Life So Mundane in Batangas


I have rebranded this web site by adding “in Batangas” to the original title “Life So Mundane” so that it accurately represents majority of the articles it contains and also to focus future articles. I used to work in academe and am very familiar with the research process, so in this site you will find well-researched articles about Batangas for your own personal information or even to use as reference.

I will continue to write about off-topic matters like football, entertainment, management and others; but these will become increasingly random as I focus my energies on researching Batangas-specific articles.

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I have 29 years of experience working in an academic institution, including 19 years as a secondary-level classroom instructor and a year teaching in the graduate school. I also have 28 years of experience in various management positions, from middle level all the way to executive level management.


Classroom Instruction

  • Secondary: Asian History, European History
  • Post Graduate: Computers and Information Technology


  • Middle Level: Student Discipline, Social Sciences Department Head
  • Top Level: Marketing and Public Relations; Sports; Social Responsibility; Culture and the Arts; and Information Technology
  • Executive Level: Finance; Human Resource; Purchasing; Marketing; Information Technology; and Engineering and Maintenance Services


  • Football Coach 1982-2011
  • Webmaster, DLSL Web Site 1998-2005
  • Newsletter Writer: Ala (Salle) Eh!, SADYÂ Internet Newsletter
  • Layout Artist
  • Events Manager: Concerts, School Fairs, Commencement Exercises, Campaign Launches, Inauguration Ceremonies, etc.


I was educated mostly by the Christian Brothers and had been with them for most of my life.

  • Bachelor’s: East Asian Studies, De La Salle University-Manila (Dean’s Honors List)
  • Post Graduate: Master in Management Technology, De La Salle Lipa (Diamond Medal Awardee, with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.9 from a possible 4.0.)


Although my formal training appears limited to History and Political Science along with Management, actual hands-on experience in the workplace and self-study has helped me to develop these specializations:

  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Conceptualization of Marketing Campaigns
  • Conceptualization of Human Resource Activities
  • Events Management
  • End-user Computing
  • Development of Football Training and Coaching Programs
  • Setup of I.T. Infrastructures
  • Copy, Features and News Writing
  • Desktop Publication
  • Web Conceptualization and Design


I am available for consulting work and/or seminars preferably in the province of Batangas. While I have vast experience in many areas of management concerns, I can be of most help to organizations in the following matters:

  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Marketing and Events Management
  • Developing a school-based football program
  • Blogging for work and pleasure

For those who wish to know more about the above consulting services, suggest a topic or make an inquiry please use the contact form to the left of the page.