San Nicolas and Santa Teresita: Historic and Folkloric Notes about some of its Barrios

Exploring forgotten stories about the barrios of San Nicolas and Santa Teresita.

Balandis: the Slanted Houses Along a Road in Cuenca/Alitagtag

Exploring this quaint area in Cuenca and Alitagtag where the houses are slanted away from the road.

Mataasnakahoy: Historical and Folkloric Trivia about some of Its Barrios

Revisiting obscure barrio histories of the barrios of the Municipality of Mataasnakahoy.

An Old Tourist Spot in Taal Called the Pansipit Fishery

A throwback to a by-gone era, when tourists around Luzon visited this resort in Taal and Lemery.

The Hitchhiker who Gets on at the Zigzag in Cuenca Batangas Lipa

A tall tale familiar to all who drive through this curving road in Cuenca. Is it really a tall tale, though?

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31 July 2015

Mar Roxas Needs to Leave Out the MMK Stuff to Become President

Image from

So after months of the moro-moro that is Philippine politics, President Benigno Aquino III finally gave his endorsement yesterday for the Presidential elections of 2016 to DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. As everyone expected him to anyway, if I might add, despite the smokescreen of behind closed doors interviews with other presidentiables.

30 July 2015

Management Essay: Three Mistakes Human Resource Should Avoid When Recruiting

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One of my former players was being pirated from the company which currently employs him by a subsidiary of one of the country’s largest corporations. After the obligatory tests and preliminary interviews which he was led to believe were mere formalities, he was scheduled to meet with the company’s president for a final and decisive interview.

25 July 2015

Benedict Inciong Wins Round for Lipa City in the Voice Kids

Image capture from video on Iwantv.

I will admit from the off that I am not a fan of The Voice Kids. I only saw tidbits while channel hopping last season and that is how it has also been this season. While I am not a singer, I do have sharp ears and few things annoy them more than notes sung out of tune. Perhaps, the reason why I did not really watch the show was because I did not expect kids to have as much control over their voices as older singers.

23 July 2015

The One Dream Scam and the Science of Gullibility

The City of Lipa here in Batangas rarely makes the national news, but earlier this week it was the opening item of the evening edition of TV Patrol for all the wrong reasons – a billion peso get rich quickly networking scam by an SEC-registered corporation called One Dream.

20 July 2015

Ryan Rems Sarita's Winning Jokes on Showtimes' Funny One Segment

Image from Ryan Rem Sarita's Facebook page.

The emerging Novaliches-based comedic talent Ryan Rems Sarita hits the “It’s Showtime!” stage again later today in the talent search segment called “Funny One.” In anticipation of this, here is a collection of jokes from his winning performances earlier this month for the benefit of those like me who have become quite enamored with his different kind of comedy as well as for those who are in school or at work who regrettably do not get to watch him live. It goes without saying that many of these jokes will not be half as funny as when Sarita himself delivers them with his antics, facial expressions and near-perfect timing.

[Note: The contents of this post were personally transcribed by the owner of this site from Ryan Rem Sarita's public performances on It's Showtime with the help of videos from Iwantv.]

19 July 2015

Blades, Studs and Football Players’ ACL Injuries

Image from

One of my former players has been unfortunate enough to have suffered two ACL injuries, the second one as recent as last May. The first time was six or seven years ago during an Alaska Cup match at the lush fields of the Alabang Country Club.

13 July 2015

Local Governments, Monsoons and the Suspension of Classes

Monsoons are exacerbated by poor urban infrastructures and the lack of mass transport.

The protocols laid down by the current government pertinent to the suspension of classes for weather-related reasons are arguably better than they used to be. The onus in decision making, i.e. to suspend or not to suspend, is now in the hands of local government.

11 July 2015

Funny One Rems Sarita: Rock and Roll to the World Whoa!!!

Image captured from ABS-CBN video.

There is this new segment of the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” that I eagerly wait for every day. The segment is called “The Funny One” or “The Funny Juan,” effectively a search for new and emerging comic talents.

09 July 2015

Game of Thrones, Fact in Fiction

Image captured from Game of Thrones trailer on YouTube.

I taught high school World History for 17 years; and these days, I often wonder what I could have done inside the classroom if I had the sort of media that everyone takes so for granted these days.

05 July 2015

Why Filipinos are Correct in Saying THE Philippines Instead of Philippines

I am sure that I am not the only one who gets annoyed hearing other nationalities say ‘Philippines’ instead of ‘the Philippines’ as all of us were taught early in our lives to say. The article the, in fact, is part of the name of our country.

04 July 2015

Batangas Schools Offering Senior High School

As a service to the public, Life So Mundane makes available lists of Private and Public Schools in Batangas that will be offering Senior High School under the Department of Education's K-12 Program. The lists have been culled from the Department of Education's official web site and valid as of 3 August 2015 for both private schools and public schools. The characters have been cut and pasted from the original MS Excel files downloadable from the Department of Education web site. Thus, any clerical errors, if any, are from the original document.