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28 January 2013

Driving Through the Smoke of a Grass Fire

There was an item on the regional news this afternoon that immediately caught my interest. The tall reeds in the vacant lots along the road leading to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna had caught fire and thick smoke was billowing across the road. The local fire department was called to put out the fire; but since there were only two firemen who responded, they had difficulty putting out the blaze.

The focus of the report was not so much the danger posed by the fire to motorists but rather on the destruction not only of many birds that nested in the area but also their habitat. However, I know all about the danger that these seemingly innocuous grass fires can pose to motorists as well from first-hand experience.

It was late February or early March of the year 1985 and I was with my high school team in what was then known as the Southern Tagalog Regional Athletic Association or the STRAA. The event was being hosted by the City of Marikina but the Lipa City delegation was billeted in a public school compound in the neighbouring City of Cainta.

27 January 2013

Knowing Dr. Torres, My Math Teacher

In many ways, going through college for me – particularly the latter years – was just a convenient excuse to be able to play football. Although I subsequently went into teaching as a profession, when I myself was a student, I seldom felt that the abstract and theoretical things that I was being taught inside the classroom had any real practical benefits to living my life.

Of course, to my insolent and youthful mind, Math was the pinnacle of those that I did not think I really needed to live my life beyond learning how to count my change after paying the cashier. The subject was and always will be an allergy.

There was this one teacher in college, though, who while she really did not make me like Math any better at least succeeded in making me feel that it was at the very least tolerable. Her name was Dr. Torres; and she was my professor in Basic Statistics.

24 January 2013

Siblings Who Played for La Salle FC

The LSFC Class of 1984.  Photo scanned from the Stallion yearbook of 1984.

The other day I was watching an online video of an interview with an up-and-emerging member of the Philippine National Team. Asked the inevitable question of who influenced him to take up the sport, his immediate reply was, “My brother!”

That is the way things are in many sporting households, I suppose; albeit my experience was totally the opposite. My Dad and older brother were so into basketball and there was so much of it in the household that, I guess, it was inevitable that I would find myself something else.

Still, I know from first-hand experience that older siblings do exert quite a significant influence on what sports the younger ones eventually take up. In this article, I enumerate the brothers who at one time or the other over the years played for my high school football teams.

22 January 2013

Paraiso: Beyond the Island Adventure

Not that I am suddenly your teleserye expert, but this afternoon soap called Paraiso has got to be the best among the teleseryes that I have bothered to watch. This declaration is to be taken with a bit of caution because Paraiso is only the third serye that I have really watched after Hiyas and Pintada. Add to this the classic Mula Sa Puso of yore that I only watched loosely so I would not feel an outcast in the workplace, that makes for an impressive grand total of four.

I do not watch the primetime seryes, by the way. They tend to be thematically intense from what little I see of their teasers; and who really wants aggravation before going to bed? These afternoon seryes, on the other hand, can be so light-hearted and charming.

21 January 2013

From lasalipa to dlsl: A Matter of Domain Names

To the straightforward, the obvious choice of a domain name for De La Salle Lipa always was – as it is these days. Of course, at around the time that the school finally went online with its very first web site as far back as 1997, De La Salle University had been online for a few years already. Its domain name was as it is today –

Few things, however, were ever straightforward with the Brother Lolo – the late and great former President Brother Rafael Donato. It was not so much that he was complicated – although he could be that – it was more that he saw things differently from the likes of you and I.

To say that he was artistic is an understatement. He loved beautiful things and was unimpressed by the prosaic. Even for something as mundane as a domain name for a web site, he wanted oomph.

20 January 2013

La Salle FC Players 2002-2012

For posterity, here is a pictorial gallery of football players who represented De La Salle Lipa as La Salle FC from 2002-2012. The gallery does not contain all players who at one time or the other trained with the team. Because of space limitations, only those who stayed long enough to have become significant members or those who trained regularly for a significant amount of time are included. There will be others, of course, who are one time or the other joined the club’s training.

Jason Abansi
James Dimaculangan
Israel Gammad
Arvin Lirio
Josephus Lopez
Patrick Plata
Pinkerton Alamillo
Valiant Almonte
Tyron Anciano
Ryan Avenio
Kevin Briones
Martin Buhion
Arvin Carandang
Alvaro Olivera
Albert Pagayonan
Joseph Panopio
Philip Samiano
Rommel Valencia
Mark Yanga
Billy Ray Costales
Jonas Dimaculangan
Oliver Dumigpe
Maurice Macalalad
Richard Manalo
Dean Mart Tabingo
Byron Zagala
Paolo Alamillo
Cyrus Vatcha
Jan Emil Atienza
Gregg Atijon
Philip Ballesteros
Marc Cayson Caldo
Daren Dimaunahan
Glenn Escalona
Don Earl Hinayon
Briggs Jacob
Carlo Lirio
Kevin Macasaet
Jed Victor Maralit
Kim Medina
Patrick Medina
Nicolo Balajadia
Leander Obtial
Ramon Rodelas
Eric Santos
Karl Abrugena
Kirk Causapin
Philip Rosales
Dexter Viceral
Merbert Alba
Kenneth Aquino
Jeremy Armenta
Gem Atijon
Ken Bellen
Benedicto Cortes III
Benedicto Cortes IV
Jovito Limbo
Dennis Lopez
Ryan Maranan
Paolo Medina
Jandell Patron
Joshua Maralit
Gillian Albano
Renz Bayangos
Mark Bernardino
Luis Martin Canlas
Renz Dimaano
Francis Dy
Lorenzo Gherardelli
Alex Hernandez
Raphael Lapid
Joseph Victor Medina
Carlos Mindanao
Nestor Natanauan Jr.
Ezekiel Terrones
Ted Villanueva
Simon Javate
Tyron Regalado

  1. I technically gave up coaching after 2005 when I had to go into executive management. However, I continued to be involved with training one way or the other with teams up to 2011.
  2. 2010 is the only year in three decades that I was in the game when there were no graduating seniors in the high school team.
  3. There were other players in the 2012 team, but by then I had already left the school. Simon Javate and Tyron Regalado are listed because they were with the 2011 team which I trained.

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