Because this site has grown so much since I started it, I felt it necessary to separate some of the links to certain stories for better navigation. This page contains links to stories about my lengthy association with the Christian Brothers, including those about LSFC as how we used to call my football teams.

  1. Always Brother Bong
  2. Change the Z to K, Karate!
  3. Crossing Over to the Mayayabang na Lasallistas
  4. Education and the Pressure to Excel in School
  5. Empty Tank
  6. Fire in the Gym!
  7. Footbuko in Agricultural Country
  8. Forever Young with High School Classmates
  9. Freshmen
  10. How ROTC Got Me Into the Football Team
  11. Learning to Type
  12. Let's Talk Seventies!
  13. Mosquitoes
  14. Mr. William Hall
  15. Ms. Alice Rivera, With Respect
  16. One NC Game and Aches and Bruises
  17. P1.25
  18. P3.20
  19. Puerto Galera
  20. Sometimes Dad Knows Best
  21. The Bottle
  22. The Great Generation of the Barong Brothers
  23. The Inspirational Rene Salazar 
  24. The Penis Transplant Story
  25. The Torch Parade
  26. Wading Through Flood Waters
  1. #@*24%!!! Swearword
  2. 9 Yearbooks: Paper Dummies to Desktop Publishing
  3. American Cuisine
  4. A Morsel of History
  5. A Room Is Still A Room
  6. B-304 and the Birthday Treats
  7. Batch Commonalities
  8. Chef's Table
  9. Cloaked Bigotry
  10. Green Day
  11. How the Raised Fist for the Alma Mater Song Started in Lipa
  12. Intrams!
  13. Manila Bus
  14. Multiple Choice
  15. Noise and Innovation
  16. No Sucking in a Flowjob
  17. Nurses
  18. One Tough Litel Gel
  19. Papaya
  20. Processor Overload at the Alumni Homecoming
  21. Reaching Inside for Long-Lost Memories
  22. Regional Delicacies
  23. Shabu-Shabu and a Long Ride Home
  24. Sometimes Life Is Fair
  25. TGIF
  26. The Better System?
  27. The Brother Who Disappeared from the Face of the Earth
  28. The Fireless Fiera
  29. The Real Magic of the BMRP
  30. The Reunion
  31. The Trouble with Teachers
  32. Tilapias Nibbling
  33. Trick or Treat!
  34. Two Rules
  35. Voices
  36. Watching A Flowjob
  37. What if the Chickens Cannot Talk?
  38. When Kindness Flows Freely

  1. All Because of the Word ‘Scarce’
  2. And Never Shall We Fail
  3. A Severe Case of Leg Cramps
  4. Biological Age; Chronological Age
  5. Cardio and the Guava Tree
  6. Crows
  7. Dismissals that Rocked the 1996 La Salle FC Team
  8. Education, Football and ‘Tingin sa Pogî’
  9. Feeding the Rascals
  10. Hot Water
  11. Kulangot Country
  12. No Fun In It
  13. Not a Time to Lose the FAITH
  14. Number 2
  15. Quality Shines Through
  16. Respect; But Never Fear
  17. Shouting at the Boys
  18. Street Football
  19. Summer Training When Life Was 
  20. Taking Injured Players to the Hospital
  21. The 2nd LSFC Cup
  22. The Dreaded Shootout
  23. The Failed Experiment of La Salle United FC
  24. The Golden Goal
  25. The Good Luck Bus 2: Baked Into Tarts
  26. The Korean Invasion
  27. The Things I Tell the Boys
  28. The Trials of Coaching Football in Lipa

  1. A Football Player with Magic He Did Not Want
  2. An Artist and a Football Player
  3. Born to Nurse
  4. Brazilian Footballer in Batangas
  5. Gary Gardoce, Football Player, Cinematographer
  6. Getting It Right in the Head
  7. Italian Technology in That Little Body
  8. Loose Vowel Movement
  9. LSFC’s One-Armed Warrior
  10. My All-Time LSFC Dream Team
  11. Nosebleed
  12. Showtime! It’s Ezekiel Terrones!
  13. Skipped Training; Hiding from Sir
  14. Someone We Called Titi
  15. Thar He Blows!
  16. The 10 Most Imaginative LSFC Nicknames Ever
  17. The 10 Most Remarkable LSFC Goalscorers Ever
  18. The 10 Most Unforgettable LSFC Moments
  19. The Champagne Football of Deney ‘Pato’ Reyes
  20. The Confession
  21. The Midfield Genius of Tuteng Marasigan
  22. Totoy Jiao: Batangueño Azkal Before Azkals Became Famous
  23. Transforming a Frenchman into a Batangueño
  24. Twin Defenders
  25. UFC
  26. Wales? Where Is That?
  27. Yes, Football Is Alive in Tanauan

  1. Brother Lolo's Chicharon and Liempo
  2. Choogs, Log Books and the Brother Lolo’s Grumpiness
  3. Concerts
  4. From Copra Factory to SENTRUM
  5. One Indian Christmas
  6. Puppy, Bravo and Junior
  7. The Brother Lolo
  8. The Brother Lolo's Sister Madre Friends
  9. The Good Luck Bus
  10. The Peace Bell Brought No Peace
  11. Visiting the Brother Lolo
  12. [email protected]

  1. Announcing the Suspension of Classes
  2. Astrology in Management
  3. Form and Substance
  4. Management Case Study: Lawsuit
  5. Rubbing Elbows with Presidents
  6. St. Rex, Patron of Signatories
  7. The Bottom Line
  8. The FUPs and Ways to Deal with Stress
  9. Workplace Quotes