I have 29 years of experience working in an academic institution, including 19 years as a secondary-level classroom instructor and a year teaching in the graduate school. I also have 28 years of experience in various management positions, from middle level all the way to executive level management.

Classroom Instruction

  • Secondary: Asian History, European History
  • Post Graduate: Computers and Information Tehnology
  • Middle Level: Student Discipline, Social Sciences Department Head
  • Top Level: Marketing & Public Relations; Sports; Social Responsibility; Culture & the Arts; and Information Technology
  • Executive Level: Finance; Human Resource; Purchasing; Marketing; Information Technology; and Engineering & Maintenance Services
  • Football Coach 1982-2011
  • Webmaster, DLSL Web Site 1998-2005
  • Newsletter Writer: Ala (Salle) Eh!, SADYÂ Internet Newsletter
  • Layout Artist
  • Events Manager: Concerts, School Fairs, etc.

I was educated mostly by the Christian Brothers and had been with them for most of my life.
  • Bachelor’s: East Asian Studies, De La Salle University-Manila
    • Dean’s Honors List
  • Post Graduate: Master in Management Technology, De La Salle Lipa
    • Diamond Medal Awardee, with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.9 from a possible 4.0.

Any employee accumulates countless certificates over the course of a career, and I am no different. The ones I cite are those I feel most significant to my own career:
  • Football Training and Coaching, Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) from the 1988 seminar given by the former West German national coach Dettmar Kramer.
  • Marketing Management, De La Salle University-Manila, 2004.
  • Mind-Mapping for Management: De La Salle Lipa, 2005.
  • Web Developer: Microsoft, from the Web-X Development Convention of 2007.
  • Internationalization in Colleges and Universities, Asian Institute of Management 2009.
  • Special Events and Fund-raising: Venture for Fund Raising, Inc. 2010.

Although my formal training appears limited to History and Political Science along with Management, actual hands-on experience in the workplace and self-study has helped me to develop these specializations:
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Conceptualization of Marketing Campaigns
  • Conceptualization of Human Resource Activities
  • Events Management
  • End-user Computing
  • Development of Football Training and Coaching Programs
  • Setup of I.T. Infrastructures
  • Copy, Features and News Writing
  • Desktop Publication
  • Web Conceptualization and Design

For as long as I can remember, I have always had this urge to chronicle the things that go on in and around my life. When I was a student, I used to keep diaries if just to practice written English and write down the things I felt were worth remembering of each day.

Work, of course, makes us pay attention more to the lives of others rather than our very own; and I soon forgot all about these diaries.

If I wrote at all, it would be succinct and business-like, the style dictated by the work place.

I spent 19 years in the classroom; and almost three decades in administration. I have an MBA-equivalent masters degree and I can run anything from a mid-sized to a large organization. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced another year in management would have killed me.

For five years I worked in executive level management and I would go home each day feeling as though my wits had simply been wrung from out of me. You know that feeling? When even the simple enough task of lifting your feet to rest them on a stool required self-motivation to do. That was when I first turned to writing to relieve the stress of the work place.

On Facebook, I started chronicling the things that went on around me in the style so typical of us in the family; i.e. laced with a touch of black humor. Wit and sarcasm, those were the things I grew up to in a family which always had something to laugh about.

The Facebook notes were short but started to evolve. I was soon writing more than just about the work place. I began paying attention to the things happening around me, whether I was at the mall, riding a jeepney or simply walking along the side walks. I was starting to pay more attention to the mundane things in life that I used to simply ignore.

Among friends, I would say that if I ever thought of opening a personal blog not restricted to my own network of friends on Facebook, I would call it “Life So Mundane.” I did, of course; albeit, thematically, I have expanded the stories I write about to just about anything: my prepubescent years, my teens, college life, school and any Tom, Dick and Harry who does something strange enough to catch my attention. And of course the football; there will always be the football!

A co-worker also once told me to write about my life because, with the passing of the years, memory eventually gets eroded by time. Sound advice, indeed! Now that I am no longer employed by any organization, having taken the logical path of early retirement from a workplace that was no longer a source of joy, I have more time to look back at what had gone on in my life as much as look forward to whatever new stories are about to be unfold.

And tell you what, as I write each story, to be perfectly honest I am discovering that life is not so mundane, after all... For those who wish to suggest topics, please use this form box below: