This page contains links to stories that are all about being Filipino: our idiosyncrasies as a people, our social issues, our own unique take on politics and governance and every day life in these wonderful islands of ours.

  1. Banana Cue
  2. Child Abduction in Lobo... Daw!
  3. Covering the Fenders
  4. Da Ep, Da Fi, Da Bi and Da  Vi
  5. Dancing Flight Attendants
  6. Filipinos and Filipinas in a Comparison of the Genders
  7. Filipinos and Our Superstitions
  8. Filipino Time: Personality or Cultural Trait?
  9. Get Up! Get Up!
  10. Grammar
  11. Grasshopper Day
  12. If They Were Pinoy
  13. Jaywalking and Pedestrian Lanes
  14. Kuya, Ate and Different Ways to Stop a Jeepney
  15. Maritime Tragedies and Fish Sales
  16. Mindanao Sex Strike
  17. Pacquiao Throws in the Towel!
  18. Scandals
  19. Sorry???!!!
  20. The Balikbayan Box
  21. The Best Chocolate in the World
  22. The Convenience of the Word K’wan
  23. The Double Life of Annie Batungbakal
  24. The Failing Grades
  25. The Moneychanger
  26. The So Filipino Trait of Giving Pasalubongs
  27. Thinking Like Americans
  28. Thoughts About the Lotto
  29. Who's to Blame?

  1. 9/11 and the Face of America
  2. Astronomers Stirring Up Astrological Debate: Baloney!
  3. A Tale of Child Abductions
  4. Bonkers
  5. Burn the Bra in the Filipino Context
  6. Christopher Lao, Unwilling Celebrity
  7. Colourful Little Angry Birds
  8. Dignity and a High School Lad
  9. Drug Mule
  10. Earthquakes, Tsunamis and 2012
  11. He Did, She Did; He Does, She Does
  12. James Soriano and English
  13. Juan Will Bring Out the Best in Us
  14. Krimen
  15. Lunch
  16. NAIA Guards Pay for Tulfo Brawl
  17. PHL Population at 92.34M as per 2010 Census
  18. Rains, Garbage, Floods
  19. Security Guards
  20. Statistics and the Revilla-Manahan Private Video
  21. Sustukô!
  22. The Filipino as a Chameleon
  23. The Ramgen Revilla Case and the Court of Public Opinion
  24. The Uzi Phenomenon
  25. Those Damned North Koreans and Their Damned Rocket
  26. Tips for Job-hunting Graduating College Students
  27. Why Nobody Is Buying Bangus
  28. Vizconde Case Verdict: The Truth Will Set Everyone Free
  29. Wrong Man Inside the Coffin
  30. You and Your Body Clock
  1. A Crying Shame
  2. All Out Whatever; Bring Us Peace in Mindanao
  3. CJ Corona’s Waiver: Too Little Too Late or a Brilliant Ploy?
  4. CJ Corona Verdict: How the Senators Voted
  5. Concluding Thoughts on the Corona Trial and Verdict
  6. Dear Noynoy
  7. Democracy
  8. Excommunicate Noynoy?
  9. Give 'Em A Break!
  10. Hostile Witness in the Impeachment Court
  11. In Fairness to Noynoy
  12. Of Flags and Forensics
  13. Of SALNs and Waivers: Pilipinas Expects!
  14. Pedestrian Lanes
  15. Political Quotes
  16. Poor Atty. Diaz, Now Germ-Free
  17. Possible Reprisals
  18. Post SONA Reactions Final
  19. Post SONA Reactions Part I
  20. Post SONA Reactions Part II
  21. Presidents and Hotdogs
  22. Tarps
  23. The Arroyos, de Lima and a Potential Governmental Crisis
  24. The Certain Loser of the Corona Impeachment Trial
  25. The Prosecution and the CJ Corona Trial
  26. The Spratly Row and Stressed Spokesmen
  27. The Zubiri Questions
  28. Thoughts on CJ Corona’s ‘Walkout’ from the Impeachment Court
  29. Typhoons, Floods and the Face of the Presidency
  30. Understanding Impeachment and the Justice Corona Case
  31. Understanding the Proposed Bangsamoro Sub-state
  1. A Cashier and Her Barcode Scanner
  2. A Classy Lady and a Foreigner
  3. A Peculiar Sensation
  4. Barbers Gossip; Blogger Listens
  5. Bed Habits
  6. City Hall
  7. Coffeemaker
  8. Crap! It's My Brother!
  9. Goat
  10. Heckle and Jeckle
  11. Jingles
  12. Like the Fingers of Wolverine
  13. Low Masculine Voice
  14. Reading
  15. Robinson’s Mall to Open in Calapan
  16. Shower
  17. The Barber's Life Story
  18. The Last Minute Rush
  19. The Missing 34s
  20. The Missing Baggers
  21. The Story of My Life in Jerseys
  22. Things People Instinctively Copy
  23. Tucked In
  24. Vertical
  25. Wearing My Blues
  26. What Is It About Earthquakes