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26 December 2014

‘On Behalf of’ or ‘In Behalf of?’

Quick, which is correct, ‘on behalf of’ or ‘in behalf of?’

Technically, both are correct. It is in the usage, however, that people often get confused.

The word ‘behalf’ is a noun that can mean either of two things.

First, it can mean an ‘agent,’ ‘stead,’ ‘lieu,’ ‘place,’ or ‘position.’ The usage of the word behalf can be ‘as an agent of,’ in somebody’s stead, ‘in lieu of’ or in ‘somebody’s place or position.’

23 December 2014

If You Build It They Will Come: Building a New Football Club in Batangas

The Asociación Club de Fútbol Real Molinillo de Café First General Assembly, 21 December 2014.
I have always been the proud sort, so I never stay where I am no longer wanted. Thus, opting for early retirement was an easy decision to make.

I belong to the original jeans and white shirt generation; and if I were a car, I would be of the low maintenance sort. What I am trying to say is that I do not need an awful lot to get by. Simplicity is my middle name.

Therefore, the loss of income due to early retirement was a not matter of life or death for me. Because the place had become heavily politicised, and I had become weary of the environment, I was also quite certain that I would not find it hard divorcing myself from people I used to work with, excepting those few who were particularly close to me.

20 December 2014

Erick Von and Shirley: a True DLSL Love Story

Some of you might have come across this supposed love story involving two graduates of DLSL that was making the rounds of Facebook the other week. Heart warming enough, this I am prepared to concede; but I was warned that it probably was not even true.

Now this one is.

Now that I come to think about it, I have always had this really great connection with the Hernandez family of Cumba, a cosy little village just outside Lipa City proper. I just had no reason to think of things that way before.

Estela, the eldest, was in my high school History class in 1991-92. She was what the French would call petite, small and lovely. But she was more than just a pretty face; she was smart, too.

13 December 2014

Post Mortem: Was Thailand Really Superior to the Philippine Azkals?

Image captured from video on the
AFF Suzuki Cup YouTube channel.
I thought I was done writing about the Suzuki Cup, but it has been a lazy Saturday and I had been reading the reactions, the counter-reactions and the counter-counter-reactions many times over to the humbling 0-3 loss to Thailand in the semi-finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup last Wednesday.

Some of the commentaries were valid; others somewhat valid; and still many others add credence to a friend’s claim that Filipinos post first then think later – if at all – when on the Internet.

Others say that the result merely illustrated the gulf in class between the Philippines and Thailand as footballing nations. Aye to this one! Only those with short term memory loss will not recall that Thailand has traditionally been one of Southeast Asia’s footballing giants; and that the Philippines used to be the region’s whipping boys pre-2010.

11 December 2014

Bangkok Failure for Philippine Azkals Still a Tremendous Achievement

Image captured from video on the
AFF Suzuki Cup YouTube channel.
I do not know that I have reason to complain because I did write in a previous article that I did not think we would be winning the AFF Suzuki Cup this year. Soon, was what I thought after the friendly defeat to Thailand last month; but not this year.

It was just that the 4-nil rout of Indonesia in Hanoi in the group stage was like heady wine. You know, the sort that makes you lose your better judgement and seduces you against your will.

Still, I felt reasonably confident that Thailand could be had, especially after that plucky goalless draw last Saturday at the Rizal Memorial. The prospect of a score draw and an away goals win was just as seducing.

08 December 2014

Stressed Out Waiting for the Typhoon Ruby in Batangas

Image generated by Google Earth
from PAGASA coordinates.
So by morning yesterday, the weather gurus were more or less certain that Tropical Storm Ruby – international name Hagupit – was heading straight into Batangas instead of northern Mindoro as earlier forecasted.

I was thinking, “Great! Another direct hit!” You all gotta understand that thinking in Batangas, specifically Lipa where I live. Typhoon Glenda flew – literally, in many cases – over our roofs as recently as last July; and she was one nasty screamer.

Of course last night, at around 9 o’clock at night when Ruby was a mere 17 kilometres or so from where I live, my thoughts were, “Where’s the bitch?” The rains were incessant but not hard; and I can fart harder than the winds.

06 December 2014

Philippines-Thailand Suzuki Cup Tie Remains Tight after Goalless Draw in Manila

Image captured from video on the
AFF Suzuki Cup YouTube channel.
The Philippines and Thailand played out a scrappy goalless draw last night in the first leg of their AFF Suzuki Cup semi-final tie at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. It was not your proverbial sight for sore eyes; but then, semi-finals seldom are and it was a cracking match nonetheless.

Last night’s result mirrors that of two years ago when the Azkals drew the home leg at the same venue then lost by the narrowest of margins to eventual champions Singapore. However, that is just about where the similarities end.

In 2012, Singapore was an experienced and disciplined side that came to close shop and methodically prevented the Philippines from playing. In contrast, the Thais last night were neither experienced nor disciplined.