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21 October 2011

Proposed Alternative Taallywood Signs

As Shakespeare would have said, much ado about nothing. No less than the governor of the Province of Batangas, our very own Ate Vi, felt she had to go public by saying that the idea to put up an ala Hollywood sign using the name of the province across one of the craters of Taal Volcano was nothing but that – an idea.

To be fair to our thinkers at the provincial government – and I heard the idea broached with the media in attendance – it was no more than an off-the-top-of-the-head marketing strategy. But it was exactly as the governor explained: it was a mere idea; there are no concrete plans to implement it; and most importantly, there is not even a single centavo of taxpayers’ money allotted to it.

Of course, the governor had to go public with an explanation because the idea was already the object of ridicule – and some of the remarks are simply unprintable – in social networking sites. Personally, I would love the view to be left alone. But to be fair again, whoever thought up the HOLLYWOOD sign probably never had an idea that, a century later, it would be a globally recognized landmark.

For crying out loud, let us just spoof the whole to-do with some proposed alternative signs:

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