San Nicolas and Santa Teresita: Historic and Folkloric Notes about some of its Barrios

Exploring forgotten stories about the barrios of San Nicolas and Santa Teresita.

Balandis: the Slanted Houses Along a Road in Cuenca/Alitagtag

Exploring this quaint area in Cuenca and Alitagtag where the houses are slanted away from the road.

Mataasnakahoy: Historical and Folkloric Trivia about some of Its Barrios

Revisiting obscure barrio histories of the barrios of the Municipality of Mataasnakahoy.

An Old Tourist Spot in Taal Called the Pansipit Fishery

A throwback to a by-gone era, when tourists around Luzon visited this resort in Taal and Lemery.

The Hitchhiker who Gets on at the Zigzag in Cuenca Batangas Lipa

A tall tale familiar to all who drive through this curving road in Cuenca. Is it really a tall tale, though?

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27 November 2016

The Philippine Azkals: Rebuilding after the AFF Suzuki Cup

Image credit:  AFF Suzuki Cup official web site.

Before Sunday football yesterday, the first after the disappointing exit of the Philippine Azkals from the 2016 AFF Championships, inevitably I was asked what I thought of the national team’s performance in the tournament. This is a tricky one since I was not privy to the behind-the-scenes thinking among the team’s coaching staff.

26 November 2016

Personality Development Academy for Children Opens in Lipa City

Five year old Diosette Addison Cueto is taught the proper way of eating a cupcake by a royal maid during the Princess Academy at SM City Lipa.

It is probably every little girl’s dream to be a princess – wear a gown, a crown and have a tea party in a castle. This dream was made into a reality by SM Kids and SM Accessories as they opened the Princess Academy last November 14 at the Events Center of SM City Lipa.

24 November 2016

The Christmas Trivia Quiz

Image credit:  Jeff Weese on Flickr, "Nativity."

With Christmas just around the corner, this is a good time to test your knowledge your knowledge about the holiday season by taking this 12-question trivia quiz. This is a quiz dedicated to the Filipino audience, so if there are any foreigners who wander into this post, you may find some questions quite out of your range of experiences.

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23 November 2016

About Thailand: Moving on from the Indonesia Game in the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup

Image credit:  AFF Suzuki Cup Official Site.

Something that one of the Fox Sports Asia commentators said whilst the Philippines-Indonesia was ongoing rather puts the Azkals’ performance in the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup in the right perspective. “Considering how many of their players,” or something to this effect, he said, “are playing out of position, the Philippines have not done badly at all.”

20 November 2016

Travelling 7.5 Hours to Watch Singapore Park the Bus against the Philippine Azkals

The match had started by the time we sat ourselves inside the Philippine Sports Stadium.

Stuck in horrendous traffic as we were as we inched our way along that space-time continuum that is EDSA, I wondered out loud to my travelling party why the INC could not have found a property to build the Philippine Sports Stadium somewhere closer. Our trip from Lipa to Bocaue ultimately turned out to be a 7.5-hour ordeal, with just a few brief stops along the way to stretch our legs. As if to prove that time is, indeed, relative, our return trip in the dead of the night took exactly 3 hours.

16 November 2016

Eight Batangas-Themed Movies on IMDB

When one considers how colorful the history of Batangas has been, and how colorful life in the province continues to be up to the present day, it is a bit surprising to note that there has been a dearth of Batangas-themed movies made over the years. Perhaps this is a challenge to budding Batangas-born film-makers to do something to rectify the situation. At any rate, I did find eight movies on IMDB with direct Batangas themes. Of these, only the 1969 Hollywood B-Movie was internationally made.

15 November 2016

Lumbang, Lipa City Farmers' Association Gives Recognition to SM Foundation

SM Foundation Assistant Vice President for Livelihood Projects Christy Angeles (third from right) receives the certificate of appreciation from KuSa President Romy Morcilla (fourth from left) and Lipa City Mayor Meynard A. Sabili (third from left).  Representing SM City Lipa are Liza Dimaculangan, Mall Manager and Wendy Bautista, PR Manager.  With Mayor Sabili are (from left to right) ABC President Querubin Dimaano, City Administrator Atty. Leo Latido and Lipa Fire Marshall Von Nicasio. 

The farmers’ association of Brgy. Lumbang in Lipa City, Batangas, called Kumikitang Sakahan (KuSa), awarded a certificate of appreciation to SM Foundation last 14 November 2016. The award was given during the flag raising ceremony at the Lipa City Hall grounds.

08 November 2016

The Philippine Army Air Corps Class 42-C and Life in Fernando Air Base in the Baby Boomer Post-War Years

Taken during the Silver Anniversary of the PAAC Class 42-C.

Those who were born, raised or came to Fernando Air Base in Lipa City during the fifties and early sixties will recall that there was a definitive pioneering feel to being there in that particular era. The base itself, although it was built by the Americans before World War II and then used by the Japanese invaders during the war itself, was only turned over to the fledgling Philippine Air Force in 1948.