For everyone's convenience, this page shows categorized links to all the stories here on Life So Mundane:

  1. 1986: Random Recollections
  2. 1986: Where Have the Years Gone?
  3. A Different Dimension
  4. A Dog We Owned Named Carter
  5. An Aversion to Needles
  6. Ask Your Mom for Her Recipes While You Still Can
  7. Balut Contest
  8. Catching Swallows
  9. Daisies
  10. Duke: An Azkal Shepherd With a Strange Dog-sinality
  11. Lotsa Lovin'
  12. Money
  13. Nursery Rhymes
  14. Once Upon a Time in Lipa
  15. Phobias, Et. Al.
  16. Sitting with Legends: B-306 of the DLSL High School Class of 1986
  17. Spook Stories
  18. Standing Up
  19. Super and Lando’s Grass Cutter
  20. Taught by a RAM-Boy
  21. Too Pee Or Not To Pee
  22. The Fiesta and the New Year
  23. The Flying Coffin
  24. The Joy of Climbing Trees
  25. The Saddest Story
  26. The Things One Did in Summer
  27. Trips to the Market With Mom
  28. When Redford White Came to Our House
  1. 10 Ballads to Die For
  2. American Idol: Sending DeAndre Packing
  3. Celebrity Tweets on the Pacquiao-Bradley Fight
  4. Going Gaga Over Lady Gaga
  5. How to Watch A Movie
  6. Jan Slater Young’s Big PBB Prize
  7. Jessica Sanchez for the Win!
  8. Jessica Sanchez Survives to Sing Another Week
  9. My 10 Favourite Movies
  10. Number Johnny 5
  11. Oh Silang! The Hiyas Is So Obvious!
  12. PBB’s Pamu and How the Batangueña Shows Affection
  13. PBB Unlimited v Teen Edition
  14. Perfection
  15. Phillip Phillips: Season 11 American Idol
  16. RIP Donna Summer, Who I Once Saw
  17. Satan's Hotel
  18. Scotty McCreery: American Idol
  19. Shamcey Supsup, Ms. Universe and That We-Wuz-Robbed Feeling
  20. Slater Young’s Shot at PBB Glory
  21. Taylor Kitsch, David Letterman and the Wrong Country
  22. The Alter-Ego That Is Big Utol
  23. The Funeraria Days of PBB’s Biggel
  24. The Voyeurism of Watching Pinoy Big Brother
  25. Thoughts on the Tulfo Brawl at the NAIA
  26. Twitter War!
  27. Under-acting
  28. What Do Batangueños Know About Bisayâ?
  29. Younghusband and Locsin on Twitterdate?
  1. 64 KBPS
  2. A Cell Phone Story
  3. Don't Send Me Invites
  4. Facebook and The Social Network
  5. Happy Birthday: Life So Mundane!
  6. Life Without a Cell Phone
  7. Technology
  8. The Facebook Happy Birthday Farce
  9. The Gracious Telephone Operators of Yore
  10. The Things Spammers Send Us
  11. Troubleshooting When a Computer System Goes Haywire
  1. Basyang
  2. Bon Jovi: A Little Rain
  3. Cindy and Her Text From Her Own Grave
  5. Pedring, Quiel and God-awful Floods
  6. Rendezvous with Ondoy
  7. The Cold and the Need to Pee
  8. The Heat Is On
  9. Typhoon Pedring, Weather Change and the Filipino
  10. Sendong and the Realities of Typhoons in the Philippines
  11. Winds, Rains
  1. All That Trouble
  2. A Mundane Pleasure in Life
  3. Breakfast Classics: Ménage à trois with the Sinangag and Itlog
  4. Bring Me Chicken Anytime!
  5. Chopsticks
  6. Ereneo’s Café: A Gem of a Find
  7. Green Leafy Things
  8. I Die
  9. Menudo
  10. Pork Stew Ala Pacham
  11. Romaine
  12. Taal Bistro: the Maliputo Alone Is Worth the Trip
  13. That Garlicky Smell
  14. The Lady at the Eatery
  15. The Miracle of the Roses
  16. The Tail
  17. The Things Mothers Brought Home
  18. The Ubiquitous Pancit
  19. Uhm... Hawot...
  20. Wada’s Pizzeria: A Reason to Visit Mataas-na-Kahoy
  21. Where There's Smoke, There's A Grill
  22. Will the Real Tamales Please Stand Up!
  1. Accidental Tourists
  2. Accidental Tourists 2: Puerto Princesa
  3. Beautiful Pilipinas and Sexy Latinas
  4. Fancy Meeting You
  5. Have Gas; Will Travel
  6. In and Out of Vigan
  7. Landings
  8. More Fun in the Philippines
  9. Nasugbu in My Mind
  10. Need Nail File
  11. Packaging
  12. Region
  13. San Nicolas: View of Taal Lake With a Different Perspective
  14. Singing
  15. The Biggest Little City in the World
  16. The Grand Dame That Is Taal
  17. The Guy Can Land His Bird
  18. Travelling to Alabang
  19. Travelling to Nasugbu: Then, Now
  20. Visiting the Pastor Ancestral Home in Batangas City
  21. Welcome to the United States!
  22. Yes! We’re Advertising on CNN!
  1. Angels
  2. ADC
  3. Art's Ghost
  4. Aswang Stories, Among Others
  5. Concluding the Saga of the Strange Cuenca Fires
  6. Explaining the Mysterious Cuenca Fires
  7. Friday the Thirteenth-ed
  8. Ghosts in the Call Center
  9. Inside a Coffin and Saved by the Bell
  10. Lolong the Crocodile: Lolong-er or Lolong-est?
  11. More Ghosts in the Call Center
  12. Nabatî, a Purely Pinoy Phenomenon?
  13. Nestor’s Engkanto
  14. Poltergeist
  15. Psychic Joe Battles Cuenca’s Engkantos
  16. Strange Burnings in Cuenca, Batangas Caused by Engkantos?
  17. Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome, a.k.a Bangungot
  18. Tabi-tabi Pô and the Nunô sa Punsô
  19. The Diokno's Unseen Visitor
  20. The Hitchhiker
  21. The Mystery of Mt. Makiling’s Magnetic Hill
  22. The Tikbalang Up the Acacia Tree!
  23. The White Lady of the Tamarind Tree
  24. Tikbalang Stories and Modernity
  25. Wormholes, Aliens, Engkantos and Quantum Physics
  1. A Nasty Habit
  2. Brushes With Death
  3. Child of Peace
  4. Facebook, Football, Time
  5. Football Is Life; and Life Is Hard
  6. Grief Without A Body
  7. Insignificant
  8. Jollibee for Christmas
  9. Joy Is...
  10. Less Jurassic!
  11. Life Is A Book
  12. Ohmigod! It's A Man!
  13. Peripheral Vision
  14. Remembering Brother Greg
  15. Set Free What Is Meant to Fly
  16. The House of Hope
  17. The Novitiate
  18. The White Light
  19. Three Bundles of Suman
  20. When I Start Thinking It's Christmas
  1. Coaching Tension
  2. DLSU in UAAP Volleyball Thriller Over UST
  3. DLSU Lady Archers Nail Back-to-Back UAAP Volley Titles
  4. Dragon Boats and Controversies
  5. How Do You Build a Football Club in Lipa?
  6. I Thought the Pacquiao Win Over Marquez Was Fair
  7. Of Life and Sport
  8. Online Storm Against Pacquiao His Own Doing
  9. Pacquiao’s Loss to Bradley Makes One Salivate for the Rematch
  10. Rugby World Cup 2011 Through the Eyes of a Soccer 
  11. Seeing the PacMan Up Close
  12. Swearing at LA Tenorio
  13. The Anxiety of the Home Crowd
  14. The Palarô: Athletes Come First!
  15. The Poisoned Chalice that the Lady Archers Drank From
  16. The UAAP and the NCAA
  17. Uh-oh… I’m Watching the Celtics Again
  18. Value for Money in That Wicked Left
  1. 10 Ballads to Die For
  2. Carmel
  3. In Defense of God
  4. Made by Men... Made by God
  5. New Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary
  6. Pajero Reminder of Human-ness
  7. The Our Father
  8. The Sound of the Silence
  9. The Torture of Holy Week
  10. When Karma Comes to Visit
  1. Behind the Scenes of People Power
  2. Elizabeth II: An Accident of History and a 60-Year Reign
  3. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
  4. Japs
  5. Joe
  6. Martial Law Seen Through Time
  7. No Interregnum
  8. Philippine Experiments With Daylight Saving Time
  9. Statehood
  10. Undas, Undras and the Filipino-Mexican Connection
  1. 10 Things Your Keyboard May Wish to Tell You
  2. 25 Random Things Not Really About Me
  3. Batangas Signs
  4. Facebook Town Signs
  5. Funny Business Names
  6. Proposed Alternative Taallywood Signs
  7. That Awkward Moment
  8. The Street Corner
  9. What's Going On?