuenca. Is it really a tall tale, though?

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30 June 2011

When DLSL Dreamed of Being a University Called U@DLSL

I have written many times before that the great Brother Rafael Donato was a visionary. When you and I look at a bukohan, we will probably be thinking juice. He, on the other hand, would be thinking fabulous buildings.

What I had not written much about is how inspirational Brother Rafael also was. He had this immense charisma that enabled him to make people dream along with him. Unlike the case for most of us, his dreams had this habit of becoming reality.

29 June 2011

WC Qualifer: Sri Lanka 1 Philippines 1

The mystique of the Azkals is simply unbelievable. Before kick-off, television cameras showed blue-clad Filipinos who now – I suppose – we should refer to as the travelling support. I do not recall when such a large contingent of Filipinos flew all the way to a strange land to support a football team.

Some – said the commentators – flew in from as far Dubai; some from Thailand; some from Malaysia; and then, of course, there were those who flew all the way from Manila. There were, dispersed as we are by our version of the Diaspora, naturally Colombo-based Filipinos as well. Some waved Philippine flags. There is always something that pinches my Pinoy heart when I see the red, white and blue proudly waved in distant shores.

28 June 2011

The 10 Most Imaginative LSFC Nicknames Ever

This is the third and final repost from the LSFC web site. This post epitomizes the sort of fun and humour that one can only find in the locker room, where all the teasing eventually translates into experiences the boys will remember till they are old and grey as well as into the sort of bonding and camaraderie that will last the boys a lifetime.

27 June 2011

The 10 Most Remarkable LSFC Goalscorers Ever

In college, I used to be a right-winger in a classical 4-3-3 formation. This formation meant the team was laid out to have four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards. I was a winger in the forward line; as opposed to the wing-half of the more traditional 4-4-2 formation introduced by the English in the World Cup that they hosted – and won – in 1966.

26 June 2011

The 10 Most Unforgettable LSFC Moments

In 2004, I put up a small web site for my team. I do not remember having updated that web site after I put it up. Early this evening, from sheer lack of anything to do, I decided to revisit it.

I was amused at some of the things I placed there; and would like to share this list which was not really known before outside of my football team.

24 June 2011

Manila Bus

First of all, shame on you for thinking what you’re thinking right now after reading the title of this post. I have always maintained that this is a wholesome blog; and imagine a big Smiley here…

Let me take you back to October of 1982. I was still very much a freshman teacher with the Social Science Department of the High School. We had a short semestral break; and the Department Head – a Mr. Patricio Padilla – thought we should all go to the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines to inspect its Integrated School and meet with our fellow Social Science teachers there.

22 June 2011

The Good Luck Bus 2: Baked Into Tarts

You could not tell from the refurbished air-conditioned bus that we purchased in 2007 that it was second-hand. It looked sleek; and especially after the new design was painted on, the bus really looked… handsome!

It ran like a dream, too! My boys and I had a few chances to travel to matches in it; but we had to fall in line just like everybody else. It was being used for outings, retreats and field trips.

20 June 2011

The Brother Who Disappeared from the Face of the Earth

Early in the nineties, there was this young Brother who was assigned to Lipa. His name was Anthony Dimaano. Everyone called him Brother Nonie. He had graduated from the school in 1981; so the assignment had the added bonus of being something of a coming home to him.

18 June 2011

Why Nobody Is Buying Bangus

Just this evening, one of the news programs ran this feature about how citizens of Alaminos City in Pangasinan organized a massive street eat-out just to persuade all and sundry that it is quite alright – already – to eat bangus. They laid out this long table along one of the city’s streets – with banana leaves as table cloth – and all together partook of freshly binangeng bangus.

Sri Lanka World Cup Primer

The long road to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil begins for the Philippine Azkals on 29 July 2011 when they take on the South Asian nation Sri Lanka in a two-legged home-and-away tie. The opening match is to be played in Sri Lanka’s capital city of Colombo; while the return leg will be at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium.

16 June 2011

The Fireless Fiera

Perhaps, the title is a bit disrespectful of this brave old servant that is forgotten now but was once the object of countless anecdotes. But I am getting ahead of the story again…

Even before the Good Luck Bus, the school had a second-hand Ford Fiera used for official and not so official trips. I am not sure exactly when the vehicle was bought. If anyone remembers, please say so using the Comments Box at the bottom of this page.

14 June 2011

The Good Luck Bus of DLSL

In the days when the school really did not have money, we had to swallow our pride and beg for whatever little favours those with kindred souls were willing to grant us. Yes, even a fully-depreciated and half worn-out bus that the owner probably had no further use for.

13 June 2011

Of Life and Sport

People who are not into sport often look upon us either with contempt or pity as we continue to sweat it out on the football field in the scorching heat of day or, perhaps, under the pouring rain. We are looked upon either as fools out to prove a moot point or maybe as people who brave the elements practicing something which, seemingly, has no practical application in life whatsoever. What, indeed, are we? And why do we bother to do the things that we do?

Form and Substance: the Presidencies of Brothers Rafael Donato and Manual Pajarillo at DLSL

It was the summer of 2002. Brother Rafael Donato had already passed the retirement age of 65. He did not want to go yet; he was in his element in Lipa and there were still many things that he wanted to do.

However, he was also very old-fashioned in many ways; and certainly where being a religious person was concerned. I personally heard him speak – many times, as a matter of fact – about the vow of obedience and how much he subscribed to the notion of doing what he was told by his superior.

10 June 2011

The Spratly Row and Stressed Spokesmen

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda is one stressed gentleman these days. There can be nothing edifying about a job that requires one to fend off media intrusions into the President’s love life. Ditto keeping away the hounds sniffing blood on the alleged irregularities concerning the President’s so-called shooting buddies.

09 June 2011

They Don’t Tell You Secrets

The other day, I made my disappointment public on Twitter about how quickly the tickets for the upcoming World Cup qualifier between the Philippines and Sri Lanka had been sold out – which meant those of us who were planning a trek to the Big City are now consigned to watching the match on cable television.

Announcing the Suspension of Classes

I am tempted to complain about all that rain that just fell and fell from late the other night to – at least where I live – last night. But that will only be petty… It is, after all, the rainy season.

This morning, the skies were still overcast when I woke up; and if there was rain, it was mostly innocuous. I had taken a peek at the satellite photo PAGASA conveniently makes available at its web site last night; so I knew that the pesky low pressure area had begun to move away.

07 June 2011

Workplace Quotes

I have twenty-nine years of experience in the workplace so I believe I have every right to formulate my own conclusions about what life can be in it. This collection of quotable quotes are all my own; although I cannot naturally claim that there are no similar philosophies in some management manual somewhere.

Apart from work experience, I also have a master’s degree in Management. If that does not qualify me to write this piece, I do not know what will.

05 June 2011

Azkals Lose!

Well how about that…??? A goal scored in the fourth minute of second half injury time meant that the Philippine National Football Team, a.k.a. the Azkals, had to bear the ignominy of losing a televised training match against the UFL All Stars, a ragtag team of former national players and journeymen foreigners. The score was 3-4.

03 June 2011

Fish Kill in Taal Lake

I am willing to wager that, in the past few days, nobody but the desperate and the naglilihi has been brazen enough to have had bangus for dinner.

I was at the supermarket yesterday and – at the fish section – the silver scales of the most inviting and fresh-looking bangus glistened under the bright fluorescent lights. But everyone walked past the tumpok…