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10 September 2013

Did Billy Crawford Let Slip About Vice-Ganda’s BF?

It has been common knowledge for a while that comedian Vice-Ganda has a basketball player for a boyfriend, and especially after this particular episode of GGV when he took a call from the mystery man while in the middle of taping. The call was aired instead of being edited off. There is every possibility that it was scripted; but, at any rate, it started the tongues wagging.

Entertainment gossip sites quickly narrowed the field down to RR Garcia and Terence Romeo of the FEU Tamaraws. Vice had been seen watching games of the Tamaraws in the UAAP.

It cannot be Romeo who has a girlfriend, some sites say. Thus, it has to be Garcia, they also say.

And while Vice has taken all the good natured ribbing in stride in his numerous television appearances, I don’t think that he has ever confirmed or denied the speculation.

But in yesterday’s ‘Sine Mo ‘To,’ the shoe was in the other foot. Billy so enjoyed the moment; i.e. that Vice having found himself in an awkward situation. That it was purely incidental was what made the segment remarkably hilarious.
In the ‘Sine Mo ‘To’ segment of ‘It’s Showtime’ yesterday, Billy Crawford might have let slip about the identity of the alleged boyfriend. Vice again did not deny nor confirm; but it was his facial expression that spoke volumes.

Those who watch ‘Showtime’ regularly know that there is an ongoing ‘friendly feud’ between Vice and Billy. Harmless repartee, really; nothing more.

Indeed, Vice has made a sport of taking a swipe at Billy everytime he could by simply mentioning the word ‘confused.’ This is in reference to the interview that Billy did with Boy Abunda in ‘The Buzz’ soon after his much-publicised breakup with his girlfriend.

Naturally, the malicious speculated Billy’s ‘confused’ to mean that he is gay. And this, in a nutshell, is something that Vice takes eternal glee from everytime he takes a swipe at Billy.

But in yesterday’s ‘Sine Mo ‘To,’ the shoe was in the other foot. Billy so enjoyed the moment; i.e. Vice having found himself in an awkward situation. That it was purely incidental was what made the segment remarkably hilarious.

Vice was acting out the role of Direk Ramsay. As Direk, he was supposed to give instructions to a couple of actors plucked from the crowd or, in ‘Showtime’ parlance, the ‘madlang people.’

First, he talks to the guy. “Ano’ng pangngalan mo Butchok?”

At first, the guy must have spoken softly so that Vice failed to hear. So he moved closer to Vice to tell him again.

But the other actors in the cast heard clearly. It was either Karyl or Angel Locsin who announced through a microphone, “RR daw ang pangngalan!”

To the utter glee of Billy and Vhong Navarro, who lost no time making fun of Vice. “Ay ang ganda ng pangngalan mo!” All the while laughing gleefully.

Vice was momentarily stunned; and although for a moment he did not speak, it was his facial expression that offered stark confirmation of everyone’s suspicion. Look over to the picture to the right of this paragraph. It was captured from a video of the episode on Iwantv.

I was laughing so hard from Vice’s expression that I nearly fell off my chair. But Billy was not done yet.

“Nag-backfire ano?” he couldn’t resist pushing his advantage.

“Throwback!” was all that Vice could say. The past few episodes of the show, Vice had been saying things on-air that one suspected were aimed at the boyfriend; and that the relationship is possibly over.

Make what you will from Billy’s rejoinder: “Throwback! Umamin!” Later, because Billy was so enjoying Vice Ganda’s discomfiture, he egged the guy from the madlang people, “Galingan mo RR, ha!”

And Billy’s laughter is always so, so infectious! Incidentally, the madlang actor’s full name was Rafael Roy. What a funny coincidence!

Of course, whoever that boyfriend is – or was – must be common knowledge to the cast of ‘Showtime,’ who always makes fun of Vice whenever the word ‘basketball’ is mentioned onstage. But yesterday was the first time anybody actually came close to mentioning a name.

1. Photos from video on

2. Info on RR Garcia and Terence Romeo from Kakulay Entertainment Blog.

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