Life So Mundane in Batangas



For Teachers

Being basically a Batangas-themed web site, Life so Mundane in Batangas is a rich source of reading materials to enhance your lessons about the province or to direct your students to for additional readings. The articles are well-researched with resources and annotations provided at the end of each page, linked whenever possible. The articles are also conveniently categorized by topic.

For Researchers

Because Life so Mundane in Batangas is not really a scholarly web site, it may not be a good idea to directly cite articles from it in your research papers. The Batangas-themed articles, however, are wide-ranging and can be used to think up topics for further research. Resource materials are also conveniently provided for your further readings.

Pre-Hispanic Batangas*

16th Century Batangas**

Batangas during the Spanish Era*

Batangas during the Philippine-American War*

Batangas during the American Colonial Era*

Batangas in World War II*

Post-War Batangas*

Contemporary Batangas*

Batangas Barrio Histories*

Community History and Folklore*

Notable Batangas-born figures in History*

Batangas: Nature and Environment*

Miscellaneous Batangas Articles*

* Listed according to date of publication, latest on top. ** Listed chronologically as events occurred in history, earliest to latest.