Life So Mundane readers may now contribute content for publication in this web site. Before doing so, please scan through the ABOUT and MORE STORIES sections of this site to determine what topics, in a thematic sense, may be accepted for publication. In a general sense, though, this web site is about celebrating daily living.

Who knows why anyone will want to submit anything? Seriously, though, this web site can be a great venue for:
  1. expressing your thoughts and seeing these online;
  2. practising your writing skills;
  3. immortalizing a particularly special moment;
  4. documenting a moment in time on the web and being able to quickly share this page with friends by way of social networks, e-mail or e-groups; and
  5. testing the attractiveness of your writing style by way of the conveniently placed Facebook Like buttons at the end of each post.
Readers who are interested in submitting stories or articles are advised that I am only interested in publishing original and unpublished works. If you will be quoting from published works, please include annotations of the print or online materials from which you will be quoting. For citations from online material(s), kindly include the URL(s) or web address(es) where the work(s) may be found.

Submitted works must be at least 600 words, roughly one and a half pages on MS Word using font type Times New Roman at size 12, single-spaced paragraph spacing but double-spaced between paragraphs. Please do not exceed 1,000 words. To determine how many words you have written, you may use MS Word’s Word Count feature under the Tools menu.

Please support your article or story with relevant photographs, preferably originally taken and of acceptable clarity and quality. There is no need for large file sizes for web publication, so kindly resize pictures using your favorite graphics editor to 800x600 pixels or 800x533 pixels depending on the aspect ratio of each photo. You are encouraged to watermark any original photographs.

For downloaded photographs, kindly place the URL of the site from which the photograph was taken ON THE PHOTO itself, similar to the way I do it with non-original photographs posted in this site.

If you do not really think of yourself as a writer but have had a particularly memorable experience, were able to take good photographs of that experience and would like to share it with friends along with the rest of the world, then submit at least 9 and at most 12 resized photos (refer to the previous paragraph) with a reasonable description of what the experience was. I will take care of the writing part and make sure you get credit for the photographs.

Life So Mundane is by and large an English-Language web site, albeit it is also addressed at home- and foreign-based Filipinos. That said, I do not discount that there are foreigners occasionally find themselves by way of search engines to this site. The occasional Filipino or Tagalog word is acceptable, but please do not submit works written entirely in Filipino or Tagalog.

By default, this web site is configured to say every post is published by me. Contributors will be credited in-page or within the post itself next to the title, e.g. by JUAN DE LA CRUZ.

When you submit, please introduce yourself to me as a REAL PERSON with a REAL NAME, for crediting purposes. I am not a fan of hiding behind pseudonyms so I cannot publish any work under a pseudonym only.

There are unscrupulous people everywhere, and certainly in the Internet. For security reasons, kindly avoid writing about home addresses or including contact information such as cellular and landline phone numbers in any articles or stories that you are thinking of submitting.

Kindly run your word processor’s grammar and spelling checker before submitting your work. Please note that I will make corrections where I find appropriate, either gramatically or in a formatting sense. For instance, I may choose to break up a paragraph or a sentence into two if it runs too long.

As owner of this web site, I reserve the right publish or reject any submitted work on the basis of acceptability and appropriateness. Any submitted work that contains foul and abusive language, explicit sexuality or radical political innuendoes will cannot be published.

Because this is a personally-owned web site and updated only by myself, I cannot guarantee that each submitted article or story will be published immediately. Authors of published works will be informed of the publication by e-mail.

Anyone who submits original content RETAINS ownership of his or her work. However, by the mere act of submission, you grant me the right to publish your original work in this web site.

Everyone please be advised that I will not be held liable for any consequences that may arise as a result of the publication of any work that I personally did not write. This is standard and should not put off anyone if the submitted work is clean and wholesome.

Please send your text and accompanying photos to with the subject header LIFE SO MUNDANE SUBMISSION. If you will be submitting an MS Word document, I will thank you eternally if it is not infected with a virus.  Please do not forget to include a few DETAILS ABOUT YOURSELF so I can introduce you to the readership.